24th January Council Meeting (Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 - 5.00 pm) 

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because I was could you please be seated
Good evening Councillors ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Council meeting
for those who do not know me I am married torrez Rossi I am Mayor of the Royal Borough and one of my duties as Mayor is to chair meetings of the Council you will see on the agenda for the seasoning that the Leader will give an oral report on further progress with the response to the Grenfell tragedy
the Council has set up the Grenfell recovery scrutiny committee chaired by Councillor Thompson as the key forum where issues on this topic are considered and I would encourage people to attend those meetings the Deputy Leader will also be speaking about the recent changes to housing management and issues related to this are considered in detail at the housing and property scrutiny committee
there will be an opportunity for the public to the supposed to respond after both of these statements
Thirty minutes will be allocated to this so that there is time for the rest of the agenda I ask that only those with a strong connection to the borough and to have not spoken to the meeting previously on this topic to do so I would remind everyone that public and Councillor contributions are limited to 5 minutes each unless the Council specifically decides otherwise and the microphone will be switched off after five minutes
members will see that the list of those appearing in the Queen's New Year's honours List 2 thousand 18 with connections to the Royal Borough have been circulated around the Chamber details will be recorded in the minutes
the Council has commissioned the Centre for public scrutiny to carry out an independent review of the Council's governance arrangements as part of this survey has been designed to gather the views of residents copies have been left on the seats in the public gallery and members of the public are encouraged to complete and return the forms as the Centre for public scrutiny are keen to hear from a wide section of residents are first item on the agenda is the minutes of the previous Council meeting
the minutes of the meeting held on the 6th of December have been circulated is it your wish that I sign them as a correct record
the Mayor and councillors
i've apologies for absence from Councillor coats Councillor Freeman
I am sure Councillor Ciaran Councillor makeover and apologies for late arrival from Councillor Coleridge and also apologies for absence from Councillor Lowe mass and Councillor Beryl Cook's late arrival finally the late arrival from Councillor Emma Dent Coad thank you
so I didn't expect does any member wish to declare a disclosable pecuniary or other significant interest in any item being considered at tonight's meeting
does any Member wished to make a declaration pursuant to Section 1 0 6 of the Local government Finance Finance Act nineteen ninety two which relates to members' council tax payments and the ability of Members to vote on matters relating to the local level all calculation of Council Tax all the arrangements for administering council tax
so we move on to the Grenfell response update and I ask Councillor Elizabeth Campbell the leader to speak
thank you very much Madam Mayor I'd like to update everyone here this evening on our continuing work to help people rebuild their lives after the Grenfell fire the Council is still trying to help people move into new homes and we're steadily working through our recovery plans our first priority has always been to get all of the victims from the tar in the war permanently rehoused for many this is the first step on the road to recovery 50 for households have now moved into permanent accommodation an increase of 12 since I last updated you in December 50 6 households are in temporary accommodation even 90 8 in hotels thirty eight households have now accepted offers of permanent accommodation and we're doing all we can to support those who are yet to reach a decision our housing team members are encouraging residents to go online and providing them with guidance and support as they make their decisions solicitors are working round the clock to put contracts together and viewings are taking place every day we've had 40 three viewings over the last two weeks we bought a total of three hundred and seven properties for two hundred and 8 households so no one is left without a choice of future home
by the middle of February all of the available properties will have been uploaded onto our choice based letting system
madam Mayor we have a plan we're working through it and we're working through it how sold by household individual by individual family by family appreciating that each has their own individual circumstances
there are many other families from the Lancaster West estate who for totally understandable reasons felt that they could not remain in their homes following the Grenfell fire
we've been consulting with these families and those who remained in their homes or return to them as well as within the wider neighbourhood
based on this consultation at the next leadership Team meeting we will be considering whether residents of the walkways and perhaps other blocks in the vicinity such as Bramley and tread gold should receive greater priority on the housing list
I reported last time that 15 million pounds had been given to us by the chancellor to help us refurbish the Lancaster West estate this Council intends to borrow a further 15 million pounds so we can deliver at least Thirty million pounds worth of improvements
now we're really looking forward to the open day on Saturday when residents will be showing their views with councillors officers and architects some 3 hundred residents have indicated that they are going to come and we hope to be joined there by the government minister Nick Hurd this is a bold initiative to put residents in control of planning the future of their estate and it is a partnership which I hope will create a model social housing estate because it's not just about providing better quality housing but also about making sure that we have the right ingredients for a thriving community and that means designing in community spaces designing out the potential for crime making sure there are good use schools nearby
talking to our partners and healthcare providing employment support and making apprenticeships available to those young people who live on the estate
now I cannot tell you tonight exactly what Lancaster West will be like after its refurbishment
because we are putting the community at the heart of the planning and the decision making process there are huge numbers of people who still live in the area whose families friends and relatives died and are still grieving many who witnessed the tragic events of that night have also been deeply affected together with our partners in the NHS we've been doing all we can some people have been helped by their GP or by a referral to more specialist services some people are still receiving intensive support but not everyone needs to see a doctor so we're continuing to serve provide a range of complementary therapies for those affected what matters most is that public services remain responsive to the needs of the local community
and as those needs to change and evolve over time those services should change and evolve to while we recognise the NHS is the lead on many of these services we need to keep asking ourselves what kind of care and support programmes do others need what is being missed how do we help people overcome the stress and anxiety that still many feel I look forward to hearing from residents tonight we will listen reflect and act on what is being said
thank you Councillor Campbell Councillor Atkinson
July to respond thank you my Lord Mayor I will not emerge not surprising that we wanted to make this a short item here tonight with so little real progress we have so little real progress to report but I am always prepared to give praise where it is due but there is very little praise to cave against a yawning failures that still confront us therefore Madam Mayor I will praise arrangements made by this Council to allow the displayed to celebrate Christmas and I certainly praised the results of local schools under extraordinary circumstances
but against this the ongoing failure to move people out of hotels invites derision and anger it's all right to say we're steadily working through and this is our first priority if it's our first priority that we should do better the idea that we should
I am on the fact that you get one or two more families placed each week it's really not good enough
neither Madam Mayor am I satisfied that this Council has yet learned how to communicate with our residents properly the rough time given to Councillor Thompson's Grenfell scrutiny committee demonstrates I think the ongoing frustration of our residents Madam Mayor I will speak shortly
because as I say
there is so little that we can take pleasure in because the rehousing is it's happening so slowly and it's fine to say that we want to move at the pace at which people are ready to make decisions and I have been saying this myself for six months but I'm not convinced that there are there are some residents who are who are crying out to be rehoused and I really do think it's a question of Oz improving the communications and we get numbers boasting of the number of offices that we are now using that we now have working on communications but I'm sorry madam it's just not working
thank you Councillor way you wish to respond
it is understood that the Council has procured more properties than required for the Grenville survivors and that's to be welcomed however there continues to be concerned about the 98 survivors that are still living in hotels and the 55 households that are living in interim accommodation
there is an ongoing problem with this clearly an ongoing problem with the bidding process and particularly the bidding banding within the Grenville priority allocation
everyone will acknowledge that it's essential that Grendel's survivors as housed as soon as possible so it's important that we understand the reasons for their approved of their refusal of the accommodation offered is it the location is at the condition of the property is it the problem that the differences between the leases and the wrinkle is it the distance from where they work or where their children go to school what is in fact the lead-in time for survivors to move into their new homes these are questions that are permanently ASD and never responded to one of the reasons why I asked is that I understand that as a maisonette flat in Earl's Court which the Council signed a lease on to a house of family from Granville that has remained vacant since the lease was signed three months ago so the question has to be asked whether we're actually buying or locating the correct properties if we've got the property it's amazing net property in a good location where paying the rent and nobody Zinder and there is a name on the lease so I'd like to know whether there are any other properties that have been rented or not occupied
is the reason that the property is bought all these do not match the requirements of the families then you have the issue of the actual bidding I think everybody received an e-mail from a resident saying that they were being told to bid for a property which they couldn't afford
the sensitivity about and around bidding for traumatised people who just want a home it's building up an expectation which we cannot fulfil if they can't afford the flat why we are asking them to bid
so the blanket ban on everybody any transfers
all nominations to properties that haven't been identified developed defined as being required by Grendel's survivors should be reviewed and where appropriate offer to others on the council housing list particularly when the accommodation offered to the Borough is for older residents as a result they've been a few nominations to the Borough that have not been taken up something that I have already brought up to to the attention of Councillor Taylor Smith and look forward to this being responded because old people's accommodation is like hen's teeth so why isn't the borough actually taking up that nomination when we have aimed to people that we are actually placing in temporary accommodation outside Borough
looking forward to the future of our housing in the borough it's understood that the Council has undertaken a review of potential sites of development in RBKC pre held some tree and third party properties including the 20 two acres site tells court on Thursday the 18th of January Hammersmith and Fulham issued a press release stating Hammersmith and Fulham reviews the current agreed scheme is undeliverable and called on capital to return the estates to Hammersmith and Fulham this must be acknowledged are seriously undermining the delivery of the masterplan residents were repeatedly told that if there were changes to the development site that the two interdependent planning proposals would have to be re-examined latterly we been told that the Planning permission approved by the Council could go ahead although at this point it would be a development going nowhere with no significantly no social and or social rented accommodation on the site and the planning gain none of the Planning games promised for RBKC residents in evidence
the Granville disaster has highlighted very many failures but the most prominent remains the failure of the borough to plan in response to identified local housing need
any review of the 20 two acres at Earls Court must be welcomed as an opportunity to create a range of housing options one that would replicate the social economic demographics of the area a profile that would generate the social infrastructure that we need and I urge the council to conduct meaningful consultation with residents and reverse the trend of developer determined urban planning and returned to the core principle of a local authority serving the needs of its residents thank you
thank you
item 5 on the agenda is a statement by the Deputy Leader Councillor Taylor Smith
on recent changes to Housing Management Councillor talisman
thank you Madam Mayor I want to give a clear update on the transfer of housing management to the Council on the 18th of December the Board of Casey TMO concluded that it would be in the best interests of residents for the services to be provided by KCTMO to be handed back to the Council no later than the 31st of January it should be noted that this decision will not affect the continued existence to the TMO as a legal entity and it will remain independent and will be separately accountable to the public inquiry and the criminal proceedings the governance of the structure of the KC TMO will be changed to ensure mains independently accountable
the handback of the day-to-day services will be affected by a Deed of Variation to the MMA the modular management agreement and it will be discussed and approved by the Council's leadership Team Board on the 6th of February
the Council requested a further period of time to prepare for this handbag but the board has insisted on this timetable it's not ideal our lawyers are working assiduously through the very many issues this rapid process throws up in preparation for the hand however despite the despite difficulties the speed of the handover will engender the Council welcomes this decision the Council already has a duty of care to all residents with its housing portfolio and in effect all that is happening is that the TMO is removing itself as the intermediary between the Council and the residents housing stock under the management of the TMO is deteriorating badly the council to step in quickly to stop the rot
the handback will allow us to ensure that services to residents are run better and that the huge backlog of repairs 3 thousand Five Hundred using the TMO figures on its own reckoning though I fear the figure will be significantly higher and these are dealt with will be dealt with in priority
I have mixed emotions about the TMO hand that there was a great anticipation and a well rounded founded hope that the Council can and will improve housing services for residents there is also a palpable anxiety we the Council have a lot to do and to get the hand over right and in a very very short period of time and this is not going to be easy this is a big moment many residents want the Council to take charge this is a great opportunity to improve the lives of thousands of tenants and leaseholders the handback will allow us to work with tenants leaseholders and residents associations to develop a housing management system that will be focused on you the residents
you'll houses where you sleep eat and live it's your Haven in the borough and you must have a say how your property will be managed in the future that is why we have set up the new tenants Consultative Committee and the second of which meeting has been very well attended and residents have taken a great leap forward already in working out how the consultation into this new housing management system will be run residents own the process not the council the handback will allow us to ensure that services to residents are better run and that the huge backlog of repairs are dealt with dealing with this backlog will take time and a lot of money it will not be easy or quick but we must and we will do it we also know that residents have been failed by the service they have received you should not have to battle for a simple window repair or a daughter replaced under the careful and experienced stewardship of Doug Goldring had Director of Housing Management who has worked in housing mentioned for many years in other London boroughs we will do all we can to tackle the backlog and to improve the services to bring back your trust and respect
the other key feature is fire-safety this is an obvious and key priority the TMO has a duty owned this duty and we will be reviewing indeed we have already started reviewing and publishing all of the current fire safety assessments we will not rest until they are all online and until we have addressed every issue but it will take time but that is my promise to you there's a significant difference between us and the TMO you can hold us to account
the tenants Consultative Committee the housing property and ScrutinyCommittee Grenfell Committee last week and here at full Council with your ward Councillors and most importantly through the Freedom of information requests something from which the TMO has to date been immune furthermore we will publish our figures so you can hold it to them and we will review in detail the whole TMO operation and publish our findings and at the heart of all this is justice
let me be clear the TMO will still exist as a legal entity it will not be able to hide from the public inquiry from criminal investigation and civil actions at every meeting I have with residents this is the number one concern understandably after the handover the TMO can be still be prosecuted and was still answer to you through the public inquiry
in conclusion this hand over has happened faster and sooner than we would have liked this means that they are going to be rocks on the road dug and his team would do all they can to smooth the way the backlog of repairs will take time for us to work through and will cost I repeat a lot of money but I'm confident the service will slowly improve and that justice will be done thank you
thank you Councillor talisman hence the press you wish to respond
thank you
thank you madam Mayor and thank you Councillor Taylor Smith your update and the Labour Group of Councillors welcomes the agreement very much at the KC TMO turnback management of council housing to the Council and commend the Council's leadership and listening to residents' concerns and our lack of trust in the Casey tier HMOs ability to manage and repair our homes and keep them safe
