7th March Council Meeting (Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018 - 5.00 pm) 

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen please be seated
the minutes of the meeting of the council held on the 24th of January 2 thousand 18 have been circulated is it your wish that I signed them as a correct record
Councillor press apologies Madame Merle took me by surprise I just have one change for accuracy under the s own Eleven which I believe is point for teen at the end of the first paragraph it said eight months have now passed since the plans were initiated I'm afraid it since the plans were promised which is why I kept raising it
if we didn't get to it and I did have a brief matter arising from these successful motion on Warwick Road and Silchester Estate it was agreed that these estates would be sent information as regards the long term future of their estates and Warwick Road have informed me that they have a short message which is saying that the council cannot make decisions which may bind a future Council indefinitely and the current administration made a public commitment on the 24th of January to stop regeneration on are on council estates and this is as much as can be done so I would be interested and I would like to note this for the minutes that we still need would like the deputy leader's response on that if not tonight but certainly at some point it doesn't reflect what the motion said
Councillor Taylor-Smith would you like to reply Yes thank you I'm in awe on similar Silchester I struggle sometimes defined the set of words that the local residents are happy with I'm the intention is there the commitment is there so what I would suggest maybe maybe again if they would like to draft a form of words that we could they be used their words that will feel quite come probably very happy to do that
right now sign the minutes
Good evening am Councillors ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Council meeting for those who do not know me I am married to rouse Rossi I am mayor of the royal borough and one of my duties as Mayor is to Chair Council meetings tonight's meeting is the annual budget setting meeting the Council has a legal obligation to set a budget there is a lot of important information to consider and we need to allow enough time for members to discuss it so there will be no opportunity for members of the public to speak
chief executive event Jersey apologies or shy
we have apologies for absence from Councillor Ahern Councillor Alison Lowe Councillor Lightfoot Councillor Lomas Councillor Marshall
Councillor mills and apologies for Councillor collagen
the only other apologies
does any member wish to declare discos a disclosable pecuniary or other significant interest in any item being considered at tonight's meeting can suppress thank you madam Mayor it's me again I'm afraid yes I have to declare that I have a pecuniary interest in the HRA budget in as much as I am a leaseholder in a Council owned property however I am housing spokesperson and will be speaking tonight on those issues which are agreed by the whole of the Labour Group and I hope that will be acceptable
with regards to the report on the Annual review of Councillors allowances all members are advised to declare an interest in order to manage this with the minimum of disruption all members present in the Chamber will therefore be deemed as having declared a personal interest in this item unless the Member objects and this fact will be duly noted and recorded in the minutes is that agreed
does any Member wished to make a declaration pursuant to section 1 of 6 of the local Government Finance Act nineteen ninety two which relates to members' council tax payments and the ability of members to vote on matters relating to the level or calculation of Council Tax all the arrangements for administering Council Tax
we move on to Item for petitions do members have any position they wish to submit Councillor Dent Coad's
thank you might emerge as a petition from the Sutton Estate for different from Chelsea way about saving the Sutton Estate this statement and a petition requesting the end and I will read the whole thing as that it that forms part of the petition and it has been agreed that term because it's an online petition that we can deliver the signatures after the meeting but I will I will be presenting it now on behalf of a residence
Williams sought left his fortune to build the historic Sutton dwellings in Chelsea to house families on low income suffering from poor living standards many of the southern states burst residents were women on low-income jobs or the 2 thousand people found a place there that could be hoped help called home but as on other estates in London were being threatened with eviction because affinity Sutton the housing association who now owns the estate knows it can make a fortune at the expense of the residence firstly that the estate dilapidate and now it's planning to rebuild rather than refurbish selling off almost half the estate for multi-million pound private homes which could make a profit of over 200 million affinity Sutton paid nothing for the estate that had done nothing for the estate and now they want to cash in on the estate at a time when London and local council is desperately short of social housing officers from robotic against Chelsea had been working with affinity Sutton on plans that will reduce social housing places on the estate by Four hundred and 50 three people what is happening here in Kensington Chelsea is the tip of an iceberg of the housing crisis in London where the rich are pushing out the poor with Council sitting by and doing nothing up to 70 families who have been placed by cancer Chelsea on the Sutton estate with a measure of stability for them and their children are now being threatened with being thrown out of their homes and some of them out of London we need to come together and stop the most vulnerable in society being victimised by Pavel housing associations if we keep pushing back and there will be there come a point when property companies and councils realised the British public are too powerful for them even to attempt the scandalous evictions so far we have the support of people from across the spectrum including many local people from Chelsea Eddie Izzard John Simpson Felicity Kendal and MP Tom Watson please join us to call on Keith expert expert the chief executive of affinity Sutton salary in excess of 200 90 thousand pounds and the Council of the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea to stop the social cleansing or come up with a plan that will benefit the residence rather than the funds and it will increase the number of social housing places in the borough and that particular is signed by
