Leadership meeting (Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018 - 6.30 pm) 

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it's a The any declarations of interest No
the minutes of the leadership Team meeting held on the 10th of January
as she will read them and are you happy that I sign them as a correct record
thank you and before I go on to other things on the agenda I just want

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:00:31]

to say there is a supplementary paper for paper A for which will take with a fall
and then there's another supplementary which is a sexts sorry a nine year and I think we'll take that with a sex with as they both relate to housing the charging policy for wider Granville households if that's all right will take this together
outcome and the other thing I spiked says I can see some residents from Bramley and tread gold and I at that part of the meeting I may ask them if with your permission if they have any questions or comments as it ticks fully affects them
yet will have you about
fate are a southern just to say the
the confidential part of that paper we have
discussed and I don't believe there are any other questions so we don't need to go into private session all the questions that needed to be asked have been OK so let's begin with a fall and
the supplementary fee for as well Kim can I ask you to take this this this is yes anyway

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:01:54]

i'm not just by way of Old Firm
is to do with the young
compensation for the place
they are wrong 80 m to my team and I am on the wrong one of the monuments
within the supplementary would the supplementary
thank you so so what is this
and this has obviously been bought to other meetings and disgust and tonight we are here to approve a deed of novation which has been negotiated by our Director of Housing dug
and I think it's certain probably best to leave you to discover the highlights and the implication of that together with the stadia supplementary paper which relates to the transfer of staff
under the TUPE regulations
and it can be satisfactorily and we look at the recommendations the revised recommendations are in the supplementary reports and those will be the ones that might be asking you to the meeting saying Keita catkin can have on him
as you will recall I am brought some to leadership on the 10th January
this year which reflected a decision made by the TMO Board on the 18th December 20 17 to hand back
services to get to the local authority
the Board wanted that to happen from the seven for February 20 18 are and were very keen for that to happen
and with the operational transfer being on the 1st of March but you recall I bear were things that needed to be done such as setting up websites and name badges and it gave found sorted and the IT and all those sorts of things and the reason you have a supplementary paper is because unfortunately the TUPE transfer of staff for the seven for February would have been the wrong thing to do because we unfortunately TMO did not commence consultation with the staff within that period so that's why it's come
late and we've made a slight amendment that the AA responsibility will transfer to us now will take full management controlled from from tomorrow if you approve the deed of variation but that's why there's been a slight change at the last minute and clearly we didn't want to be in a position where we were
using a valuable HR ravers Aussies are in terms of dealing with a breach of a process we forgot to Thames
if I may I just quickly run through what those recommendations are yet his anxiety saving on your own because so
to one of these is to agree to the deed of variation
in terms of a handbag Conservatives lots of legal detail within that in terms of taking on the services that the TMO manage but they are all front facing
services that were delivered to residents within Revenue parasites that is that it's all of our services are facing to talk to residents
they that you would
be aware that the two people to actually happen now on the 1st of March 20 18 are and that we indemnify them against the risk between are the 7th February and the 1st March and are always senior management that remain attitude at the time I will report to me directly if you approve from from from tonight
that we will novate the contracts are
that they currently have 2 to the Local Authority because there's a number of contracts we want to make sure as a continued continue continuity speaking palm of service
another that Sly added complication is they set up a company to deliver the
repairs founders repairs direct are and it's for that we are advising that we will purchase that company for a nominal amount 1 pound are and we will
have a board made up of officers to two to run that whilst
we consider the long term future of VAT of that company
clearly we want to make sure that that continues to deliver repairs after the date of transfer and this is a solution that enables us to continue to do that
we will be as you are aware of the reason that they are delegating this under the meant man the MMA modular management agreement is so that we can
ensure that they stay as a as a Board in terms of the
public inquiry crowing criminal investigation but we have committed that we will ensure that they have the necessary funds moving forward to to be accountable for that are and others' a recommendation and asked dedicated
as well to the director of finance to keep back
going and this will be done am BMA will continue to go to continue to exist sorry
but it will be very very by this Deed of Variation at that
which brings back the services
thank you
yes what does it mean
that was when this revised Parish Councils places the recommendations end because
so there are there are two slight changes so there is a change which is within the first paper that says that the staff will 2 p on the 7th all February and is no longer the case I would say the 1st of March Athens their changes