and in moving the case see TMO Executive from board to this decision which we know was a reluctant decision we also welcomed the new Head of Housing Management of Goldring and note the very positive impact he's already had and some achievements in such a short time here the resurrection of the tenants Consultative Committee and to as you say very constructive meetings visits to estates and meetings with residents associations and his work on bringing a state services back in house and his commitment on a number of times to ensuring that consultant consultations on how our homes are managed in the future are resident led and resident focused and it's good to see you
I also give that confirmation tonight so we all look forward to this commitment becoming actual good practice and were also pleased and this is very important to us all council estate residents the Labour Group and all I'm sure residents in North Kensington that the Casey TMO remains a legal entity that can be held accountable along with the previous CEO and the executive team to the criminal investigation and the public inquiry I am also pleased to be informed by the current interim CAC 0 but of the pacy TMO that tenants and leaseholders will no longer be paying from their rents and service charges the six figure sum salary of the previous C O and that he has resigned and taken redundancy with no enhanced pension there is no future role for him and there is no future role in the Council for the discredited executive team and there will be no need for an Interim CEO once all services are in house and so redundancies should be pursued now and before any 2 p transfers to the Council are finalised
we also look forward to hearing that the Casey tier most expensive executive HQ in Kensington High Street has also been closed and only a skeleton staff remained to keep the KC TMO alive as a legal entity
residents in Councillor M profit properties also need confirmation that all new Council contracts with the KC TMO and the staff who are to PID over to the Council include rigorous standards of behaviour and accountability in order to change the culture and disdain towards tenants and leaseholders there paying customers that has become endemic in the Casey TMO
so that the many more recent and very recent TMO employees who really do want to serve and do their job well can shine and others realised they would not be happy in this new culture
what I was hoping to hear tonight from from you Councillor was that in in house Council managed services will be one of the definite and possible options for the future management of our homes tenants and leaseholders must decide at the estate and street level how they want their homes managed and many are and will be interested in exploring self management creating their own estate that will tear HMOs are becoming co-ops but all options need to be on the table and for those Wes and for those estates where self management and other options are perhaps not possible Council managed in-house services although they did have their shortcomings prior to nineteen ninety six
should be a clear option because they are for council tenants and leaseholders and I agree with you totally Councillor Taylor Smith they offer direct accountability when well managed and contact with our landlords and pre holders and access to information by a freedom of information requests and we will use those to hold this Council to account but overall we're very pleased with that statement tonight thank you thank you Councillor press
Councillor Waite do wish to respond
I don't think we have anything more to comment on this I think what's been discussed covers all the points I would have raised thank you thank you
there will now be an opportunity for the public to respond to the Leader's update and the Deputy Leader's statement
30th minutes will be allocated to this so that there is time for the rest of the agenda and I ask only those with a strong connection to the borough and who have not spoken to the meeting previously on this topic to speak
please make yourself known to officers now I would remind everyone that contributions will be limited to 5 minutes each
we just
on one arm s-length put you before
addressed the meeting could you introduce yourself and let everyone know on you are really wanted to talk to Livingstone mooted arm on the man from the wall of Tree Farm must still have space
i've been artists from work in doing a lot of arm as potent stop trying to get some sets out what's going on
for the last several months have been down the strain on myself killing myself trying to find out the truth what's really happening
and are all afternoon is blocked people taking money from all over the place to get a mile from my people on Grenfell fire alarm what I'm trying to do is get some facts like my French some Victoria what's been lost in fire and I've heard nothing about hot stone
alarm and all the survivors have been just judging had been let down by this Council an arm of been done by this Council as well I mean a hotel as well alarm
just like to just say that I hope that you people can put it to your head and start getting a twisted alarm low-cost people and put them in a house didn't want a hotel because mothers come back to me a clerking lunar nightfall meeting which can get no helpful almost no milk for her daughter and she's in a hotel
that very very sad
so I believe that you have to get on with yourself and put it onto yourself to arm put this paper back in a place if you cannot do that I'm a painter artist picks up the place myself if you could give you the keys any open space in a global growth Latimer I will fix it up women within three weeks that's not a problem for me I give them back to a world where you can have a new life and you can set yourself on a bit right now at this moment I'm talking they cannot do that
I spend my Christmas with them I spent my New Year's Day
I spend my birthday around them they tell me the same thing they need help
and if charged to you people for seven months to get them help all you did it put them in a whole cadre of children with no personally help at all
and that's very bad for me in British Duchy really be happening if she'd been sold
a focus on the court
if you cannot put it about yourself to one
the action plan to give up to arm get something done because for me never seen you lot have action plan you always have the action plan under people was working every day but never hear you had actual plans are likely to put it on yourself the action plan so you cannot do something for the people of Grenfell and is very important that you look at night and you don't give a twisty
I thank you for your help as well I have to say thank you
now call Mr. ribbons scissor
9 Friedman Caesar and from the area rather than walk I just want to work with the night while a people still in hotels and 55 people in wherever they are temporary or wherever there it just a mathematician but that adds up to 1 50 free and if you've got free hundred The properties are sure that's half
I mean what's been going on in the seven months and what's happening
my punchline is you must do better and I feel that the Council was not listening or no one's really listening you know that you've got a plan in action
and with the key workers you've got a tweet the key wicket workers they've got be answerable to someone because
it's just a lot of faffing about all the truth is you know it's people to live you know and as someone said it's their homes you know you've not got round to your homes and stuff and they go back to our hotel and when you get properties are these 300 people free hundred properly these are they like for like and I like for like are they what they'd big rooms
in greenfield big open spaces the rooms were massive
all they like for like and when they go on the site
you know it's just it's just a big liar you know he's just whitewashing I do not mean you have to be real and you have to stick up for these people I believe that you give dogs and guinea pigs better care you know as all of us say Rubino
to me to speak
the Mayor Councillor love respect Graham for from you know Councillor Campbell thank you so much for your statistics this evening you know what they're really tired of statistics at Surrey let me introduce myself and I've been a volunteer unpaid not working for the Council of anybody else labour of love for seven months now I've just had to relocate my entire life into this barrister that I could be more effective and of more assistance to the people I'm supporter
these statistics are marvellous Councillor Campbell but let me just give you one example of what happens jewel in your process of housing people please bear in mind Councillors this is one brief example I'm going to give you today I can tell you many many more others because it's not a smooth as simple as some would like you to believe I have a young lady moving from a hotel into temporary accommodation this week she has a one year old daughter
she is in a hotel
she was her time in the hotel was to one out yesterday her key worker which is on an hourly rate paid by the the borough
what if I can get on the phone or get to apply to any e-mail response to a text message or return my call or treat me or indeed this young lady with a modicum of respected be a marvellous thing it's not possible because she doesn't seem to know what's happening
she seems to have no idea what's happening
in terms of care packages that apparently were out there in times of white goods
which I believe was once only for people moving into permanent accommodation and was extended to temporary and then was extended to go from a big items like fridges and cookers and freezes into toasters and kettles is very hard for me another volunteers like me to assist these people because the information changes according to who you speak to I have care work key workers paid by this Council lying to me
so when I'm unpaid work in the best part of 18 hours a day and God help me I'm not moaning trust me I'm not Moon in this is my choice but when I am doing this from the heart in between my work in our hotel dealing with my kids trying to do a law degree and your guys are not doing their jobs and lying to me please make my job easier I don't mind doing it helps us out of works the keywork is telling me there were no care packages
that's what I was told that your this place she won the curve
there they told me there were no care packages so as to why these care packages or we've run out I'm sorry we have is it 90 8 families Councillor you were suggesting of Inn Hotel still 98 how we wanted out of care packages where are these people going to get these things is my next question further investigation tells me that actually journey work that's not even true
because these care packages are still available but we have Council paid volunteers
I the work you refer the curve and don't get me wrong some of those curve volunteers gods and goddesses folder because some of them of awesome don't don't get me twisted I'm not saying that there was not good
that the information being shared varies according to who you are talking to and when so any we have got the care packages of care packages are govern now yesterday the day before she moves did her key worker paid for by this
did that key work organised the band to help that young lady with her removals No No we did that a very late hour in the day by calling out to the local community and an all sorts of other people we got a van so she went there at 10 o'clock this morning
the van arrived it moved it packs all of our stuff she left that place
that young lady was to go to Council today to sign a new contract for her temporary accommodation at 12 pm today this is me this is how some of these pupils are being treated
this is one example of so many I see in my times are doing now be quick she wants the Council today to sign her contract for temporary accommodation all of us in the van her time at the hotel has now run out she has a one year old daughter
she got so important to be coldly and callously formed actually do you know what we can't do it today
in actual fact we're going to have to do it some time next week so I'm sorry we don't know what they are and even when you sign your contract for this new place maybe not we can't even give you the keys to this day because the higher management whoever they may be haven't signed off the contract for your new tendency in your temporary accommodation
guys the good news you might suggest this that we've managed to get another week in the hotel you think that's good news that's the most rubbish news in the whole world and you know why it shouldn't be happening
it shouldn't be happening somebody should have called that girl this morning and said Listen we can't do it today I know it's really insert whatever word you want there because I dare not right now say it but you know somebody put a cold her she's moving house how still falls take into storage again on paid volunteers trying to deal with their own life I went to the theatre last night to take somebody affected I had to leave in the interval to take calls that you'll key workers are not responding to
it's not fair and I'm sorry for shouting I'm sorry for being angry actually do you know what now I'm sorry for show it but I'm going to stay angry
that is unacceptable
thank you perhaps you could leave
I was going to suggest that you leave us with the name of the lady who talking about so we can look into not moved that leave us want it down that's what I mean again if you could before you leave tonight let's have a note of the name of other measures
design is that although I might not be seen as I don't have an official piece of paper to wave at your curve pantomime and I don't have pointed for Asians however however you will understand I appreciate save bod yn and confidentiality and I respect my people so you would have to wait till tomorrow with you would merge so that I can ask her permission to do so as 5 m
because I call Steven McKenzie
raving modesty McKenzie's many of you know I am an independent fire and melted planning consultant and ashamed but of course the creation to the commercial leadership
what is your bottle no fire safe and so contented 80
unfortunately I don't think the Council can answer that question
I acknowledge the RBKC's sent me a six-piece position statement to accompany scrutiny hearing that however having attended the Housing Scrutiny Committee last Monday who found that on an interim emergency fire safety audit team or provisions to be defective or not reflect devolve real world conditions significant concerns are ongoing
it is not just seven months after the Grenfell tragedy it's over a decade after the introduction of that at all it's over two decades since the fire precautions what police regulations and then almost three decades since their provisional European legislation you then an unacceptable position we've done further qualifications today invite offer Tenants Association on some Constand residents on Team obese premises these team affairs is harder than formal inspection by the London Fire Authority who surprised at the Council had contacted them to conduct an independent review of the bottle the concern raised them and a Vice Chair and Racing Association has also contacted the TMO the sum total advice received was can you go to a DIY store and get some draught excluders that strips and send out a receipt that's on accepts that while we actually found as a professional with the ITV television through to the end tumescence on the fire door were messing the fire beast Horton called smoke seals on the ground floor flat or messing despite the door-set been signed off and passed on decades of Parsons outdoor save and we also found variations in the quality of maintenance and upgrade premises and potential obstructions to final exit defective signage effect of MMC lighting and a bottle of fire safety consent I am working is an independent voluntary Advisor to the Committee of public Safety entries we should have this position
therefore I am deeply concerned that you don't housing scrutiny committee did not have the powers despite finding their own interim audit defective to take further action other than to further up the chain
you'd need to intervene now an intervenor robustly too much time has passed to many places still endanger I am deeply concerned that the over-dependence of intervention for the London financial climate thought A to assist with evacuations and presumably noise or formal Pearson's I don't think you've done due diligence Equality Act assessments or fire risk assessments to date and you urgently need to up your game I am also concerned that despite issues being highlighted time and time and time again you've got over 3 thousand defects you're only now taking control of the TM more and we have no idea of the nature and extent of the problems and issues within the borough
you need to move forward
i've also observed the Cranfield coverage Scrutiny Committee now and is an immense of plot and expert it's a wrong mechanism for engagement the Parks are too complicated you should have more simplistic mechanisms for communications and better management of the meeting after meeting to let it be played out in a negative and ourselves we it doesn't look very good for any party and not find the right conducive we to engage with your stakeholders I'm concerned parties don't shut down independent experts as was attempted that housing scrutiny committee of myself I am sympathetic to the council is raised to the bereaved and the survivors from Grenfell however I don't think you have the message and a capacity right of actually going to suggest that you potentially go beyond seizing control of the team on reincorporation I suggest that you now need to reach out to be placed in special measures how through central government support to then refresh your team refresh your capacity and have independent resource in oversight of your next steps the eyes of the London residence your bottom the country and internationally and openness Local Authority and it doesn't paint a very good picture when you don't scrutiny committee finds independent audits defective
as a core funded again fell far form an independent panel of experts on community persons will continue to try and work with the Council to keep it right said in a balanced and one of those measures is ongoing meetings with the Chief Exec body CWAC designate today and under the independent observation also sent for public scrutiny I think we need to facility more strategic meetings with the Cabinet Office a Home Office detailed G potentially the prime Minister to get a grip on the situation just as we did with the five London hospital files and learn lessons from it and then Luca how we can treat the wider shocks and stresses within the UK housing sector it's not just grand fail Chalcott lead body or others it's Three Hundred field buildings and I very good example of a response falling 70 1 5 fatalities
I would welcome dialogue with all relevant parties we need another task group and set in this borough thank you
thirdly read you introduce yourself I can't have got your name
Good evening and thank you for the opportunity money is fairly Allerton I am a local resident was attendant TMO know a leaseholder and The I will be honest with you that actually we are scared as resident of the MO properties at the moment not knowing where we going specifically in real life situations we have when someone make him stake the apologize and they try to do their best to rectify it and hear what we have is
we have an organisation that made a big mistake drop the bone which was very costly for all of us and instead of raising their game to try to help the rest of residents across the borough they actually running away and this is very serious very very serious yes we may not want them to be running our properties anymore but it is not an excuse for them to drop other bowls while we are not ready to basically know what's going on and knowing the future of our properties and who's going to manage them now you walk around our properties across the Borough you see some serious or as my just colleague you just touch highlight that there are some serious security issues Fire issues health and safety issues and the residents are concerned that who's going to deal with them it is not acceptable for TMO to say we actually have made a mistake somewhere and we want to fix it with the Council and the Council putting resources in one place and ignoring thousands of other lives across the borough we actually here quite concerned our lives has been put as like a gamble we don't know what's going to happen and how those properties going to stay secure and safe for all of us thank you