today's date Eleven thousand Six hundred and 66 people
moving on to Item 5 order of business in accordance with Standing orders I ruled that the order of debate shall be as set out in the paper laid around the Chamber
while Massa Hargreaves Myanmar in accordance with Standing order 40 too I beg to move that Standing order Thirty be suspended this evening to allow warm the speak the leader to speak without time limit in submitting the Revenue budget Council Tax and capital programme and to that Councillor Atkinson to reply without time limit
Three lead members speaking about their budgets and Councillor speaking to budget amendment to speak for up to 10 minutes and finally that counts the press and wins it to speak for up to 15 minutes each in summing up
secondly that Standing order 24 0 1 be suspended insofar as it places a three hour guillotine on this meeting but that instead the meeting should terminate after four hours including any period of adjournment and find that Standing order 19 10 be suspended for the budget debate to allow members to address the Council on more than one service area when debating the Revenue and Capital budgets should they so wish thank you
and it's as great
that is therefore carried
at we turn now to the revenue budget and Council Tax 2 thousand 18 19 and capital programme
after the budget speeches by the Leader of the Council and the Leader of the Labour Group I will take the Labour amendment to the Revenue and Capital budgets which will be moved and seconded without further speech at that stage was there will then be debates by service area on the revenue and capital budgets
we should treat each section as a separate debate and therefore members will be able to speak about more than one budget area
members were reminded that as in past years both revenue and capital will be debated under the budget headings set out in paper five members should bear this in mind when making comments and each budget heading Councillor possible then sum up on the Labour amendment Councillor Lindsey will then make closing remarks before the final votes on the amendment and the recommendations are therefore call upon the leader to move the reception of the reports and Councillor Lindsey to second
I beg to move amendment so I can Mortimer Councillor Campbell which would like to speak thank you
madam Mayor on the 14th of June the facts on the ground here in China Kensington and Chelsea changed in response to this Council many of its officers its policies and the leadership changed too it is in this light I put to members a strong budget that recognises the impact that Grenfell has had on our communities that Health and wellbeing which at the same time looks to the wider borough and build on our achievements in educating our children keeping our streets and caring for our elderly residents this budget is about doing right by all our residents supporting them and all they need delivering better for everyone north and south of the borough creating opportunities for all Grenfell was and remains a huge tragedy with a deep and lasting impact on many of our residents and their families and it's a tragedy that had significant financial consequences for this Council
we have bought new homes for those displaced by the fire a spend of two hundred and 35 million pounds
in addition we've spent more than 50 million on a wide range of support measures for those affected and next year we'll spend thirty seven million on Grenfell support almost the same figure we spend on family and children's services in other words madam Mayor we have effectively added in the short term a new departments in the Council
and we paid for this all of these are reserves but now our reserves are spent and yet these costs through decreasing will continue for years to come
More than that the economic environment continues to pose a challenge to councils across the land council budgets continued for inflation is rising our income is dropping these are the facts our duty is to respond and our response is the right one tonight I put to members a budget for the challenging times ahead with an increase in Council Tax a five point 9 9 percent to point 9 9 percent offsets inflation the additional 3 percent for adult social care across the borough including for those affected by Grenfell
but I want to make this clear before we propose council tax rises we've looked for efficiencies savings and in this budget we have delivered them we will save far more in this budget that we will raise through increased taxes in straitened times I offer to members are sensible and sound budget a budget investment that will deliver
New truly affordable housing model estates where repairs are done both quickly and effectively at the first time of asking a budget that will deliver opportunity for all our children and young people but we cannot of course do this alone so we have again ring fence as we have in the past our grants to our partners in the voluntary sector with grants totalling more than 2 million pounds
we are one of the few London boroughs who've maintained financial support year in year out and we will do so again tonight
so this budget is about moving forward about improving services to our residents but investing in schools investing in our parks our streets and in our housing