[Cllr Mary Weale - 0:07:53]

and to point 1 from the 7th February for the Deed of Variation to the 1st March and I thought the deed of variation was going to be on the 7th February and therefore there was this gap until the first of mob sells a bit confused paragraph 1 does the last bit so Dupont on sorry
so be operational Transport NI guy Firth defer to our legal advice I am easily be no gap to worry about
Manchester City Council
we can't hide only so what you're what we're saying is the handback of services happens on the 1st March but the deed of variation I know is scheduled to be signed and sealed a pretty soon after if a decision is that we accept those services back then then it's time until tomorrow is what we intend to yellow I'm sorry that's not come from another they went on a number of services until the 1st of March
the services themselves will operationally transfer on the 1st of March because that's what makes sense because there's a lot of planning that goes into them to make sure with the councils in a position to actually run those services and if you recall was when I was there on the 10th January I was very keen that that we had that time to lead in to do the ball then wanted to wrap the T-Mobile then wanted to to make that happen on the 7th February contrary to our advice and then because I haven't carried out the necessary consultation event means that we are back in essence to the two to the 1st of March in terms of the hand over of staff and services but we will take full management control should you are greatest
the revised papers very clear about that one that gap occurs but

[Cllr Mary Weale - 0:09:43]

anyway I think we all at least read all seem to be understanding what's going on
to suggest that a little bit of colour to this because some of the

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:09:49]

issues in terms of just practicality is that clearly we were getting a really short period issues practical things of having people having changed e-mails being able to press have all the salary details we appraise salaries etc it just would not be possible to get that done and being a feminist
and that's really why we we we we lobbied very hard for the first of a management and croaked ADUG that we actually got to a position where there
is actually what's going to happen from a practical point of view accurately irrational David to question successful salaries Who's Who is actually going to be responsible for the payment for salaries in March because if they have paid Eleven months with Tim over Marnock Council
for both of them for one month

[Cllr David Lindsay - 0:10:35]

and the final month we are going to be paying them in March a few agree to two to this
in the discussion with a teddy Morris who is the director of HR
that suit sits us because it's also the end of attack at end of the financial year end for tax purposes is quite useful for us to be able to do that
my second question is nine points seven in the first paper
to say

[Cllr David Lindsay - 0:11:05]

this is likely to be substantial financial commitment the full extent of which is unknown it still has unknown now as it was when you wrote this
a couple of days ago last week or do you have any sense at all as to what euro magnitude my view
so this is the ongoing financial commitment to the TMO in terms of the public inquiry in criminal investigation
they have put the figure to us of oath of quite a considerable figure 1 point 8 million is what their guest them at these clearly we have asked them to to look at that
and clearly we want to pay
the crossbar
are incurred and acid debate that were having but to be the real reality is we don't know are so we can all sit here and bandy figures round but actually will depend on on how at enquiring into what legal advice they need during that period and we need to be accountable for

[Cllr Gerard Hargreaves - 0:12:12]

these are something radically the governance of the remaining TMO Board use tells a little bit about that the structure of it Waste function will be once that once that
the team was transferred back to the
Council so there are some new answers within the MMI which means that the TMO Board
will still need to to remain and will still need to have a function which is deemed to be scrutiny of Local Authority now I've explained this last time that all that means is that we will be providing a report once quarter about
about the housing services that we deliver I am very keen that we develop our own scrutiny within the residents group here and that will supersede that once site is up and running they will also be responsible for ensuring that they are that there that the that they are accountable and that the relevant information is passed to to the public inquiry
and all the composition of that board be
so it will be the existing members of that board less the local authority's list is the time for local authority to allow that Board to be
still be telling representation on it it will be yet and you just

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:13:26]

to be clear is the one of the conditions is that we no longer nominate

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:13:30]

that Board so we won't have any influence at all and because it's always been one of the cornerstones of what we've been doing to ensure that obviously justice and is there and they are accountable for it already investigate
thank you
any other lessons

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:13:48]

are you then happy to agree the revised recommendations
in the supplementary report April
A5 wider Grenfell Otley has in policy is

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:14:06]