Councillor Terry Smith would you like to respond to what's been said
yes thank you first of all can I just thank everybody for coming here tonight and speaking
listening to our residents is incredibly important because obviously what you do is highlight issues and we do try and make changes and respond to those issues just a few things that we inspect said on the on the issue of raising fire safety we have are a large number of properties and we've got an awful lot of work to do to assess that wave indicated or my update on the TMO that we've commissioned independent reviews on that and we're working through and for those that would have seen one of the papers that came to the Housing Committee you see that there's a total cost of 3 point 9 million pounds next year in order to start addressing things like fire doors and thing and an issues that you are raising with so it is something we're going to do it is a lot of work and we will obviously have to do that in a very orderly fashion so I think that's the first point I wanted to say in terms of the there was issues about housing and pace I mean it's very true that one of the big challenges that we faced and why we weren't able to start addressing getting people out of hotels as we had no housing stock and we had to acquire housing stock and Ruben spoke about the type of housing stock we're doing I mean it is impossible for us to replace what was lost at Grenfell people's homes these were very large lovely homes and that is incredibly difficult I mean Robyn were no obviously the Area W Tom W level these are not homes that are readily available
we have secured now 300 properties which we believe are all good quality homes I think we visited them but they are not to be frank they are not the size of the Grenfell properties but they are on lower ground fellas they do have got they have got there was a mixture which were trying to do in order to give people the best possible check choice
and as far as far as now we have the homes and the Three Hundred which are now being made available for people too to look at in view then it is a question of people making those choices and one of the things that I'm extremely determined to do is to hold the line on this working individual's pace I do not believe it is something that for the statistics awful headlines in order to get that number up that we should put residents under pressure to make those decisions and that's something we've been very assistant and quite frankly I think when people talk about these numbers I think people also have to understand the process and the complexity of what we're going through here in terms of what we're dealing with people and we're dealing with a lot of
consequently can you
that Taylor-Smith space I have given an opportunity for the public you could have come and address the meeting but please do not shout over people we would like to hear what it has to say
sorry thank you Madam Mayor so to conclude as I say this is something that we have to have we are obviously focusing very much carefully on the individuals and ensuring that we get each of the individual a proper home thank you madam
thank you Councillor Ken Smith and I would ask the Council tonight and the matters that have all been discussed tonight
item 5 is an update Item 6 so he is an update on the Council's response to the challenges of the winter period and I would call on Councillor Pascal thank you
thank you Madam Mayor first I would like to pay respect to all those affected by the Grenfell tragedy
also to add my thanks to all for all those officers and the community partners working tirelessly to help them
i've been asked to speak tonight about how we have responded to the winter
all I think it would be prudent to say that we may well not have seen the end of winter even today it was difficult whether at many times
in all that we are trying to do what you are trying to join up the often excellent individual pieces of work by officers and to engage better with residents
and I recognise that whilst we started this process we still have a way to go and we are learning lessons as we go
apart from the many necessary essential services in adult social care and family shows that found in Children's Services led by colleagues of mine
there are the other services on a day to day basis which fall under my remit I thank those involved in day-to-day services such as rubbish collection for instance a staggering 50 thousand tonnes
rubbish was collected last year Switzerland thousand 300 tonnes was recycled street cleaning parks Environmental Health noise nuisance streetscene management and enforcement often this work is unrecognised despite officers working all hours and in all weathers
particularly ones to mention all those 20 who are now on emergency Maintenance rota
which recently covered gritting against ice rather than snipe by nature this is a late at night weather forecasts from piece of work and in bad conditions training and the storage capacity is built up during the year means that we were well prepared when the snow and ice came a particular period of bad weather meant that leaf-fall was concentrated into short period requiring an immediate deployment of extra crews and trucks
an on-demand focus Christmas tree collection resulted in recycling of a 60 6 tonnes of trees which we will analyse the comments received from residents and see if we can do this better next year
Winter environment projects have included free home energy service for vulnerable people working with Groundwork charity The Green Doctor scheme which has to date offered advice and assistance to 450 homes and aims to address another hundred and 50 during this year of 2 thousand 18 help on how to stay how to stay safe warm and well in the coldest weather for particularly vulnerable people and families
initiatives focus on young people have included school premises provide good conditions at reduced costs and carbon emissions and reduce carbon emissions
climate change workshops and children's Parliament on the environment in the libraries we've had regular reading groups
and the broad break shared reading groups which are often focused on supporting vulnerable adults
I T drop in sessions keeping connected those at risk from digital digital exclusion and loneliness especially amongst able at the elderly
wishing to learn e-mail Skype and call families overseas or look more locally
knitting groups or cancel gripe library on a weekly basis for health check-ups regularly at Central Brompton and Chelsea libraries many health checks at North Kensington library meditation class at North Kensington these are just examples than not support meant of Europe conclusive report
we host regular open age events especially for the over 55 s in North Kensington these include conversational begin a Spanish yeah so well for health
monthly Community days for Grenfell and cancer and Brompton supporting vulnerable adults with space for reflection and activities working with communities we aim to enhance these hubs and link them with work on education health and opportunities for employment
we are helping develop community owned energy projects including schools and the Westway Leisure Centre were working with planning on further improving the energy advice to those who are planning to bills and construction both construction and renovation this is however proving particularly challenging amongst our large stock of inherited structure and we aim to see if we can improve the advice to enable them to be future proofed as we go forward this is only a flavour of the myriad of activities addressing a very wide range of needs often with community and third party partners much of this is on the website and I welcome suggestions for further practicable initiatives so that we can keep learning on how to improve what we're doing for those who are particularly interested in one or two subjects have mentioned the air quality climate change action Plan is on the website and the public realm scrutiny committee tomorrow night will address many of these issues
councillor lane he wished to speak yes please Mademoiselle despite the environmental motion put forward at the Council meeting last last time concerns must be raised by the Council's true commitment to air quality and its position on monitoring and enforcement
why was the decision made to stop monitoring eight of the nine locations in RBKC some of these on our most congested and polluted roads roads and junctions acknowledged that have some of the worst air quality in London apparently a decision made on budgetary reasons
the Council's Air Quality action Plan 0 9 states that one of the prime objectives was to protect public health and the environment by monitoring air quality and to reduce emissions from road transport in another report on air quality and climate change it states that the Council will use every effective means to raise awareness despite these signs and the legislation there doesn't appear to be any effective enforcement to the problem
so recently with three councils were asked this was RBKC Westminster City of London they were asked in 2 thousand and 2 the government legislated that fixed penalty notices could be issued by designated Local authorities for idling vehicles and who is nominated to issue these fines Westminster responded police and parking wardens City of London City of Sydney Street Enforcement officers environmental health officers technical staff authorised and they conduct idling engine action days to raise awareness
RBKC any the police or authorised in about eight years we've got to fixed penalty notices finish it
so whether it be taxis coaches utility companies school drop off pick up deliveries offer refrigerated vehicles delivering to the increased number of small supermarkets idling vehicles are needlessly adding pollution which could be reduced given this gives an incentive to enforce
drivers of idle to avoid paying for parking in cold weather for heat taxis and coaches perhaps idol out of habit the majority of drivers are unaware that it is illegal to idle while stationary so what can be done to facilitate more efficient who deliveries why job more company fleet owners survey the buyer not signed up to force was the vehicle idling and pollution not mandatory part of every company's corporate social responsibility plan and enforcement taken it in corporate rather than drive a level ensuring that all schools are signed up for TEFL stars School programmes that visitor attractions have a strategy in place of the Council prevent prepared to do action days and hotspots it's hoped that the Council will increase awareness of idling by cause by sending out a reminder with every parking permit issued
if we stop the main offenders at company level who distribution and home deliveries taxis coaches as the start we'd be able to make a strong impact on air pollution just by changing the driver habits another issue affecting air quality the robustness of Environment impact studies attached to construction sites
given the renewed interest by the Council to identify development opportunities it's essential that an environmental impact study is approved a considerably more robust and enforce more stringently I welcome the fact that the Council will be discussing the extension of the ultra low emission zone with the mayor's office that stress that actually Thirty percent of the heavy vehicles going through London or 5 percent of the roads and we don't know what the impact is going to be to the or the Red route system so this is something that is key if we wish to retain good air quality and prevent some of our more vulnerable people suffering
so finally without a meaning or monitoring and stringent enforcement no amount of council hot-air interleave deliver bridgeable fresh-air thinking
thank you Councillor way
does any other Member wished to speak
Councillor Pascal Jewish to respond
thank you I particularly like Councillor weighed if you felt willing to send me a copy of her notes has just spoken to and I will make sure that they are addressed at the first meeting that I will Chair of the action equality and climate change Board which is coming out soon which involves all the Departments of the the borough
I also raised the the generic of the issue at the next leadership meeting next week
I ask the Council to make the matter
ITEM seven do any Members have petitions which they wished to submit
Councillor Waite
yes Madam Mayor I have a petition of over 1 thousand 500 which says we the undersigned call on the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to debate at full Council meeting the air quality try a crisis in the borough that is suffocating us all
further we call on RBKC to review the full range of powers available in it to approve air quality in the Borough including enforcing idling legislation on coaches commercial vehicles and taxis ensuring that all schools in the Borough have traffic management plans ensuring that
that is all the schools in the Borough have air quality monitoring within their costumes that steps are being taken to ensure that RBKC's included on the future zero emission zone area and consideration of the impact on the red routes
thank you Councillor Waite and the matter will be discussed at a future meeting thank you Item 8 order of business
it is normally the concern as he
the session
OK we asking someone to come and take the petition from you
thank you
the Council's Clerk will go and get the petition and bring it to us
I thank key we are going to send someone to get the petition
thank you we will move on to the next point
we will
okay thank you we will we did
earlier we ask people to come and address the meeting I didn't garden if you weren't here but you didn't come down
ITEM 9 the medium term financial planning I call upon the Leader to move the reception of the report and Councillor Lindsey two seconds
there is also something to do with the council tax base and the National Non domestic Rate forecasts thank you
councillor campbell
Taylor Lindsey Mortimer in introducing this paper I wished to remind Council colleagues for the purpose of this paper is to resolve to key issues in law to point to A and to point 3 8
I want to stress in to point to De which retains the Council Tax reduction scheme to ensure that a high level of support is given to those in need this is what we've done in the past and we will continue to do it
a good news story there are relatively few Councils in this country still give the highest level of help to those in greatest need in this way I am told by Council officers that about Thirteen and a half thousand are in receipt of this report
it is undoubtedly the case that this Council has received much criticism in the past month and I and indeed going back further
different people will accept or reject that if they so choose
but they cannot deny that other councils but as a bar of this Council does have systems and schemes in place to protect those in need in this particular way
I really want to say that there are not about 90 6 thousand Band D equivalents as set out in Appendix 1 which drives the council tax base from which Council taxable revenues are calculated
those who are interested can scout Appendix 1 and will see that there are adjustments relating to discounts primarily for single occupancy exemptions for empty properties of which there are many different categories and the local support for Council Tax relates to what I have just referred to the reduc the reduction for those people who can least afford to council tax
I want to talk briefly about cost as I have said before as others have said before Grenfell has changed everything changed it for this year will change for next year and indeed for no doubt the next four years and decades into the future
Page 3 highlight that in November the Council was expecting Grenfell related expenditure to amount to between 55 and 60 5 million pounds we now reckon that it nearer to 60 8 million pounds over the two year period with a further eight million pounds in year 3
may end up it may end up that as we actually get some specific grants to cover some of those costs but being a prudent accountant I would be cautious until we actually receive it
for those who are interested and the largest amount for the increased 3 million pounds each on temporary accommodation and maintaining the site
these higher than expected costs will be covered by an underspend of some Thirteen million pounds which is mostly made up of one off adjustments particularly the decision not to transfer five million pounds from revenue reserves for capital and the release of three million contingency fund that hasn't been spent
additional savings of 4 million pounds as set out in paragraph 5 point 1 somewhat taken last years or this year's underspend notably in adult social care and transport
conversely table five-point 2 sets out growth bids and the pressures on from Departments notably families and children services overall the net cost of services is someone hundred and 50 million pounds are set out in paragraph 5 point fall when I last briefly want to touch on reserves a perennial topic for discussion
we're not in a position now to say exactly how much they will be the end of March as it depends on how we finished funding the capital programme what we can say is that by the end of March next year we will anticipate reducing usable reserves and receipts by over 200 million pounds compared with what they were
just to confirm that our reserves are
an acceptable amount we've had a SIP for review of our reserves on paragraph four-point seven which summarises Appendix Four thing they have been they have not been reduced to an appropriate level
although clearly there are much much more than they are last year thank you Councillor Mason do you wish to speak
could I read this petition out unwilling to splash unwilling to split my time on the on the speed and this is a tradition I went to school the Grenfell fire fight for justice we and its signed by 15 hundred plus people I haven't counted them individually but I think it's probably 15 hundred definitely
we the undersigned demand answers when we'll criminal charges be brought against Kensington and Chelsea council and 30 or more for the responsibility for the Fire why have so many survivors and their families not been rehoused in their area what are the future plans of the Council for residential development in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea why has the construction company ride not been charged with a criminal offence of supplying combustible cladding
there are a great number of
People's inquiry into Grenfell led by the community all local councils to bring all housing services back in house and end all contracts with the private companies and sell off to the private sector Grenfell Tower fire shows the damage caused by turning housing provision into a profit making business cladding manufacturers cut costs and file on companies cut costs this must stop all social housing stock should be upgraded with no loss of residents rights affordable housing for all
I think that's the two two messages isn't it
there's 15 hundred perhaps an officer could take this and it will go to the presumably has your property
why the Revolutionary Communist group
we need to see people being rehoused and we tried to bring the petition at the beginning of the meeting but of course we are all subject to back down but need to be shipped scan magic wants which is discussed in further this task is scared off the community's scan of the people they have been terrifying
thank you
inevitably has is not security is not barricades but it is just so if they want to not be so terrified instead any more things deliver houses once and for all
we have now
Councillor messages to continue
but tonight
back to 9 1 this of course is the is a an expanded version of what we had last year of the and this can this contains some of the stuff that we must I believe on the law vote for or support tonight so we'll we the Liberal Group of course a reserve our position with regard to any of the budgetary comment and they are because of course we will produce our own alternative budget as we do every year and you'll not be surprised to hear we won't agree with the Conservative party's
budget it's nice that we can see this stuff ahead of time but we of course will produce a budget which is quite different from business should think so Madam Mayor we will of course agree on a two point to I will agree the council tax base to point to see will retain the current discount for second homes zero had 50 Council
50 percent of the Council Tax charge it will continue the carbon reduction scheme and agreed in India forecasts in other words we will agree that stuff we legally must agree but will not agree any of the other
option reductions in growth proposals which of course out proposals in advance of the meeting next next month so I hope that's clear now it says in the paper that cost 38 million or is it will be spent in Grenfell 27th 18 revenue 60 assumed
million to be spent in 20 17 18 19 and 8 million assumed Grenfell spend after that and so when I read these sorts of figures and I hear what was said earlier when the survivors and others came to the the the Diocese to speak and particularly the volunteer who spoke about what happens when her the person she was helping with trying to move from hotel etc. The key workers situation novel
notebooks full of this sort of thing from day one of the fire and why I ask myself is if we were spending 60 million and rising how come we can't get key workers and other workers who are on the ground either to do the job they are being paid for the stop being insensitive to people who have lost everything and also to volunteers who I have seen since day one on the ground who were the people who went in there who were trusted and who were doing the job of the carousel everybody knows this because this is not a he was there he saw the money
so what I ask myself is a why are the volunteers the unpaid volunteers who didn't need to be there how come you're getting a hard time when they are doing the work the Council should be doing but isn't doing and how come those Council workers and it's not just keyworkers anybody going on holiday that doing this they don't turn up you've got Gollum 15 hundred times the case of the woman who was going to move and the nobody
a removal van Vuuren then they wanted a moving the housing people said you can't have a house move into I mean this is this is chaotic we are spending millions either we're not paying those people anything were paying them 3 pounds an hour I can't believe the keywork and social workers have worked with the flippant another 5 pounds an hour I mean what on earth is happening and it is disconcerting us this is discrediting you when we take this coastal one third or may this is going to stop
so you know I'm annoyed meditative when I come here to hear this many of us on the phone or on the fire just after over for the for the days and months that forward we stop these things happening in the first few months of all of them and thought it was absolutely dreadful enlightening we thought at least as time goes on things are going to get better the key workers and the Cosa workers who will take over from the survivors will become sensitised will be trained there will be more hours or you know they'll be socialised into what's happening in the area they'll get to know these people will be in Libya meetings but no it's it's some maybe very good and I hear all kinds of stories a curve I mean I think kind things have been said in the kerb because
we just here this week that some
some volunteers are being chopped under the curve who are community volunteers why these things happening I mean this is just
I don't know what the word is the one I want to say might be not not applicable in this Chamber but this discredits everything that you do all the statements are made tonight when we hear these stories and that's happening on the ground that's all those people here a lot of people they're all here tonight but that only a small number of the people on the ground what they hear on the ground in this war is what is said here they're not hear about your statements this is not hear them they made me not may not work on the ground and talk about your statement so the Budget is brooding millions and millions and millions and millions into this tool of 35 million into buying and acquiring new housing and we have to find some way to get
to get those people out of the hotel's I mean it is much more complicated than you and we have been told every time I go out on the ground and ask somebody Weiss X didn't happen to give me a great complicated story about the fight that at least couldn't be signed or something happened at the rent or they couldn't conceive couldn't convert the Rent with what Councillor Mason could you bring your am I think MPs are now I think that given that we're spending all this money and we are meant to be accountable for it in this Chamber that we need to ask how is this money being spent if if if you shake your head and say it's not true we need to know exactly detail by detail why give us examples next time of why something actually collapse give us an example of why this woman or this woman who was living in a hotel daughter and then couldn't get removal van to move and came to the Town Hall and then was told by officers of the Town Hall that she couldn't move after all so therefore the vehicle back gives an example of how that happened because that's unforgivable why would anybody
thank you for your contribution
none received
no we can't
let's say Well you know
Councillor D'Ancona do you wish to speak
thank you I'll just add a few comments I think that's what Mason has expressed the feelings of many of us here including mine and I have a humongous amount of casework from Grenfell and I'm having to negotiate to get another hole caseworker just to work on Grenfell and doing at the moment it is very difficult and very painful and the stories that we hear we've heard dozens of them horrendous and I also see the Council haemorrhaging money and I don't see much good coming out of it as I can see where the money is going and it's been haemorrhaged at the curve it's been hammering all over the place
and the volunteers are feeling unwanted and I think as an utter disgrace aside from all that I want to thank Councillor Mason for one thing that has been come very very aware we should all be very aware of that a few years ago and he had a long debate shall we say with the previous Sir Chief Executive about employing Corrillian to be to take over and manage services councillor may some one and thank heavens for that because we would be up the creek without a paddle so many thanks today
Councillor Waite
that the figures we got tonight and looking at the graphs actually a reflection of a financial model that was based on a business principle rather than reflecting the core values of a local authority which was to do strategic planning on housing older people all of these different services that we are here to serve and provide services for so if we see it as a financial model and the distressing news that we use to be at the top of the list and were now
my God we might actually be under Harringay on another on our reserves is actually we just got the modelling wrong we really do need to get back to the core values of what a local authority is supposed to do which is see who the people in the Borough across the diversities and actually provide the services that we desperately need thank you very much thank you Councillor Urry
Councillor Lindsey would you like to sum up to respond to confirmation you hit the nail on the head thing it is complex that is much much more complex than we had all thought it would be
I think you made some specific questions about what we are spending the money on one place to ask those questions is surely the Grenfell scrutiny committee
but if there are specific details that you want to ask about can you please pass them on to the relevant area
thank you
k and Members are reminded that any decision taken by the Council in relation to budget setting must be recorded in the minutes and the names of the Councillors who cast a vote for the decision or against the decision or who abstained from voting must also be recorded so fast we will take a vote on the council tax base and I would ask Members to indicate their vote on the recommendations in respect of the Council Tax base in paragraph to point 2 of the report by pressing the voting buttons in front of them
far-reaching is now closed
you can see how the vote went on these display screens and details of the votes will be recorded in the minutes
Emma I am now going to take the vote on the National Non domestic rates forecasts and would Members please indicate their vote on the recommendations in respect of the national non-domestic rates forecast in paragraph two points 3 of the report
by pressing the voting buttons in front of them
the voting is now complete and that its current as well thank you so we move on to Item 9 the General Fund Capital Strategy and I call upon the Leader to move the reception of the report and Councillor Lindsey to second
2 maddamma
can murder
this document is now a legal requirement for every council its purpose is to set out how a Council how as a Council we prioritise and allocate our funds on capital projects where the School Road parks or other pages 10 to 12 set out the allocations process in detail
it shows the criteria against which bids which were received from service departments are judged and appraised for the most important projects are rightly prioritised it sets out the total amount of schemes at a recent Executive and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee comment for made that this document did not have anything about it on engaging and empowering local communities with the building of project or the involved all the investment of whatever there is that is a fair comment
but it misunderstands the purpose of this particular document which is to set out how we prioritise and allocate funds in due time the leadership team will review the current capital expenditure priorities and produce an overarching document which will set out how the Council will go about its business in terms of a capital strategy it will include how the Council will seek to engage and empower residents no doubt it will go through several iterations but that document does not yet exist and it should not be confused with what this document is
thank you
thank you Councillor Lindsey consummation you is to ask speak
I understood that this this is not a legal requirement stock with a militaristic work is not a legal requirement to vote for or against this document at this meeting about right
from the 1st of April it's legal but it now
after all
it doesn't it doesn't say on that in the report that is a legal requirement
I for one had some hard things to say about this document when it came to the Executive and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee because before Councillor Lindsey said what he said about it being a technical he said it was a technical document would have looked like something plucked from the days of the previous administration when mere Council taxpayers were not expected to understand never mind have any real see before developers and builders as redesign their lives and of course the subsequent leadership Team meeting Councillor Lindsey the Lead Member who has just spoken said that it's just a technical document it does not it wasn't it was just a vehicle to decide which projects
approved but the strategy is as it states in the cover report on these confirm part of the Council's budgetary and policy framework for the 20 18 19 financial year and I doubt it will fit with Adult turned of Budget so of course we can't support this this is a strategy about finding Council properties and land to sell and rent to the highest bidder as opposed to using them for services or community or voluntary groups
the rational for offsetting the government budget cuts was to build a lucrative property empire which led to a lot of community buildings including the Westway information Centre North Kensington library led to prep schools and of course we're not going back there madam Madam Mayor if we look at the third the second page of the document and the key objectives are clear as this quite a number of them but I mean there's one or two but we would worry about for example to be
2 to be the basis for determining the Council's Medium Term Capital Programme to help ensure the most effective cost effective use is made of existing assets to identify and seek to minimise under Use and dispose of surplus assets promptly to the best advantage that we used to do wasn't it and to determine the Council's priority for capital investment of course
what this strategy doesn't do as I said at the Meeting was recognised the core planning promises the Council has made since the 19th July Labor motions nor the culture changes that we are working on to sweep across the Council via the governance changes etc we are meant to be co planning these things that came into my argument was this strategy which of course I am told as it is is a technical document I am I doubt if the officers who received this in property or elsewhere another Department will look at this and think well this is a technical document will be told this is what you've got to work to and it doesn't talk about good planning it doesn't talk with the Council's new policy it doesn't talk about any of the stuff that we voted on the 9th July and debated it doesn't talk about any of the stuff that the Leader and Deputy Leader half since the 9th July and an on publicly stated it doesn't say that developments and capital projects of all types will not happen on estates and streets unless those people involved estates and streets
from inception have a say not just be tick box but they actually have actually asked what it is they want and the corporate project through this document doesn't reflect that and so if we if we were to approve this delay it will be as if the whole process never happen to obese Granton never happened that effect
and you know I think that that's a difficult from the document I thought it was a document that was plucked from the last area so it asked officers to take it away and combined with something that is a no document that actually fits what I've just said that of the whole planning I know you understand Mr. Quirk but you officers have produced a document for the Cabinet Member there is is like last century as I consider my committee so if we agree this is yes is a technical document not just to take a more technical dot technical document the officers and departments will use this as a bible because you the majority party says so you will tell them unless we become the majority party in the 3rd May and we will we will dump and produce a new one but you know so I've got a problem with this David I'm sorry I've got a problem with this this is not a document that incorporates the Local Planning stuff so we can't support it I don't know we will probably abstain if we can't not support we'll vote against
I thank you can't Cantalamessa accounts Act
the Labour Group has never supported the capital priorities of this Council and we can say that we are decisions in the past had been vindicated by what has happened in the last year therefore this is not a legal requirement and I and at the Budget make meeting we will set out our capital programmes which I can assure you will be very different from that of the current majority party therefore tonight we will be voting against this recommendation
does any other Member wished to speak
Councillor Lindsey do you wish to say anything further
I just wished to thank Councillor Mason than Councillor Atkinson for their comments
is the recommendation to approve the Capital Strategy adopted
I think we have a show of hands I
okay so Mr. Carver can you arrange that please
so they could
OK so could you indicate how you want to vote by pressing the buttons in front of me in place
OK so that is also carried a meeting on the 4th
yes I voted against the law they take stock
Mrs. Carver
it's not right
I can't 12
show of hands
I am not going to go again do please now
we're taken out of all your name staff and no it doesn't it doesn't matter we know
let us have one more show of hands those who are against the motion could they please raise their hand and we will take a note so that is all the Labour Group that is present and also Councillor Waite okay
that's what I counted
RG 09 3 urgent key decisions I call upon the Leader to move the reception of the report and Councillor Taylor Smith to second
so his speaking
Councillor Heather Smith you can speak to the
OK so I will ask the Council to note the urgent key decisions which are set out in their agendas move on then to Item 10 which is the future Council plans
there will be a statement by the Leader Latimer House or hobbies Madam Mayor under Standing order 42 I propose that we suspend Standing order Thirty insofar as it relates to the speeches made by the Leader Councillor Atkinson and Councillor weight on this item so that they may speak without time limit
is that agreed
that is carried Councillor Campbell
thank you my Lord Mayor this Council's first priority is to continue to support the survivors and victims of the infill and I note what has been said in the Chamber tonight about the pace of rehousing
our next priority is to support those residents directly and indirectly affected by the tragedy and that includes again looking into individual cases which were raised tonight and our third priority is to enable every member of this community to live well and thrive we want this Borough to be one where opportunities exist for all we live in one of the most attractive urban settings in the country let this borough be the benchmark that every other borough in every other city aspires to be where we have to accept that's always going to be limits to the number of people who can live here we can be the model Borough for ensuring everyone lives in a high quality home and is in receipt of high quality services
the refurbishment of the Lancaster West estate co-designed with the participation of the local community will result in high quality homes and the taking back of responsibility for the management of social housing from the TMO will result over time in better quality services for all council tenants and leaseholders
where new housing is developed we will encourage different tenures we will expect developers to bring forward proposals to include intermediate housing and affordable housing for rent as well as housing for private sale and rent
Madam Mayor I want people who buy homes in this bar to live here to raise their families here to send us children to school here to pay their taxes here and to play their part in the life of the community we don't want any of our homes to be left empty
madam Mayor it's no good feeling secure inside your home if you feel uneasy the moment you step outside your front door living in the inner city does not have to go hand in hand with feeling unsafe and while no Council on its own can ensure community safety we can play our part by participating in community forums by working with the police and by listening to neighbourhood groups in Kensington and Chelsea we have but the London trend and we have seen an overall decline in youth crime and a fall in the number of first time entrants to the criminal justice system as you will see in the Youth Justice Plan in the Council papers when young people are able to engage in purposeful employment or training to quote this has a notable impact on reoffending
however like every other borough in London we have a long way to go particularly on knife crime we need to continue to support initiatives such as the one life no Life event taking place six months and Charles Sixth Form College where police and experts in the field will be giving families expert but practical advice
we on this side of the Chamber believe that education is the biggest determinant of a person's life chances Madam Mayor Education education education it starts with the basics and that is why I am so proud of the fact that state primary school children in Kensington and Chelsea are the best in London at Reading writing maths and the fact that our state secondary schools send a higher proportion of A level students to university than any other borough in the country and of the fact that children from disadvantaged backgrounds in this borough do better than in any other part of the country