Yes certainly again
and ask Matthew Holdsworth to come and give a little bit of
extra detail to this this is obviously a matter which I'm what's been subject to consultation let to the Housing Register and to the
I would like us to western surrounding states
it has been to the Scrutiny Committee
informally once Ann Moore formerly at the last meeting where we are able to listen to comments from the panel as what is residents themselves about we have fought back with incorporated come early then comments were made to the extent that we felt appropriate and we therefore paper for you
and that seemed impossibly cover the highlights thank you
specified theft is report schemes to ensure
they are as as
it is tasteless says it has been added to scrutiny into a wider consultation public consultation particularly with the affected residents so the or the what is recommended here is that the residents of the walkways Tredwell Castle Romney House
are our award are given the opportunity to be awarded 9 hundred points on the housing register their housing register
is has currently got around about 3 thousand residents on it at this is an opportunity for anyone from the walkways trickled hasn't Bramley has he no longer feels able to remain in their home either on the walkways or in temporary accommodation and the so that is the the the basic premise of this
there there were a number of comments made during the during the consultation one of which was this consultation originally only come at the walkways residents and we see very strong representation that it should also include Bramley Hazard red-gold house and that and that changes be made at this a couple of other changes that I probably would also just draw attention to which residents were concerned about
1 m one of which is to say that
residents were concerned about what the consequences when they have the points and people are expressing interest on
social housing properties that they might be able to move to if they don't act sets
the an offer if they are successful and there they don't accept the offer of accommodation what the consequence of that is and has particular concern was the original proposal had been to change the points level and so I just wanted to highlight here that as a result of the consultation
that consequence has changed just two if someone receives two suitable offers
that they the IRP but they decided not to take either of those officers they will just
have their priority date reduced so that essentially they will go to the back of that group of residents but the residents who have the high priority
so that should give some comfort as well as there is also an appeal to independent adjudication there as well
the other thing that we that I want to highlight is just that
we are proposing as or as part of this policy that the people who have additional medical needs or people who have and who are already overcrowded can't combine the points that they that they know that there are that their circumstances already attract with the Nine hundred Prior to Grenfell we hasn't quite so that means that there will therefore be aware that those people with additional housing needs are prioritised for rehousing
thank you

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:18:04]

are there any questions David
informed him
offered property

[Cllr David Lindsay - 0:18:16]

Over the place could go off in Bramley housing you mean the same dimensions or thing of LOBO's
name Number of bedrooms are not were also clarified that
we will outflank communications
are there any other

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:18:38]

I think it's very clear viable and as you said it in our consultation and taken on board what people have said I'm
are we all happy to agree therefore the recommendations in paragraph 2
now the next he papers were going to take a 6 which is in your pack and then the supplementary has a 9
directly off with everything that they that was really this relationship if we start with a six first carafes anything what fans Maxi
so so this
A6 directly relates to the A5 item in that it is and it's come here to the leadership because it's it's a rent policy which requires a leadership decision but it is the way in which we will charge for
the temporary accommodation that any of the response from the walkways around the House retread of house move to so
we have
many residents
who way you have been in hotels from the Waterways Bramley how some track old house those residents many residents are in the process of moving have either moved on to temporary accommodation in the borough or are in the process of making that move at the moment
what this report seeks to do is to give a is to make a decision that gives those residents reassurance that they will pay no more rent than they paid in their home on the Lancaster West estate so
section to point to the recommendations that are at section 2 2 4 1 2 point 2 covers those so residents the recommendation is that residents will continue to pay the same rent and service charge and that they will not be charged for the temporary accommodation
are they staying in the council will cover that cost in full and that commitment is made until the 30th June 20 18 and there is also a commitment to review that well in advance
of of the 13th June day coming along

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:20:57]

are there any questions
is it worth taking some form of late night Lucas's
Yes Yes we will do to think actually go to ENA
sorry for the homeless woman said how Sibel Can we disagree this one now has or has it right now let's move on some fiscal house