moreover together with the lowest London zone we're going to introduce a scheme for children who are struggling whereby they will receive tailor services such as well being support extra tuition and access to wider opportunities Madam Mayor this is a borough where every child matters it is so important to that children with learning disabilities are stretched their full potential so they can leave four-fold like excuse me please be quiet in the gallery I met the need to speak this year we opened the new Marlborough primary school with its new Centre for children with autism we are one of the few bars that actually commits its own funds to building new schools like the outstanding Kensington Aldridge academy which also has a centre for autism
the Mayor shall I way sorry could we have no heckling from the gallery pays
our property and
thank continue Councillor Campbell
and we are determined to find the money not only to rebuild Welby primary school but also to build a new special school for pupils aged three to 18 on the bulbous site an outstanding education is the greatest gift we can give to young people is a first rung on the ladder of opportunity so we will not stop there we're looking at new ideas to support employment and price in the Borough such as better use of Council buildings to support the growth of startups and Essar Ms like the worker in the Brompton library and we're going to try and find a place more Council contracts with local firms which employ local people so a higher percentage of the Council's expenditure supports our local economy
this Council is one which works alongside its residents at every stage of life to help create opportunities that might not otherwise they might not otherwise have had
this borough also has some of the best maintain physical infrastructure of any urban setting in the country and we are proud of our heritage buildings and were continuing to ensure they are well maintained are terrorists is ideal for family and community life we have more garden squares than any other borough are extensive Parks provide havens for exercise and tranquillity and unlike surrounding boroughs are holes up our roads are potholed free and our streets are clean because we're tough on dog fouling and litter and because we insist on two bin collections a week unlike from other merely McCann than which is moving its general waste collection to once a fortnight we have heard this evening already of many initiatives that we're going to undertake planning a greener and cleaner Borough but Madam Mayor we have more exciting pipe plans in the pipeline we are only one one of only two London boroughs outer 25 applicants to have secured the maximum 50 thousand pounds grant for the installation of electric charging points of lamp posts and we will be rolling them out right across the Borough we will also be drawing up plans to look at low cost low carbon replacements for the Council's existing fleet of vehicles and will also be looking at idling vehicles and what we can do about them measures which are not only cleaner and greener but make us healthier too
each of us now has access to new upgraded health and leisure facilities we have refurbish the Chelsea Leisure Centre and rebuilt the Kensington Sports Centre to provide everyone with public indoor spaces in which to exercise as we seen in the news life expectancy in some of the most deprived areas in the country is actually falling it's one thing to provide equal access to facilities but it's not the same as tackling health inequalities so Madam Mayor are we tackling Health Equalities where they are the most stark the Gogol Bourne initiative is encouraging children and their families to each well keep active and feel good so the children get a better start in life like guessing into good habits in the digital age we need to get smarter about the way we interact with our residents and it's not just about finding contractors to provide services to a certain quality threshold any longer it's about giving residents more say in the way that community is wrung about providing them with more democracy as they take advantage of the new forums and communication methods to express to us what they want to see happening and it's about being more open and receptive to thinking from elsewhere and being more open to partnership working with other organisations to
for example Madam Mayor we're going to deliver a platform accessible using an app to allow residents to be notified and see in 3 D planning applications in the area we are one of three european municipalities pioneering the use of this technology Hamburg and Rome being the others we as a Council need to be smart enough to recognise where our service delivery could be adapted and improved and flexible enough to be able to make constant and seamless improvements to the quality of services we provide
in future we will be judged not only on our ability to determine our residents needs but to find the best service provider and to dispense money but we will be judged instead on our ability to listen to our residents to understand and to adapt in short to find solutions to the social programmes social problems which need fixing
madam Mayor as the world changes so we need to change with it
and in the best pragmatic traditions of my party were going to reform the way this Council works so we are there for everyone this is going to be a safe Obara a green Obara healthier Bara a smarter Barbara and an ever more enterprising Borough or borrow where there are opportunities for all we are making a real difference to the quality of people's lives and we will modernise to meet the challenges ahead
thank you Councillor Campbell Councillor Atkinson
thank you Madam Mayor well we welcome the opportunity to set out the Labour Group's vision for the way this Council shall be wrong but we believe that this should be a more humble Council Madam Mayor we believe that this should be a
we believe that this should be a serving Council
we believe that this should be a more democratic council
the Mayor we also believe that this should be a listening council
we need a Council committed to prioritising services over cost-cutting and where possible we believe in delivering the services are selves if we directly employ people we will have shorter lines of communication and we can check conditions are decent for both the staff and for our residents but the Mayor we pledge an end to outsourcing
this contract with BP or karelian or to an unresponsive conglomerate's delivering our care services and this Council will do well to listen tonight to Councillor Healey's resolution later on the agenda
but the amount was tonight it is not the occasion for us to outline the future structures of our Council I can promise that residents will always be able to speak to this Council and the top proceedings will always be broadcast
I can also promise that no longer will residents be limited to three minutes when they had the temerity to challenge the planning applications of offshore companies and of oligarchs it's an absolute disgrace that we introduced a policy of restricting of
residents to speaking in planning meetings to only three minutes also Madam Mayor we are not prepared to preside over the future loss of population
we do not want to have an attractive ghost town with hanging baskets but with no children or ordinary people we will stop developments aimed only at the ruthless international wealthy with no connections with our borough we will end the ivory-tower approach of this Council in which we considered that the Royal Borough have nothing to learn from other lesser Council Mother May we have a lot to learn from other Council that I would cite Hammersmith and Islington in particular in fact Madam Mayor our attitude is always summed up by the fact that we are call ourselves the royal borough I think that needs to stop we are a London borough with much to learn
for ourselves
learn how such Madam Mayor we will look to work closely with the London Mayor who does seem aware of our needs and the needs of our population and we will engage closely with national government who actually seem far less aware of its duties towards us and to our residents
we will work hard towards a less polluting and better environmentally engaged Council beginning with the 20's Plenty resolution which I hope we will also pass tonight we will welcome and celebrate the glorious ethnic and cultural diversity of this borough we will do everything in our power to reassure our fellow european citizens that they will always be welcome in the borough and do what we can to obstruct and mitigate the disasters of Brexit
we will be like in and support the Notting Hill carnival
whilst cutting back on the marketing excesses and commercialisation of the music industry but are met we want a carnival that really belongs to Kensington and to the community which gave birth to it
when it comes to restructure in control of social housing in this Borough we will put tenants and leaseholders into the driving seat and we will be open to different arrangements in different states there will be no more in posed regeneration of our estates
we will ban the term regeneration altogether Mother May I am not just talking about the housing stock directly control by this Council I am talking about all social landlords but the Mayor if affinity Sutton and the new controls on the Sutton Estate yn cael street have forgotten the origins of that estate we certainly haven't and a Labour controlled Authority will stop its disposal
when we talk about consultation with residents we mean meaningful consultation at an early stage no more deciding privately what the Council wants to do and then consulting in such a way as to ratify the decision which was actually taken months previously
we will decentralise this Council to take officers and Council facilities closer to the residents that need them in fact about the Mayor I hear more and more people asking if we really need to retain this discredited aloft building this is a question that we will put to residents
I am pleased to hear that the council leader chooses to give priority to education we on our side will support our schools and we will send our children to local schools but Madam Mayor it's not all about going to university it's about relevant education it's about apprenticeships so we on our side to visit that the borough's FE college will continue to provide relevant education and qualifications for young people
residents alike
I repeat that the Labour led Council will be humble it will be a serving Council it will be a democratic Council and above all eight will be a listening council thank you
thank you Councillor Atkinson
councillor way to speak
thank you Madam Mayor very briefly homes homes and homes are not empty homes is what we need and I am astounded that you start at affordable rents rather than social rented accommodation
that is your view what is successful about our borough is the diversity that we have here and we have a housing association stock next door to larger that's actually probably one of the reasons why we are statistically safer because we do have this diversity and we should be supporting housing associations in order to ensure that their stock is up to standard if we're reviewing the TMO and we nominate through the common housing register people to residents into a housing association stock that stock should be appropriate it should be to standard and we have let a substantial amount of people down with not only the shortcomings in the short term policy about how again to house people how we are going to build them so Madam Mayor we really need to have social rented housing social rented housing
as a part of a wide spectrum
also what I didn't hear which I was surprised to give them the Kensington and Chelsea has quite a healthy older residents population and we apparently excel at people over 85 we have actually not got day centres we don't have accommodation that is fit for purpose for people to live within the but in the area that they know which would save a lot of money I hate to say on the NHS but we need to actually be far more community focused and that is something that's important where people actually get to talk to each other so I know that I have gone on about this before but developers have always had a dominant role in our planning policy they come in they put forward plans which don't actually reflect what we need as a borough and seem to be pockets of a development which don't interlink they're not they don't connect with the area that we live in and they definitely don't respond
cutting back on the police I was at a meeting yesterday where I heard that where cutting back from 40 1 Council police down to thirty four
this seems to have been something actioned but we haven't got anything really in place why aren't we looking at to an effective CCTV
system in certain areas that could actually support the police given the fact that the police stations closing our Safer Neighbourhood Teams are having to relocate we need to look at something that really makes people feel safe
now you say that all schools are fantastic will actually some of the mob but there are some failing schools and some of them are failure will well know why is it that the wires it there was a shortfall in the Budget return a poor St Cuthbert School in Earls Court because they taken people
now you want you will have your own a possibility to answer but this is a question if a governor calls me and says that because you assess the pay of the students at a particular time of the year if you have as if you have a school if you have a school which accept people as during the course of the academic year this should be reflected they shouldn't one-night say have to ring up the Liberal Democrat councillor to ask them to do it so I'm it's true and St Cuthbert's needs help
Councillor well you can let Councillor Waite finish and then I will quit speak OK
it's just that what I'm concerned about is that what we have seen over the last couple of years I've been here is an essential inequality we cannot have an administration which is predominantly from south of Notting Hill which I sometimes Jake that actually the leadership team has only three strips three streets away from Peter Jones the problem is you just understand you just didn't understand the mentality of some of the communities that are actually living here and this is
this is the reason why you can't put build into your strategies policies that actually people need thank you very much
councillor will wish to speak
Councillor Bentley sorry
Councillor Waite makes them some useful comments I just want to be factually clear according to offset all the Bart all the schools in this borough are good and outstanding
thank you Councillor Blackburn
thank you Madam Mayor I just wanted a couple of questions really first of all I'd like to know why the majority party in this Council find it impossible to say that the best performing primary school in this borough is Thomas Jones in Notting Dale ward which has amongst its pupils survivors from the Grenfell Tower and a host of children who are deeply traumatised by the Fire and who lost their friend why is it not possible to tell this to the world it's a fantastic achievement I spoke to the head teacher and he was absolutely appalled for example by the front page of the Royal Borough newsletter the propaganda sheet this this sheet referred to this this newsletter referred to our primary results on the front page it didn't mention Thomas Jones being the best primary school it also had absolutely no reference whatsoever to what happened at Grenfell until you got to page seven you would have thought looking at that newsletter that nothing untoward had happened in this borough in the last year as an absolute disgrace and furthermore the Council Leader refers to the new Kensington Leisure Centre is she not aware that the roof leaked prodigiously for over a year it was then repaired it still leaks the lift hardly ever works the front door suddenly exploded and quite seriously
the hoist that puts disabled people into the swimming pool fell out of the ceiling while somebody was in the hoist now is that the kind of thing that we're going to be proud of I is a great shame that you know
Grenfell is just ignored now
Councillor Campbell do you wish to sum up
i've mathematics I said everything that I wanted to in my speech thank you thank you I asked the Council to note the matter there are go on to Item Eleven there are no reports of Council site Committees to this meeting Item 12 there are no reports from scrutiny committees
ITEM 14 questions to lead Members I call on Councillor Thompson to ask question 1 please thank you
thank you Madam Mayor I would like to ask the Leader of the question tabled in my name
Councillor Thompson can you read the question
in response to my question to the Leader at the Council meeting on the 25th October two thousand seventeen she outlined the actions that have already been taken and still needed to be taken in order to implement the motions passed by this Council since the Grenfell fire could the Leader no one update members and the public of any further progress towards a full implementation of these motions indicate and explained why any actions still remain outstanding
to outline the ways in which our response to the Grenfell far has impacted upon the implementation of two previous motions passed by this Council which committed us as Barrett welcoming Syrian refugees and providing care for unaccompanied child refugees Councillor Campbell will you answer the question thank you
thank you Lord Mayor given the pressure on the agenda in the nation's coming up I have arranged to have it all the questions set Avast to be answered comprehensively and papers to be tabled all round the Chamber if there are any other questions you have or be happy to answer them or against come back to you is just there were so many emotions that I thought it was easier to do it that way and you have a supplementary question 9 Councillor Thompson yes I'd first of all like to thank the Leader of the Council for writing the responses to all of those questions in full obviously it was a rather a full list of questions to you
and I would also like to thank her in her response about the issues arising
the emotions in relating to refugees that actually she indicates that these are still open although obviously other things have taken priority
and I would also like to commend the Council in taking above its quota in relation to people under the unaccompanied child refugees scheme
my supplementary question however relates to page 5 of the leader's answer and given that the original motion on housing that was passed by this Council asked for the designation of homes at Eatenden Beenham Care site and at your street as social housing in what way does the leaders think that the response which she gives which is that there are options for maximising social housing on these sites that will be considered how does that actually reflect the expressed democratic will of the Members of this Chamber in the motion that was actually passed
thank you I think the answer is that we're looking for it all to be considered as affordable housing but obviously we have to look at the options so I suppose I say shall housing forgive me I used there on time
I call on Councillor way to ask question too could you please read the question
given the recent press reports regarding Saadi interest in the Earls Court masterplan please could Kim Taylor-Smith Deputy Leader of Council responsible for Housing generation respond with an update on the present level of engagement between easy property Ltd and the Council this news and the increased speculation that 20 2 8 and Site in RBKC based on the existing planning permission is in doubt is causing uncertainty for residents and businesses in the Earls Court area could he confirm whether he or the Council has contacted PC property Ltd as a result of this press speculation and whether meetings have been or will be set up in the future to discuss the future of the site it is essential that Councillors residents and businesses are informed and made aware of any developments where other than to hear them second hand via the media
Councillor Taylor-Smith
thank you Councillor Waite and obviously escort new referred to it earlier to in a statement to the Chamber bit of background the Council Planning and economic Development officers have been and continue to be in regular contact with EC properties on this Earls Court MOD Master Plan EC properties applied for planning permission for the scheme five years ago and as you would expect on a scheme of this magnitude we've been very close communication ever since
to put this into context some of the land concerned is owned by Transport for London the bulk of the land it falls within the London Borough of Hammersmith and a relatively small portion within RBKC and planning permission for the principle components of the scheme was granted by both Hammersmith and Fulham and ourselves in 2 thousand 12
but as you've pointed out earlier I mean there's a much bigger issue for us to consider following the Grenfell fire discount some of its new leadership and I am now focusing on housing that is truly affordable and social housing and I want our communities to take the lead in decisions affecting their neighbourhoods and let's be clear clear this scheme is incredibly controversial
businesses have been subject to compulsory purchase orders and social housing in Hammersmith and Fulham is due to be knocked down and rebuilt regeneration in our labour Borough business has been submitted to say while new homes are being built only around 10 percent will be affordable but at a discount of 20 percent of market value affordable housing in London is not truly affordable and none of these homes will be socially rented so understandably the London Mayor expressed his concerns about this development in his election campaign but I understand that Councillor Stephen Cowan the leader of Hammersmith and Fulham is also trying to find a way to pull back from the planning decision taken by his borough so in answer to your question as to whether the Council has been in contact I see Konta properties all Capco on press speculation on Saudi interest I want to go a little bit further on Monday I wrote to the Chief Executive of EC properties parent company Capco seeking a meeting to consider the site's future I told him that in that in in my letter I told him that on the 14th of June the facts of the grounds changed in Kensington I stated and I quote that it is important that our communities take the lead in decisions affecting their neighbourhoods so this Council has been initiated a greater focus on social and truly affordable housing as well as local democracy I also told him that I want him to explore any opportunities to increase the level of genuinely affordable housing and social housing in the project and I have also written to Councillor Stephen Cowan expressing my concern over this development and I have offered my complete support to revisit these plans around the entire scheme and I have copied this letter to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan we need to recognise that we don't have the legal power to rescind our decision the application went through due process and was agreed by both boroughs but politically I want to make it very clear that I do not believe the continuation of this development under the current terms is right and as a minimum if this is to contain continue I want to see more social and more truly affordable housing included in this scheme thank you
why do you have a supplementary question
PER things in question I think there's the actual financial viability of EC properties Ltd actually being able to deliver as per the planning consent but what I think the main concern that residents had was that the present planning permission gave I think it's 9 9 hundred super-prime homes and 9 affordable 90 affordable intermediate with no social infrastructure and also bizarrely in the 20 first century no disabled access directly to the two so what I'm concerned about and I want to concentrate your mind John when you have a conversation with Gary Yardley is the fact that the plant the Master Plan as put forward actually delivered most of the plan the planning gain in Hammersmith and Fulham to the detriment of residents in Kensington and Chelsea and also that any day when you refer to the 10 percent of housing if you mean by knocking down to a States of which there had seven hundreds of several hundred and 60 homes appalled by 2 thousand residents as actually being a replacement and how in a Seventy Seven Acres site we could have not one single additional social rented home is absolutely disgusting so I want you to concentrate on that I hope you read on your game on your good at poker with Gary Yardley was I think you're going to need it but the other thing is that you got to communicate with residents and businesses that businesses the directly have been put on hold they don't know whether to invest in their businesses because these just see a black hole so we need transparency and I would like to know how you are going to actually communicate with residents and businesses in the US called area thank you
Councillor Taylor-Smith Jewish to reply
but only to say thank you I've taken double what you said and I would definitely communicate and am in the first the first challenge is obviously going to to see EC properties and get them to change their mind thank you
thank you
ITEM 14 does any Member wished to raise a matter under Standing order Eleven speak for up to two minutes Councillors' press thank you I'm extremely sorry to say but it's now eight months since the Portobello anti-terrorism plan was promised and its over one month since I raise this at the last Council meeting
at that meeting I requested and I wanted it recording a direct meeting with the Deputy Leader responsible for public realm and the Director of Transport and highways and Community Safety Officer with local Councillors and traders
and I did meet with the Councillor Pascal after the meeting and we agreed that smaller meeting would go ahead since then I have e-mailed him I have e-mailed you twice are heavy malchow PA I have had a very quiet word with your Chief Whip and I have even asked the Met police counter-terrorism officer if he can talk to you about this and lobby you the only thing I have not been able to do is sit outside your office now you may well be progressing this city's complex you may well not be progressing it and I know that focusing on Winter knitting groups has taken a lot of your time but Councillor Campbell has restated tonight that you are listening to this community about safety now I don't want to be a scaremonger but this Council needs to engage with local councillors so that we can reassure our local residents
and our traders that even if they cannot have the full information that
what the plan is in place and at least I can fully update people at local meetings so can I please use this meeting again otherwise we will waste the meeting in February and I really don't think it is a way to be dealing with local Councillors who are engaged with their community
Councillor skull Jewish 2 Site reply can I firstly apologise unreservedly for not being managing to set this meeting for today I did undertake the wood and I certainly confirm that we will you did put your finger on the fact that it is complex and you put your finger on the fact that we've been working on it and I'm sorry that it's taken so long I apologise for not having a meeting it would be more Curtis we do have an intermediary meeting with you and I regret not doing that but I would not have been able to give you a full answer
attempt to have the meeting as soon as possible so I apologise
thank you Councillor Pascal we now move on to Item 15 which is the motions at the first motion is one answer talons ward and the introduction of a 20 mile per hour zone and I call on Councillor bacteria to move the motion standing in his name and Councillor Powell two seconds
thank you my Lord Mayor
5 with London it is time for withdrawing the motion on supporting Council how leaves them in it
A. Haigh
so I will now call the amendments and Councillor Hargreaves could you move the amendment and Councillor Spalding to second Councillor Hargreaves thank you very much my Lord Mayor and I start by thanking Councillor Buckley and Councillor Paul for raising this motion this evening and I have met with Councillor Buckley R and officers instant Helens Ward over the last couple of weeks to discuss some of the particular issues that he has in that ward
so in proposing this amendment this evening Madam Mayor I want to build on the motion that was proposed in the hope that we can get a cross party agreement for the pilot scheme that's outdated laid out in the motion and emotion asked for 20 mile per hour zone is at Helen's all I'm asking for in this amendment is to widen this to encompass a selected number of roads across the whole Borough and delighted accounts about car as agreed to support the amendment
I think by doing that we will get a better understanding of the impact of the 20 20 miles per hour speed limit over a wider area when the with the borough
so it is true to say that the general direction of transport policy in London is towards an area wide 20 miles per hour limits
in the past three years all the central London boroughs with their section kensington chelsea of introducing 20 miles per hour limits most of these apply across all the bigger roads there are however variations Westminster has taken a different approach focused on roads with schools in them Hammersmith and Fulham initially consulted on a proposal to make all of their areas 20 miles per hour leaving only tearful roads Thirty miles per hour
however they ended up keeping main roads at 40 miles per hour
except where they go through a town centre Shepherds Bush Hammersmith and Fulham Broadway Wandsworth of adopted another model which is a much more locally based initiative worth more than half the residents in the street degree they would introduce a 20 miles per hour limit
in Kensington Chelsea at the moment we only have two roads with 20 miles per hour limit these are exhibition Road and the tear Transport for London Road Network part appeals Court Road
it is also true to say one has to acknowledge that there is limited firm evidence as yet to suggest that a widespread introduction of 20 miles per hour limits would lead to a significant reduction in collisions or indeed an increase in cycling and walking which is another benefit looking for so there's no technical reason why this Council cannot trial 25 20 miles per hour limits to establish the impact and the level of support across the board for them
it will be easier to justify introducing lower speed limits on particular roads rather than an area basis as we could then focus on certain criteria for selecting those roads hence the reason for my amendment this evening to run a pilot scheme on a selected number of roads across the Borough rather than just one ward
the Council were to carry out a trial we would need to think carefully about how we best identify other roads that should be selected
there may be other roads with a better case for lower speed limits and those in Helen's that have not yet been tested if the Council agreed to a 20 mile per hour limit on roads just in St Helens it could expect other roads and other resident associations to also asked for this to be happening in other parts of the borough so matter may if the Council agrees to this amendment this evening officers could do some work to establish the principles by which any street or road within the pilot could be identified and these could be around existing speed limit speed records evidence of local support and we've already had a number of resident associations approaching the Council for the Force and trials another criteria could be whether there is a school on the road and again a number of schools have made requests for 20 miles per hour near their premises
it could also be maybe whether this is part of a cycle route so there is a number of criteria we could look at when selecting the roads we might watching the cycle scheme the GLA have also provided a packet of a package of measures that it recommends it be considered by councils in their local air quality plans and this also includes 20 miles per hour limits in built up areas
however it at the moment the air quality benefits are reduced speeds are unclear and he's quite complicated to measure so Madam Mayor if the Council supports this amendment this evening we can identify a number of roads across the borough reflecting the criteria mentioned above and they go ahead with a pilot scheme under an experimental traffic order
this will give us some evidence on a much clearer picture of the impact of a 20 miles per hour speed limits on specific roads across the borough which we can then help us to decide how we approach this on a longer-term basis so Madam Mayor I do hope the whole Chamber can support this amendment and we can get on with his pilot thank you very much thank you Councillor Harker discounts and last boarding would you like to speak
to continue to second this motion yes which the Labour Group are supporting Councillor Hargreaves is quite correct the evidence is mixed on road safety is quite clear and on speeding we need this box the evidence on air quality the latest study was done by Imperial College in 20 Thirteen on nitrous oxides NOx its mixed it 20 miles an hour actually the emissions go up with actual vehicles but they go down for diesel on PM 10 on the particulates at 20 miles an hour they both go down for petrol and diesel and on CO2 which is why we all bought diesel vehicles because the Gordon Brown told us to to reduce CO2 of course at 20 miles an hour
the CO2 goes down for DCAL but it goes up for petrol so it's a mixed picture which is why a pilot is important because we've got to monitor this many of our residents tell us there are concentrations of asthma respiratory disease COP D Alzheimer's around the roads that have the heaviest concentrations of vehicles and those are places like the Westway not under Council control Notting Hill Cromwell Road the one way system and those caught in Knightsbridge some of those are under our control so in summing up we've also got to look at the fact that half of these emissions are not used to vehicles at all their road surface and their emissions from breaks and emissions from tyres and emissions from the charred surface of the roads the key thing is to calm the traffic so you have less acceleration and braking you have a steady flow of traffic you get less where at 20 miles an hour it is mixed evidence but I would ask you to fully support these pilot trial areas and I agree with Councillor Waite the GLA and the Mayor's transport policy and Air Quality Policy is lacking so I hope we can actually introduced these pilots and get some real evidence thank you I beg to second
in the beginning people had their total freedom but for safety and protection they came together and there was a price they must some of their liberty to become safer and stronger as a group and individuals
they had to sacrifice even more of their freedom to become stronger communities and nations this process has continued like many of you I drive and there are moments where I want to drive a bit faster but like any good citizen I always obey the laws and never break the speed limits is obvious if a drive a few if we drive slower your chances our chances of getting involved in any unwanted accidents are less likely and controlling the vehicle is easier
studies show if a car moving at 50 miles hits someone the chances of that person getting killed is 90 percent but if the speed was 30 miles the likelihood of that person to get killed dropped to 50 percent when the car is moving at 20 miles per hour the chances of that is dropped to eight to 10 percent they have today more observations research and studies suggest that driving 20 miles in the cities and towns is more beneficial to the environment and safety of all road users cyclists pedestrians and special children
I have been approached by many residents in my ward of St Helens as their representative to try to lobby for running a 20 mile speed limit pilot scheme and the reason for that is the increase of speeding cars and the numbers of accidents in the past few years such Australia last year when a disabled person was hit on a wheelchair was hit by a speeding call on a zebra crossing Oxford Gardens Cambridge Gardens and multitasking Quintus Avenue are the roads where speeding cars are most accidents are recorded vehicles turning from Ladbroke Grove into sentence most likely to have to accelerate more than 20 percent of vehicles using
those roads drive at 35 to 40 40 miles an hour
and some of them being recorded driving 50 to 60 miles an hour
as Councillor Hardy mentioned we had a meeting with himself and officers from the Council on the 15th on Monday 15 where we have addressed and talked about the possible ways of dealing with the speeding issue that in the ward and in the borough
in conclusion we have agreed on the importance of this market and how to make our residents feel safer
it was clear from officers advised that we could go for implementing a 20 mile speed restrictions on our bus routes and to put speed calming measures on selected routes I personally thank us the Hargreaves and officers for the effort
i'm then I as a Labour Group and confident code
Robert Thompson and myself in the past since May 20 14 this is our third motion we've been pushing for this we've been asking for this because not we like it because our residents people we are representing been asking for it so thank you very much for caucus
what work supporting the amendment I do want to just highlight some of the benefits of 20 mile an hour speed zones
the use of 20 mile an hour speed limits and 20 mile an hour speed zones are critical tools in ensuring that our roads are safe for children cyclists and those who live or visit our borough these traffic measures are essential in decreasing the number of accidents on our residential streets and reduce the number of fatalities or serious injury there are important and bringing down the number of local car journeys as we advocate walking or cycling which in turn improve noise and air quality initiatives such as Golborne which promotes healthier lifestyles healthy food options and greater physical activity such as cycling would have even greater attraction and impact if residential roads were made safer by reducing local speed limits but amid the majority of pedestrian casualties in the UK occur on built up areas and built up roads in 20 16 20 9 of the Thirty for children pedestrian deaths
20 9 of the Thirty four died on built up roads Three Hundred and two of the four hundred and 13th adult deaths died on built-up roads a large majority of these accidents occurred on residential roads
madam Mayor just like take a moment just to
clarified the difference between
20 mile an hour speed limit to 20 mile an hour speed zone
20 mile an hour speed limits are areas where the speed limit has been reduced to 20 miles an hour however there are no physical measures to reduce vehicle speeds drivers are alerted to the speed limit with 20 mile an hour speed limit repeater signs 20 mile an hour zones on the other hand use traffic calming measures the idea is that traffic calming sloth vehicles down to speeds below the limit and in this way the zones become self enforcing and examples are speed bumps chicanes road narrowing etc traffic calming measures can incorporate a wide range of measures designed to work in partnership to reduce speed and improved overall environment
the Royal Society for Prevention of accidents referred to a number of study which proved the benefits of both 20 mile an hour speed limits and 20 mile an hour speed zones a review
in two thousand seven of over half of the 20 mile an hour zones implemented in London found that they reduce injury accidents by 42 percent and fatal or serious accidents by 53 percent thank you
I can't see how Councillor Healy to speak
OK counselling code
thank you madam Mayor and looked in St Helens for over 30 years and I brought my children up there the roads terrified me then and they still do a ten-year old should be able to walk over to the corner shop without fear of being run over I could never allow that with mine