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:21:36]

this by way of introduction again at the last Council Scrutiny Committee the issue was raised with regard to the BERM support that had been given in terms of rent free periods
which were coming to an end at the end of January and the impact that that would hand
and as a result of that those of us being further discussions
and this paper's be bought by and I by Goldman's or let him run through the the the
teacher yes so as you would have been aware from July 17 A there has been or will it be managed or rent waiver too a substantial part of the Lancaster West estate there were other blocks at it after that after that time but they are all consistent in that that rent waiver would come to an end on the 28th January this year
following representations made at Grenfell scrutiny committee on the 18th of January we said that we would go away and look at that
look at it on the basis of the disruption the ongoing disruption that is occurring on the estate so instead of them it being a rent waiver it is a compensation for the lack of
lack of amenity that you are able to use from your from from from your property
so we we've done that and
it's come out with a differential if you like between the blocks at that used to receive the whole of that way either moving forward so I will explain it on the walkways themselves there are considerable issues we've heating are some bloxsom at some of the books I have a gas supply are no different arrangements to deliver it to to get rid of your refuse which honours convenient we've blocked off access ways which means you have to walk round foul drainage issues there haven't been wrecked PFI there are some into calm issues because the the incomes on the other side at accorded Cohen and is an ongoing fireworks and disruption that had that are occurring in those in those blocks which are different to to the services that are being provided to lead to two to three areas which are Verity Bramley and record which is why
when we have come to the decision that says
we will offer a lower rent or soya compensation element equivalent pot of WREN moving forward
we have suggested a 50 percent fall for those are way blocks but in recognition of the fact that
there was a ramp waiver previously for the other blocks and that the town remains unwrapped are we would consider a further small reduction for those are free lots of 15 percent are not its recommendation

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:24:31]

Mary and then to

[Cllr Mary Weale - 0:24:35]

the emphasis Christmas pointing out that is based on the plans but in this paper rarely clearly
addresses that and really pleased to see it and I was also face the same powerful point to that although the pair of Rachel be for a period of eight weeks while the Council was still the census will know how works were so services can go overrun so there's a commitment a to review it then and I think that's very important not just keep a running brief on it because if they have the wrong we definitely would want or shorter to reconsider yet
there is a good a good solution
and Chad just on a list of issues that are being worked on are what

[Cllr Gerard Hargreaves - 0:25:19]

progress has been made on those No we confident that that progress is being made and will continue to be
so austere off by saying that some are more difficult more challenging to achieve than others
and if I would suspect that we will be back here reviewing reviewing or he was probably incrementally new app from 50 percent depending on what's been what's been achieved by that by that period so certainly issues on the gas the Fire Safety Works
for refuse
any interpretation or all all on track we need to look at how how we because we put a boiler right in the middle of the estate road we've got difficulty in how people get about nationally is quite as quite arm is quite inconvenience
and there are things you could do that probably take a little bit longer we are trying to work as hard as we can to get this done by bike by the end of March and the reason for that obviously is that that actually
we want to restore services so let them we can a stop paying compensation

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:26:29]

questions I know there are many residents here I don't know if anyone has any questions
as a political movement
I think that wanted to make clear is that we know Aston Station
and wording is ultimately simply asking or gesture and I think we have asked for a right with all right because one thing from happening with its worth
up to two minutes
in the flood path his at the helm have savings with 12 wins as people who have spoken to residents in the locality plans and respect
what's yourself
disruption this disruption and inconvenience and this I will not
and I think it was quite unique experience in London House because this is the fact that you have to go to what I am actually
in a
staple feel the base and many of us
stay over for
a very interesting to include weekends because friends known as they offer because of
that's how and how it's impressive
how within the confines of the moment we still feel the presence of the tower is I think
as it sometimes doing the right thing
is not be and sometimes seen things like the right thing and I'll take that less
any day on we have you consulted No I understand that this building number of officers that discussed
residents Association although we all recognise this was not then those omissions was businesses stationing you may well be recognition of the time is right I think
that was issued to sit with you and say
thank you to understand because it is like to be granted
that disruption
I know this because you can't be like
that's all our residents who have the shared personal stories is quite able to put a figure
but I
ask you to consider equating to a minimum of 15 percent having properly interested residents on health and using different
technologies instability legal
the parent
we are charging people lobbying is just wanted to be heard and I just want you to have all the information before we made the decision not to pursue that even black built it with it if you
so much
we did look at this on the basis of disruption not not be the impact of of of a tragedy on room on people's lives which I know has been extensive and
hasn't been quantified and has been
it is definitely quantified on the disruption to services which we would usually provide
over team-mate would usually provide the number of cases that we can't provide at the present moment in time
I am an and we are aware that there are no services that the
that are affected in terms of the day-to-day delivery in terms of those areas
I think it's fair to say that we do understand the effect that the

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:30:06]

Chair has
on people who live in the neighbourhood and where will they we didn't have any authority over that the ranking of the town we share your I hope that it will enter the wrapping will continue apace and that it will be wrapped by the spring and I think as that says this is ready for disruption of services rather than a trauma caused not sure how and compensate the trauma caused in A Firth so many people in the area this is really about disruption of services
an enclave to these facilities
I was talking to one side of the site
are fully us as it was in a human
he wanted proof
I don't need money
and you personally wanted or discount or copying of relative
ease of impulses fully process is more off his health are all much illegally people how to cook
healthy competition come with an equal
division come controller is creation MediaCity process by white The specialist people rolls out of your house as is not our Council already will be one game I draw my true like as a person which is is another
area that I want the home is the healing process for these people communities
as different Alsace we hear is people to treat them due to provide them like NHS boards operate as bishops for managers can or why these people support I am
everyday basis what and how we can go to it and I thought you told me that there will always be talking about planning
everyone took no online facilities where the child is everywhere everywhere I think is we become we become like current off
I don't know how to put it out saying by it becomes soft restrictive everyone talking about how he's cost us genuinely say this can't or 50 percent of the rent isn't here if you look at the start of my flat is a hearing why Hillary is is this support is is that I need to see a doctor what I need for my Tudor how might you can be on school how disabled plus the HIA process importation can't courses on decision had been called because one often decide my traumatic because why I've got the stimulus and I don't think I wanted to float above ground outer areas repellent is yes I agree there is a lot of progress with this new there in the community I agree with what I won't be one
soldiers are the problem of residents what I say yes I give you 50 percent grant
we also need to be addressing it is up to you Guy bar Williams speaking for myself I bump into but what I can say that the programme is doing I don't think is good for the economy what we are going to drive home and another situation because I saw people die water from their community which is on my desert on fighting for it into a debt payment if given even if I like because I saw people this would be in in Holt said over the weekend is keeping a house which is causing coal so unless there is evidence of the speeches taking some
chipboard what this see him talking about numbers he's not hinder Chaucer's processes is a skill is Islam musical Wicked engulfing inspectorates 20 guys are not there too and I think you walk is just what I see it if I am speaking
it is this is why I hope you really don't give up event was largely for water or whatever I realise it'll drive us all here so I need someone who specialise in Alaska
my record exactly
this is really speaking on social
impact and I think what
is the truth from this weekend we need proper support in different ways

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:34:34]

thank you that's very helpful I think what I would say in in response to that is that we agree with you
there are lots of papers we discussed the pass about exactly what you're talking about about support and mental health
outreach and and care in the community etc but on this paper I think that's why DARD's being very careful to say it's not for trauma is because some of the services just aren't working the rubbish chute some there I'm you know all that the items that you've
said problems because
if you for some level of disturbance on so sorry is just if you go to a perfectly Piper Princes like Romney Register was presented objectively 50 percent of the grant aid about Robbie I represent it it doesn't sound right you see
9 South said that the programme you were set up a proper
Programme for government you need to give everyone because nearby I being surrounded yet
why do if I was always have your role as a Councillor calls
for is likely to widen over approach houses each programmes
all throughout the Authority and like his older however other reservoir on-the-spot people's disease or trauma or how an
opposition is is this is a healing process
yet bought this house I think