in 19 90 to a lorry careered over a pavement set a outside St Helen's church moments after a whole I'm year how closer children have been worked up to the Park from Bassett our school and are the collective blood run cold in the area and I worked with local residents are members of the St. helen's Church there was a huge group of us campaigning then and we were able to get some traffic calming not enough but we did get something but it was terrifying and there have been other fatalities around there and 20 Thirteen horrific accident outside Tesco in North Pole Road saw a man caught between two cars and I went explain what happened but it's etched on a lot of people's memory forever m in 20 14 we worked on 20's Plenty again in May in 20 15 we finally persuaded the council to do the speed monitoring exercise around St Helens and it found while the average speeds apparently no more than 24 miles an hour some of those of course was stuck in traffic lights acquaintance Avenue however of the 14 thousand vehicles travelling in a week am
a three-day world and very few of them frankly were work
were driving speed limit 10 thousand thirty two thirty five 3 thousand 35 to 40 A Hundred fortunate 40 5 2 hundred at 45 to 50 a hundred at 50 to 50 Five Thirty at 55 to 60 and 20 05 between 60 and a hundred Thirty miles an hour and I hear those careering up St Helens gardens at night one day it may not be this week this month or this year but one day a child will die on our streets and preventable accident
I do think our street should be safe for children to walk round about the kind of neighbourhood we want so uninterested to know I do support this amendment which number of selective roads where across the borough because of Helen's has so many schools nurseries and playgroups in that area I think every single road has something pretty much and at the whole of St Helens in my view should be am a 20 miles per hour zone so let's ask ourselves if we can do enough to prevent that hideous accident that we don't want to happen Councillor Bakhtiar has cancelled Thompson has over the years and I do hope I have and I want us to be to start off with this pilot as extensive as possible but specifically and St Helens with a residential area with so many schools and nurseries thank you
councillor wakefield
I am delighted the subject of the introduction of the 20 mile an opt pilot is being discussed this is ironically a subject that the Liberal Democrats originally raised some years ago and was discounted by this Chamber
Councillor Hargreaves would you like to sum up
issues to this in their support for it I would just say that we do have one of the safest roads said one of the best road safety records in the whole of London and we could talk statistics till the cows come home but whatever measure you look at total casualties killed or seriously injured pedestrian casualties cyclist casualties are figures are on the downward trend and we are one of the best in London but we need to strive to do more and we need to strive to get better because we need just
reduce the number of accidents even more so I'm pleased with the support for this pilot scheme and I hope the whole Chamber will be able to support it let's look at some roads let's do some real testing and let's see how we can address this issue to get even safer roads within this Borough thank you Madam Mayor thank you Councillor Harker so I now put the motion as amended and I think that's correct to the votes and could you please show his in favour
and that's unanimous
media saying I'm going on to mention two I call upon Councillor Moylan for need to move the Mayor motion standing in his name and Councillor incurred to second movement
calcified Madam Mayor thank you very much my Lord Mayor I start on Little controversially by saying something positive about our former mayor Ken Livingstone a man for whom I was held as a secret sneaking admiration in some respects because one of the great things he did was to reform and improve the buses in London prior to the creation of TEFL in the advent of Ken Livingstone the buses had gone into a spiral of decline there were fewer buses and fewer passengers and the response to having fewer passengers was to take off more buses and have fewer buses and so on and and and can turn that round and he did so on the basis of a very important psychological insight which is well understood in transport circles well what worldwide which is that if passengers regard a service as what they think of as a turn up and go service they will use it whereas if they think of it as so a service that is essentially they have to look at a timetable they tend not to look at it and to think about finding some other way and are not generally using it and work in London extensive work by TSL has shown that for Londoners mostly or turn up and go service is one that comes at about every 10 minutes that's why for example when the London Overground increased its frequencies after TEFL took it over from four trains an hour to five trains an hour there was a very large pick up in passengers because people felt it was like the Tube you just turn up and go and so we'll get on and we will use it and came did that for the buses ridership rose dramatically and it was sustained without a variation of even a mile
by the by his successor Boris Johnson but things are changing now and they're not changing to the advantage of the travelling public TEFL is grappling with the fact that ridership on the buses is falling they also have pressure on their budgets for various reasons and their response to this which is to be found in the TSL business Plan published just before Christmas is to programme a reduction in bus mileage in London over the years 20 16 17 to 20 19 20 those four years which cumulatively is seven point 3 percent now you'll understand given my opening remarks that I think this is the wrong response from tier fell to the problems that they face I think if you go into that you will end up in a further spiral of decline fewer buses bus routes taken off and lower frequencies or many of the routes that remain will actually drive passengers away rather than solve the problem that you are currently facing but the position is actually worse when you look at the Mayor's draft Transport Strategy which was published a few months ago and which is an overarching an overriding document it has greater statutory force in the TSL business Plan which is a business plan the Transport Strategy has statutory force if you look at the Mayor's Transport Strategy he is promising that bus services in Outer London are not going to be reduced now it's very difficult to say with exactitude how this combination of policies is going to affect the royal borough because there are very few bus routes that serve only the Royal Borough and their problem not the important bus routes anyway
for most of us but it's going to one can take a rough proxy because TEFL produces figures of how many miles they run in inner London and how many miles they run in Outer London or by applying the percentages you can see that the whole of the reduction of seven point 3 percent were to be achieved in inner London it would mean a reduction of 20 percent in one in inner London now this is not scaremongering this is what the documents actually say and promise
the bus network is of absolutely vital importance to our residents we know from Oystercard freedom pass data that most freedom pass holders use the bus elderly people tend to avoid the tube they are very dependent on the bus we know the bus offers the only fully disabled mass transit transport system in London and we know that it's heavily used by the low wage the weekly bus pass' 21 pounds is very good value and it is used heavily by the low wage so what we are faced with in Kensington and Chelsea if these policies are not challenge is a threat to all of our residents but particularly to the most vulnerable so this motion calls on the Council to say please do not let these cuts go ahead it calls on the Council to say that if they have to go ahead then they should be spread fairly across London but I leave you in no doubt that my view as a former deputy chairman of Transport for London is that they should not be going ahead at all and we should be fighting for that I hope I hope that everybody in this Chamber will be able to support that and will be able to rally round when we say this to the Mayor and Transport for London we have real concerns this cannot happen
thank you Councillor Monaghan counselling or would you like to speak
this Council's objection to the proposed bus route reductions would be well-founded first the proposed reduction in central London will adversely affect all residents of the borough but will also have a disproportionate effect adverse effect on residents in the southern part of the borough where I serve as a Councillor there is limited alternative public transport service in Chelsea there's no to train tram or train service from worlds in or Imperial Wharf at the south-western boundary of the burrow through to Sloane Square in the south eastern corner of the Borough residents much relies solely on bus services across the borough and the south
Even if a Crossrail station on Kings Road were approved which is increasingly unlikely due to slippage in the legislative timetable no such service will be available until at least the late 20 thirties the problem of reduced bus service is even more acutely felt in Chelsea where there is a higher proportion of elderly and infirm residents who heavily rely and depend on bus transportation
because of ease of access even where transport to transport is available the elderly infirm and infirm still choose to use buses with the cycle of buses reduced as much as 20 percent as was pointed out by Councillor Moylan all residents especially the age the infirm unless a flue will be greatly disadvantaged
my second point is that the importance of the North South connecting bus routes to the unification of the whole borough should not be overestimated there is increasing awareness through the many meetings and some of the incidents which have occurred most recently of the segregation between the north and the south of the borough the north-south bus routes are and will increasingly be a critical connection or link between the north of the south of the borough last routes for example 40 9 3 20 8 3 60 4 5 2 in Thirty One Unite the far south to the far north of the borough jeopardising these connections will only further or further polarise the north and the south
Third Point other important issues have been completely ignored by TEFL in their mooting of the possible reduc reduced bus service in central London this happens through out the borough not just in the south east TEFL in
Mayor TEFL on the Mayor of London have completely forgotten the severe adverse impact of river reduced bus service on parking traffic congestion and pollution
the parking is already scarce in the borough especially in the south residents regularly complain of lack of parking spaces congestion on Kings Road Fulham Road and Cromwell Road and throughout the Borough is intolerable and frequently noted by residents as a major issue of concern air pollution which has been frequently commented not the least of which during this this Meeting of the Council today exceeds EU guidelines in many areas of the borough and will only get worse as residents frustrated with the worsening bus transportation switched to increase use of their automobiles reduced bus service will inevitably lead to increase use of automobiles and an exacerbation of the problems just referenced we cannot allow a reduction public transport services especially bus services in our borough I urge you to support the motion
thank you
as we are now approaching 9 sites and call on Councillor Hargreaves
to move and Councillor Blackburn to second the suspension of Standing order 24 point or 1 to allow the meeting to finish at 10 o'clock
thank you
OK Councillor Atkinson you wish to speak
Councillor Mason
welcome calculations a council model for building a motion on a row of beans I mean if he was more confident body was talking about it wouldn't have wrought if the whole cut were to form in inner London he knows very well that the Mayor of London any more alone than even the last Bill in London were hard to exactly the process across inner and outer London and the because of crossfield he may have been the the the vice-chairman of the time that Crossrail was built the bookmakers were saying on this matter was saying that they would have to take account of the bus services in London or the size of the bus services under that logic Crossrail but but those of us who sit on the public Transport Liaison Group on this Council will know the bus company second round the table tell us that it's not necessarily Crossrail that is reducing the bus services or even the Mayor but what's happening actually is there as a mass congestion is in the city there's a mass of developments across the whole city that our roadworks across the whole city unregulated and those things along with a slow staffing traffic speeds is actually reducing the bus services
just naturally reducing them to hundreds of buses Court in queues buses curtailed all over the place they in 20 12 20 14 15 15 16 the told us
that the bus services through the London Borough of Islington City or London
that City of London Camden Islington had decreased in demand by seven point 9 percent 6 comma 8 percent
and this was due to a combination of reasons and improvements to rail and slaw traffic speeds and when we ask them what that meant they told us the things that I am telling you know kensington chelsea has are also has its own hotspots' every meeting minutes hot spot hotspot issues are rise High Street Kensington Church Street Cromwell Road and parts of or else because I'm not a mention quite often West Park Road was mentioned for four months and months and months and months buses got janvrin then we have to try and get parking spaces are buses to pull in and so on it's no taxes are using so it's it's it's pretty disingenuous to say that if that is a cut of 5 comma 5 percent 7 percent live in those cases amounting to just 20 percent is made this one up that if it were all to fall on Kensington Chelsea if it were to happen in analysis mandolin type situation then it would mean a disaster this reduction in bus services kensington chelsea and that's just us just creating a proposition and then proving it if he was more confident he would have said it is not a NIF kept talking about if and then
or in the alternative to give guarantees that such cuts are unavoidable are spread fairly across the whole of local of course that's what the strategy says that there should be spread more fairly across the whole of London inner and outer London The Outer London boroughs have been complaining for years and years they've been complaining that they are getting the financial end of the wedge that we've got much better bus service is an inner London but not an outer London I wonder when he was in office whether he
spoke up against the Mayor losing 500 90 1 million when his e-mail was an office which is the whole of the operating grant which takes place from from this year so you know I think we we we we we I think that this motion is just about bashing City under 14 years before he leaves office that's almost a buyer nobody in this nobody in this Chamber stood up and criticise the many many many things that Boris Johnson did that would absolutely ludicrous One Hundred million is spent on these these vanity buses and all the rest of it nobody did that but as soon as there's an inkling that you might find a chink in the Amazon place of a few buses missing here and there are puzzles but I have some buses but the point is this motion doesn't describe that this motion produces a thick proposition and then seeks to prove it with unprovable argument that's once there's no there's no substance to those that are on the whole the whole point of this motion is f f well if f what if
thank you Obama Madam Mayor with the structural changes taking place in central London especially the imminent opening of Crossrail and the beginning of pedestrianisation of Oxford Street changes to some of the bus routes in central London are indeed necessary but Matt amount I think we should ask the Mayor to look again at the proposed changes to some of the bus routes specifically the 20 s free bus route but otherwise we should look more widely at the transportation needs of all Londoners perhaps we should all agree that the bus routes in Outer London definitely do still need improvement
the Met rather than criticising the current Mayor I think we should be thanking him we should be thanking him for his introduction of free transfers between bosses we should be thanking him for his long term freezing of bus fares in such a contrast is what the government has allowed to happen to rail fares we should be thanking the Mayor for his excellent record of industrial relations with the transportation unions and we should congratulate the Mayor especially in particular on his new licence for London pay deal which confirms bus driving as a decent career in London
we should contrast week contrast 30 Khan's vision of a real public transport revolution with the chaos and division brought to the public transport station system of the rest of the nation by the dismal and useless Chris Grayling so Madam Mayor I am very reluctant to take advice on public transport from the Tory side of this Council what the mayor is proposing a detailed perhaps does need some adjustments but I'm certainly not going to go along with what I see as a thinly disguised attack on the excellent current Mayor for London and therefore our party will be abstaining on this resolution
Councillor Anderson
this is to cover
microphones Non they are told rightly 5 reinforces the next song thanks very much thank you I possess neither car I do not have a bike I just have my legs I'm going to make an observation this at my notes and were able to read from my iPhone thank you very much indeed Madam Mayor one only has to look any map of North Kensington to see that there is only one Chevaline Hammersmith and City of which serves Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road tube stations any reduction in bus mileage would seriously hamper the movement of folk going about their daily business to and fro to and fro from hospital Day centres well if we still have any and food shopping and and so on
routes have already been been pruned
and you do not and they don't always terminates in central London and that's happened to me on quite a few occasions in some circumstances that same journey that used to take that one single journey is now fragmented you have to get on two or three buses and if you're elderly if you're infirm if you don't have much money or if your sad person like myself then that's not going to help implement implementation of reduced bus mileage and hence shortened
bus routes in my feeling in my view would only impact on those who are already struggling Madam Mayor thank you very much for giving me the opportunity
Councillor Hargreaves US to reply but I think very much indeed firstly can I say that I thoroughly support Khalsa Morelos motion and will be voting in favour of this evening I do this not only as a Lead Member for Transport which is a Chelsea Riverside Councillor he was extremely concerned about the impact the potential impact until we get some detail and figures of the vast covers Transport for London policy on our residents I look right across my ward Beaufort St Thomas More estate Cremorne estate World's End estate Guineas Estate Lots Road village all of these residents depend on these buses Number 11 Number 19 Number 20 and I can go on
really concerned for the residents in my ward and as Lead Member much more wider of the borough at the potential impact of these cuts and if you look at Councillor moidadem motion it is incredibly pear because if you look at the last sentence of it in the alternative to give guarantees that such cuts are unavoidable such cuts as are unavoidable are spread fairly across the whole of London what is better than to ask that why should we zone 1 in London take an unfair distribution of these cuts so I think it's a very firm motion I'm surprised at members can't vote for it this evening