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:36:10]

thank you on one thus question
what ruins of m people living in hotels or her face is the fact of their constant resident about ensued
the Council of HOSC them would like to move to so-and-so place here in the Council of Europe refuse them basis on them on the grounds of whatever reason I mean why they have refused them I don't know simply waiting especially on information to the Council that this is cheaper this place on like NICVA it is a lot cheaper than what you're paying for the hotel and then being refused or why they be refuse I don't know is why
a lot of
people that want to now and just to live in a flat or house or whatever it is this a lot cheaper than what you guys are alien Interim SIP it have a life because they're not happen alive they're not having that not being able to heal venal tells you about being able to do
because I have not been able to spend time with the family and it doesn't feel private enough
so why the council refusing people
this offer especially when it's a lot is saving advice money and are we helping that family until the time when you have
ready to put them into a Fermanagh flat or house or whatever it may be
why I need to buy new stuff looking at knuckle option or even allowing that offer to be given to the and not telling them down as if there is talk a lot of people that have been turned down and refuses

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:37:58]

I think that's a very good question and again asked Maxine as head of housing to respond to you directly and also so everyone else can understand reasons so
they seem to think it be better if you can get here he said that everyone can hear you and see you
safe that is what I describe East what should be taught in science because we do want people to move what support people to move from our towels in tea or into local grit or
I accommodation usually in the private rented sector as you say whilst we whilst they make decisions about whether or not they want to return home with its if it's the walk ways or brilliant trickle that you are talking about can I just check you say are you talking about house has sold from the walkways in Bramley and tread gold
overall moving on voted in the waterfalls
1 comma 9 comma jobs also
object but a modest working-class yet hotel yet why you do what
you say are set so what I will say is that that was what we what we intend to do and what we are doing is doing exactly what saved moving people out of hotels and eat into local private rented accommodation your rights is cheaper though that's not the primary reason the primary reason is because
because of all the privacy issues that you are talking about and having your own space if there is a particular case which obviously we can't discuss in this but can I come and
just see before you go that two into to hear what it to hear what it is because I'm so we do give week we do we have given people guide prices as as to what sort of two as to accommodation that that which is within the Council's budgets but those those budgets are you a lot of people are fans very good accommodation or we find very good accommodation of big within that so it could be that someone suggested something outside of that range or some other or some other issue by our happily you not like to look into any cation got
because you are absolutely right that is what we want more people to be able to move
gives us an idea

[Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:40:17]

if please do highlight cases because we had a specific thing on this that we wanted people out of hotels and we approached everybody who are in hotels that in the runup towards Christmas it was one of our objectives to give a reason to hotels by Christmas making offers of accommodation getting people to move
and so you know if you are aware of people that want to move on then please you know do notifies because the hotel is not a healthy place to be and we recognise her and we have we have homes available for people to move them if on permanent basis or on a temporary basis as well so please pass that message on
are you saying there was more than we had on this also allows dementia
and also the fact or
communicating rave earn the people learn that are leaving him ourselves and then had before buying a property if you speak to them and say Well look we have this on how this on offer before we why would you be the new Panel consider all likely do
so that where you can have a surplus of houses that are empty that they can probably the authors of negotiation or there is a communication with the people form for Everton in The the hotels are living in hotels bang your peering up to mine came here do not have a slow plus of houses I've also got people will be able to move into the Fattal house very more curriculum now and we have to consider this and look at it and the
maximum you
make it quick thank you one last question in the back-to-back report
so much on them for that
and so I have
an advantage
I tell you what they are
is it possible to have an option to agree to consult are with surrounding properties are such as Henry II tennis court with the gods 2 and at their rents and services are basically so there's a few more consultation within within the area at that is very close to that still very close to Grenfell Tower and people have been highly traumatised by this event and a lot of fun
the nearest precedent has actually been turned into a memorial
it's been a war memorial and simplify and they have to live with that epigenetic
as well as of course all of us starting with the tower the day
so is the last thing which is that its concerns
to keep the service charges that if people from most cancers are given example 2
shall we say high street Keddle Somaia viable environs around the service charge so after the 30th June 20 18 I understand said that there would be some consultation beforehand but that they are worried that the Service charge will action market I am assuming that there's something in place to stop that happening but this is a genuine concern that some facts to us
and our residents as we paddled
thank you
I had a job was first past the first pots are dug and then not less space for me
I just shy
I hear you an unnerving part of
the reason we went back to ARM disruption is because that was what we felt was the right thing to do because there are lots of estates that weren't included in the initial went away law which also have suffered in terms of the of the tragedy in terms of their own perception of
that that terrible evening and it's because quite a lot of heartbreak and concern amongst some of those residents and certainly there are parts of Lancaster West itself where there is no rent waiver they Silchester Estate which is right right opposite where there is no hint way then and this wasn't about us increasing
the level of compensation
for lack of certain images were based on macro service not the Otley emotional
trauma days because it was about it was about
this rather it was about the disruption of course if there are areas in the services that are defective for not working and I know there are quite few I'm afraid
there's lots of this there's nothing the prejudices claimed under the existing compensation policy which which is which is run by the TMO but will as you've just hope it will be run by us pretty soon and that shouldn't prejudice that so if there is a lack of service they delivered of his theories compensation is already policy that we would pay out
I announced that there is an option
for feeding that have the option to consult because actually
total that hypothermia would involve either eatures fatal individual flats coming and there are some compensation
in these this is a highly highly traumatised area if we can give you a general idea on each state of what's happening there are ever the huge backlog of repairs etc. it's been done I am not certain things and
if I could agree
to have the conversation and will look into it into that is
suitable to but mostly you mention Henry Henry Dickinson those people from from that date are more than happy to have that that conversation I have been in touch with a number of residents' associations in the vicinity so clearly effect I'm seeing them later this week and I've seen him previously so so is about understanding about what the service looks like where it's defective in and how we then move that forward to improve and that's what we're hoping we get out of the the habit well we will get there have a handbag or services it just won't happen overnight
if the residents and said the advice from panels that residents set up themselves within the community so that people have a voice and
know absolutely none
sorry I think
I was probably I think it's been very helpful video here this evening

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:47:01]

because actually have dug and Asda having disturbed decided to take on board the functions of the TMO from the 1st March that will be able to take this but maybe he can talk to you
afterwards whatever because I'm just thinking that we probably need to make a decision on the paper that we've got in front of us but if we've made the connection tonight
we're not narrowing down like that yes the public inquiries their home preventing
young people I think there was one of the themes is Maxime not just what is happening which was just
about rent and service charges if people are in that if they'd moved into temporary accommodation in the private rented sector so
I just firstly just to be clear that residents from the tower and a town walk have a
who are being rehearsed on the Grenfell rehousing policy have lifetime guarantee of Grenfell rent and service charges
after the rent free period for residents from though who are covered by the wider Grandpa rehousing policy who moving into temporary accommodation that the reason why we put the Thirty 15 days because lots of people are
you know that they really not sure they may want to return they have a home they might want to return to it I'm not sure yet depends a bit on
changes that may happen on the estate including the tower
and in terms of asking a leadership to make a decision it's a decision for a finite amount a finite amount of time with a finite financial commitments
thereafter we will have to come back here and we will have to discuss with affected residents or any future pause you would be so there will be there are safeguards there and there won't suddenly be
a switch on the 30th of June in front of a service charge has suddenly been quantities in that property that people that people are in but but with the Our other commitment is to work very closely with prisoners who have made that move to work out what it is they want to do and the decision tonight to award
to award points to anyone here who wants to be rehoused means that they will have very high priority on the Housing Register so report people are looking for is a permanent move then you know depending on their requirements as there is a good chance that they will be able to make that move within a matter of months as well
2 pm
people don't want to accept calls
yeah and unless you are absolutely right and we need to know that this decision and that decisions being taken at that that wouldn't be what we've got a plan to get out there and communicate everyone tell them how they can apply to get the points and we need to do that
just one point and the argument

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:49:58]

hopefully this would involve
the situation that we have three sets of harassment and the Panel will not forget that Ofwat when Courtney working on a similar model which will as he Local Housing Panel be disbanded and 5 by thanking you for what you all those issues are people feeling expert needs to be captured either through the views and Health and Wellbeing Board panel all those local housing
you can
action required