in October last year the Council responded to the Mayor's Transport Strategy and when you look at this business plan
very interesting full of very glossy pictures lovely word protect improve better transform maintain represent but it's not until you get to page 50 for in the report you finally find that table but Councillor Moylan refers to that shows that
but merely a million km operated will go from down from two thousand seventeen 18 02 480 6 million to 20 20 three to four hundred and 50 3 a cut that will affect our residents and if we are prepared to sit here and so are not support this motion then we are supporting are cutting services to our residents
in October last year the Council responded to the most transport strategy
raising our concerns about proposals to cut central and inner London bus services while protecting enhancing outturn is it unfair distribution net rate Crossrail doesn't affect doesn't help my residents in that road crossroad doesn't help my Cross Road doesn't help my residents in the Beaufort Street
well it does that's not helpful now is it to go out to my residents they want it now they want the buses now they want the bus is maintained now they want the routes maintain they want the frequency maintained so we wrote we wrote to that in response that we have concerns about this proposal to adjust bus service volumes that will result in an acceptable decrease in frequencies and could to lead to a thinning out of essential bus routes or services across the borough that pose of where we are going to cut it got a coffee somewhere you can't square a circle Councillor
this proposal gives TSL very broad scope and that's why we're asking for detail that's why we are asking for more information because the proposal just give a very broad scope to just bus services and it is imperative that boroughs have an early opportunity to engage with tear fell on such plans so I am asking Councillors tonight we have done our bit we've already written to the Mayor of London we've already lobbied for for help in this and I think if we pass this motion tonight it will strengthen the Council's position to go to TEFL to go to the Mayor of London on behalf of our residents who value who use every day this bus service and yes we may congratulate them out and other things to do it here but on this particular issue we need to be firm on behalf of our residents who value annuities buses every day
Councillor Moylan you wish to reply
I I am mortified that my very modest motion drove constellation into an unusually high-powered version at these normal incoherent
back to the matter the fact of the matter is not made up its in black and white in the tier failed business plan that they have put in a seven point 3 percent cut in bus mileage they call it loss kilometers but call me old-fashioned in bus mileage over a four year period now they do not have I know how they work they do not have a secret list of bus routes are going to cut what they will do is it are trying to achieve this target which they have set themselves they will come forward from time to time and they'll say these are up proposals for public consultation salami-sliced will take this route first and consult on it will take another route later and consult on it but the objective that they have is set for them it is a seven point 3 percent reduction in mileage now that needs to be set in the context that the Mayor has said and I don't disagree go dispute what the Member said here is a perfectly admirable policy that bus mileage in Outer London should be protected indeed enhanced let us say protected at the Labour party think that's a good idea I think it's a good idea as well but what it does mean as a simple function of arithmetic that to achieve a seven point 3 percent reduction if you hold it steady in Outer London than the fall in inner London it has to be greater and I was very clear Councillor Mason that a calculation of 20 percent was an approximation it was an approximation but it is clearly a number greater than seven point 3 but even if it wasn't even if it was only seven point 3 even if the cuts were spread evenly across London it is still a retrograde step in transport public transport terms and be a direct attack on our residents who are dependent on the bus especially in vulnerable groups and especially in certain parts of the borough where the public transport system the Cube system and the Overground system are less dense and I am absolutely astonished astonished that these simple statements of of affect quoted from public documents combined with a very simple amount of arithmetic a very simple about arithmetic that even members in this Chamber should be able to get their head around a very simple amount of arithmetic should provoke such controversy and should be seen as an attack on the Mayor what I am saying is we need to stand up for our residents they need to know that these cuts are real that they are promised that they should not happen and they will be detrimental to our residents even if they were only seven point 3 percent and
that's all I'm saying and we should say that and I think it's mildly horrifying that the Labour party can't bring itself to speak up for its residents especially in those parts of the Borough especially in law
especially in Chelsea riverside especially especially in those parts of the Borough especially in those parts of the borough where people are extremely dependent on the bus it's a scandal in its a shame and I invite them in the spirit of friendship that I hold for them I invite them to reflect amongst themselves to think before we vote whether they could not bring themselves because I have not mentioned or as anybody else here mentioned a single word of criticism of the Mayor bring themselves to say our job is to speak for our residents we will support this motion
I now put the motion to the vote will those in favour please show
and will those against pleasure
those abstaining
I declare the motion carried
Councillor Palmer could you calm down please
motion 3 I call upon Councillor press formally to move the motion standing in her name and Councillor blatant formally second to move the motion
thank you Madam Mayor
I just like to indulge me to read quickly the motion because there are members of the public here it's directly relates to who haven't seen a copy so in July 20 17 following the Grenfell disaster this Council and its leadership unanimously agreed to halt all regeneration projects and plans across the Borough and these have been deleted from our current Local Plan however residents in the state's once targeted regeneration particularly the Warwick Road and Silchester estates still live with the threat of future Regeneration as the Council's leadership currently refuses to commit more than a pause until the May elections
the Council leadership has committed this Council sporting Grenfell survivors over the long term and in perpetuity as it should and this Council therefore urges the leadership to clarify its long term position on these estates and give the residents of Warwick Road and Silchester reassurance as to the future of their homes so that they can get on with their lives that's the motion the Warwick Road estate was a village in sky it was a quiet oasis in the middle of very busy owes Court a close-knit community of flats and maisonettes with many families and long term tenants or facing in onto large communal spaces and gardens about seven storeys up on the roof of council office buildings
however it is now more than four years ago that the estate was mocked regeneration and during those years Warwick Road residents support a long and time consuming battle against the regeneration plans
but also engaged positively with the Council at every opportunity to outline in detail their objections to the conditions imposed by the Council and they also offered a positive and detailed feedback on the Council's proposed decant and regeneration policies and during the past for almost five years let's be clear what residents have been living with they haven't just been sitting writing letters
they've been living with the total neglect of ongoing repairs to the estate and tenanted flats by the Case CT emo why repair in a state or flat that is going to be knocked down the total lack of consultation and information on the few major work repairs that have been completed one example is the installation of new gas pipes by National Grid which none of the residents knew about so these large black pipes were installed on the outside of communal walls across low ceilings along the floor and wherever it was the easiest and quickest with no consideration of residents or design or safety or children's ways of playing
and the inability over these four or five years for leaseholders to sell their flats for the market value to anyone other than the Council at the mike market price set by them
lives on hold and a thriving estate rapidly declining over those years I attended the meeting between residents and Councillor Taylor Smith after the announcement that all regeneration projects across the borough were halted and everyone there appreciated his coming in person to the residents meeting but I know that he and officers looked fairly disappointed when residents did not respond with immediate thanks and relief when he announced that not only were all regeneration plans on hold but the current plans for Warwick Road to be generated had been scrapped
residents did not respond with immediate relief as their question showed one resident said having fought on for more than four years we've made plans and have now reluctantly decided to sell up and leave London but now the Council weren't by my flat no one else will assess the threat regeneration still hangs over the estate
another elderly woman said My husband died during the regeneration process and I've been trying to remortgage my flat but I can't as long as the threat to regeneration remains a possibility and a third person and more others said How can I thought the massive costs that would come to a service charges and major works for repairs in the future given the years of neglect and the work required
but the immediate questions raised were thank you but for how long is the pause can it be or will it be reviewed and the answer until now has been we can't say what will happen after made 20 16
the estate has been blighted and residents continue to live in limbo unable to make any future plans themselves and their families this Council has a duty of care and our duty to contact all residents on these estates and outline in writing the current situation and their long term plans to make good the damage done and ensure the estate's future so I call on this Council to vote for our motion thank you
yes thank you Madam Mayor just remind you all at the last meeting we passed unanimously a resolution on the Hillsborough report which says amongst other things that this Council pledges to care for our residents who are bereaved injured or otherwise affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy as comprehensively and sensitively as possible
the suggested state with directly opposite Grenfell Tower and many many residents lost friends in that inferno they are bereaved they are suffering post-traumatic stress disorder
but I will just remind you what happened in the last two and a half years to lift to state the previous dictatorship that ran this Council produced regeneration proposals suggest estate there were two so-called consultations they cost a hell of a lot of money they were paid for out of the Housing Revenue account which of course is money entirely belonging to tenants and leaseholders and apparently we are not able to claim his money back what happened was that some in the first consultation a number of comments were made and the second consultation that came back to us produced an even worse proposed or that are clearly take no account of what residents had said whatsoever it also included a 25 storey tower presumably that was also going to be clad so that it was not too offensive to the surrounding areas
no 48 percent 48 percent of the residents Silchester Estate would have been socially cleansed from that his state and I'll tell you how that figure is made up of
the Housing Association tenants had no right to return no guarantee rights return they private renters from buy-to-let flats had no rights return
the least holders were offered such an appalling deal that there was no way they could return either the new short term tenants is they they would run out by the time that the estate was regenerated and people living in temporary accommodation also would not have been rehoused so that was a 48 percent proposal to socially cleansed now after Grenfell assurance was given that this regeneration was on hold at least until the May elections
however the housing property scrutiny committee were told was its last meeting that we have hired a housing regeneration consultant who has been appointed to do a full desktop review of all our estates and the neighbouring places for development options that includes the Latimer place which of course covers Brentford us
Silchester Estate and the Lancaster West estate further more we have now seen the draft London Plan produced by the Mayor of London is currently out for consultation and if you look at the Appendices you will see that regeneration areas are highlighted in this borough across the Borough this includes not only worry Road not only the council area but also Cremorne now we don't hear Council Hargreaves complaining about that Dewey so incomes are in conclusion Madam Mayor it seems to us at the regeneration proposals that dirty word are still alive and kicking despite having heard so many assurances to the contrary but I have to say my Lord Mayor that what the Grenfell tragedy showed is that residents of this Borough will no longer accept regeneration anywhere even in Chelsea evening Council Hargreaves ward before or after the May elections so please support this motion
Councillor Taylor
0thank you and I will be consistent and say that I support this motion and I don't know where you get this thing about regeneration with it with the date of the election Judith but anyway I won't go and pick over and I wrote about how you've interpreted what I said in these conversations but let's go to the point let's go to the point there will be no regeneration in the borough this is something I've said to your many many occasions and I'm very happy to say this in a public gallery previous REM rear Rennard regeneration schemes for these the same have been terminated no home will be demolished no tree will be uprooted no family will be moved out of their home on my watch it's a pledge I've made many times many many times before and I'm pleased to make it again here tonight it's a pledge that already backed and enshrined in Council policy are Local Plan has based the bar on regeneration and this has been agreed and logged with the Planning inspectors at the Minister of Housing Communities and Local government
it's a pledge made in writing to the residents of Silchester Estate and its pledge I've made the residents Association of both Silchester state and wore it road and I agree with you Councillor Warwick Road is a lovely estate last year we were petitioned by one of the residents of Silchester Estate he asked and we agreed to the following conditions TMO tenants leaseholders freeholders housing associations tenants and businesses would be treated fairly equally and with restricted expect to that full and active participation in the decisions on the fate of Silchester including unfettered access to viability assessment and due diligence on potential developers was agreed three that residents and the most important point residents make the ultimate decision of what happens to our community including the right of veto on wholesale demolition of the estate I committed to these principles then regeneration is terminated and I recommit to this today though I think it's fair on all sides of this Chamber that we are all agreed on this
Even programme we are all agreed on it and we are against regeneration without the consent of residents that is clear policy of this Council but I'd like to go a little bit further my ambition is to build more houses new houses in this borough of all tenures and types new social housing new affordable truly affordable housing all forms of housing for all people in this borough and I'm looking for new land new sites on which to build and that's the issue with Emma Peters and the work that Emma Peters is doing is identifying where this can be done without generate regeneration this was stated very clearly at last week's housing property scrutiny meeting and you continually ignore it
anyway we're looking for new sites on which to build I want to revitalise the SPA and housing is the key we are auditing the borough to see how this new land is available for new homes and that's what Emma Peters is doing young families young people all of us aspire to live in a secure safe home and I want to provide more for local people I want to create great places and spaces in which communities can grow and thrive and a great place starts with a great home but it's not about creating clean green it's not also about creating clean
Green healthy environments and communities in which we can live work and play it's not about regeneration and displacement it's about repairing revitalising recreating an active consultation with the local community it's about building thriving communities throughout the Royal Borough and I support this motion
Councillor pass would you like to sum up
thank you and thank you Councillor Taylor Smith for that detailed support that was extremely helpful and I would think it would be extremely helpful for us and for people in the public gallery if some of that we weren't aware of if we could have that in a written answer statement I think that would help people very much move forwards come times the Council minute scientists detailed fought for that kind of record
and sadly the word renew was probably ill-advised at the housing and property scrutiny committee when there was discussion of Miss Peters work also currently the Local Plan is up for review in mid 20 18 and we have been informed that the deletions of the targeted regeneration states may be reviewed in the light of that local plan so that is why although not the news might not be all good I think residents also need a current planning time frame if that is no longer the case people need to know that as well so that is very helpful but as regards the issue of Warwick Road estate I think it would be extremely helpful perhaps you can't do it tonight but to actually recognise the blight of that estate and particularly since June the Warwick Road estate has welcomed Grenfell survivors of course into the community in flats which have been left empty due to leaseholders selling up prior to demolition so they also as much as a community need a very clear idea of that of what permanence and how they can rarely rebuild their lives if they are happy there so I do think that if we could have an assurance that there is a prioritisation of Warwick Road which was one of the first estates to be targeted and it's almost five years that certainly it could be one of the examples as you're using the Lancaster estate to show how in house management can really in a sense
very positive way of apologising for past issues and really helping residents without major costs to rebuild their lives if they are deciding to stay there but I very much appreciate your statement tonight and your support
now find not wait debating a motion here am I now put the motion to the vote will those in favour please show
therefore I declare the motion carried its unanimous
as we are now rapidly approaching 10 o'clock I would like to ask the whips if we can defer the remaining items on the agenda to a future meeting if we started motion now we weren't getting hardly anyone get one speech
so that concludes the Council business for the sea evening the next meeting of the Council is scheduled to be held at 5 Thirty on Wednesday the 7th March thank you very much