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:50:45]

we propose a time ongoing conversations so thank you for your contributions am Arthur has been very helpful because really every paper has been robbed Housing tonight
can I drag you back though to the decision that you have in front view on paper 89 with the recommendations which is really about disruption to services and compensation payments for those disruptions and that is in paragraph to point to interpret 3 anti point for those on agreed yes really thank you
okay so now we move on to paper a seven and just to say that the the
exempt appendix has already been discussed that there are no questions that
that we have to exclude anyone from so
over to you Robin
the report says or
thank you for coming this paper in with bow and ensuring the home for the friends and family assistance centre and the new roughly United Centre
and it asks the leadership team to do a number of things one is recommending that your proved contract for the outsource facilities Management for the FAC and the Grenfell United Centre to action for children and recommend that you approve the sub-letting of the least says for both the FAC in that and the Grenfell United Centre again to act the children both of those finishing a November 20 20
and also recommends that you agree they approve expenditure of four F T stalls to the Grenfell United Centre
that would be provided by action for children

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:52:39]

are there any questions marriage let commerce

[Cllr Mary Weale - 0:52:45]

Officer SEFUND grit and solution this would give us a degree of distance from the Council towards
the Council but it also set a provides I think an assurance of quality we know that
as for children of supply
a regular responses be working with us with us at the friends and family assistance centre have proved their worth so I would highly recommend the solution to comment
making me on casualness I thought

[Cllr Emma Will - 0:53:19]

I didn't I felt their address was a thing made public
the Chair of Transport not perfect
today I decided in terms of previous basis putrescible addresses all public we are taking to address
it has been changed

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:53:47]

it has asked the technology that thank you sorry
I would just like to make a point that we should really be very pleased the action of children the YEP density this because they have actually done a fantastic job so far I would just
like to recognise all their efforts and said it read it I think it's a really good young decision and these are the two floors together and at the two schools together and to have people who
survivors Trust I think is really a key so I am really happy recommended and you're all happy to agree the recommendations we agree thank you very much
right now to a completely
different subject which is the consultation response the Mayor of London's first changes the ultra-low emissions zone

[Cllr David Lindsay - 0:54:43]

Will paper world after your word is your record in the borough
this is a piece about the Mayor of London shoe
as one to one support the introduction of a London why do hazard and support the proposed draft Stanley Eliza on
between the North South Circular these are issues that we have discussed within the borough and within our own plans and therefore fully support these measures and you will see at Annexe Appendix B the response that I have made to the Mayor of London are supporting these and a single play our part to make sure that they are carried out as well as we can within the Borough so I thoroughly recommend this and I hope that the
they should take to support it

[Cllr Will Pascall - 0:55:30]

and then I would just like to two points out of first world war III I felt less at it secondly the issue that is raised here as it affects him talking about vehicles which could form a certain European standards if you don't care for their standards that will be charges and the and the dew point
what this does not address under equality is the remaining
estimated issues with vehicles which primarily come from bricks and tiles so once might make progress will comes out the tailpipe the thing you then that's about the emissions yes exactly
this about emissions but you'd EULAs thing does not address those right and therefore what I would say is whilst I support this paper and I therefore support are supporting of Mayors initiative in this respect it doesn't deal with the whole problem and we would hope the period address that problem also because the in any guise so so so far the other thing that I would say is that in the context particularly if there is a reduction in buses in central London has since come up on other occasions that those people who will be owning the remaining 5 percent of the vehicles that are currently around by the time this comes into effect the 5 percent that went before the regulations upward tend to be those who are least able to buy vehicles that are
conforming with that and those will be at a disadvantage in the less well-off and therefore I would say that that is another issue that still remains to be addressed by the Mayor in this respect wrecked so I think that whilst I support this initiative Sport are supporting of it
the there are two significant areas which are not addressed in the masterplan that grants to note today
as Armagh a lot of other issues in addition to this in relation to equality

[Cllr Gerard Hargreaves - 0:57:16]

but this is focused on a particular issue and that's what I'm asking for and will support on this

[Cllr Will Pascall - 0:57:20]

even what I would say that from the council's point of view that I'm chairing the board which brings together equality weren't my Councillor Hyde Councillor Fox's and climate change and we will be making further input to what needs to be done after the expert as far as this goes this is good for dissent is only goes so far and congratulated the anybody was saying it's the whole picture
given it his own

[Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:57:43]

it is not the whole picture that
in March has had a real hassle to agree the recommendations in the direction thank you very much and I just can't ask whether there is
and I have a business or any other oral or written I tend to think say thank you
I think that says a meeting is that is actually a bit like it over the coming years

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