last week we took back housing management services from the TMO is clear already that our estates need significant investment and we have committed to more than a hundred and 15 billion pounds over five years to repair our stock it is right that we should do this it is our priority the new housing management team which includes former TMO colleagues as a costed plan to improve Council housing in this borough and I expect to see significant positive change by September but this is not enough no madam Mayor London is my city it's our city and I can't define what being a Londoner is and I defy any of you to sum it up we all different and yet we all share something a common bond with come from all over the world and we've made this city and our borough are home where Londoners where people of Kensington and Chelsea we can be united in our differences and in our diversity and I want us to be a borough that encourages togetherness and understanding where we learn from each other hear each other and grow together a borough of opportunity for all I know how can we do this we can't change income distribution we can't do anything about house prices but we can repair and improve our housing we can start to build new homes we can build for homes for all that a fertile places for communities to thrive to meet to talk to be
this Council's vision is to work with residents to create a states that become the heart of their communities places where people want to be and want to live and where they're happy safe and can thrive so we will start to build new truly affordable top quality housing for those who cannot afford to buy or rent privately building places where we all belong and this is why this budget
commits us to spend a hundred million on new social homes in Kensington and Chelsea we do all this with some help from central government they have listened to us and we have already given us 15 million pounds to help turn Lancaster West into a model estate
and they have lifted the borrowing cap on the HR A so we can access cheap money for new homes and repairs totalling two hundred and 15 million pounds
madam Mayor we will continue to press for more because we will need more in the months and years to come but I recognise the support ministers are given us thus far and I thank them but this is not all about Government and this Council doing and delivering what's important is about engaging with residents listening to them understanding what they want and designing and delivering model estates with them from now on all residents to help decide on changes to estates communities will share with us what they want no longer would decisions be imposed from the Town Hall and there will be no regeneration though will be resident lead improvement and refurbishment we've already had an ideas day on the Lancaster West estate with residents officers Kansas designers in order to understand how residents want suspend the Thirty million that we in central government have devoted to refurbish the estate and on Saturday will be holding another one residents will lead on this residents are leading on this
and I have mentioned the TMO Kim who leads on housing will talk about this in more detail but it is important to emphasise now that we are now managing housing services the TMO has handed back operations to us and we will only be doing this temporarily tenants and leaseholders they will tell us how they want their homes managed in future it's going to be their decision not ours good opportunities to living opportunity Tory good homes delivering opportunities for all
and on the subject of opportunity can I just say I am proud of the fact that state primary school children in Kensington and Chelsea are the best in London at Reading at writing and maths I'm proud of the fact that our state secondary schools turned a higher proportion of A-level students to university than any other borough in the country and of the fact that children from disadvantaged backgrounds and aspire to do better than any other part of the country
we have achieved academic excellence for our children and our vision is to go further to concentrate efforts and resources on those who seek other paths we will invest in apprenticeships for those who do not wish to go to university we will invest in young entrepreneurs we will focus on pupils with learning disabilities so they as well as all children in this borough can reach their full potential madam Mayor this year we opened the new more primary school in Chelsea with its new centre for autism and we will be building a new school in north Kensington dedicated exclusively to children with special needs in this borough no child no young person will be left behind this is about opportunity for all
now madam Mayor this budget also allows us to do the basics well the everyday stuff that oils the wheels and makes life easier happier better your public realm is not a phrase designed to get you out of bed in the morning but actually when you do get up it's what matters it matters to each and every one of us that our streets are swept that our bins are emptied and that our pavements of pristine it matters to our cyclists that potholes are filled it matters to our motorists at the roads are gritted and to all of us there are green spaces to enjoy this is what people believe the Council is for
and she no madam Mayor we're good at this stuff the stuff that things that make him that the things that make a real difference to our day and we are continuing to invest in these things which matter to our residents
finally Madam I have read the proposals from my colleagues opposite and I am genuinely pleased that they agree with huge swathes of our spending proposals however we do not always agree on ways to achieve solutions and can I end with just one small very small example we all hear value the contribution that they are EU citizens make in this borough we want to help them to understand the implications of the ongoing Brexit negotiations as things stand we don't know what those results will be so we will be launching a website paid a webpage tomorrow asking what concerns them the most so we can raise issues and seek clarification from the government by the Mayor in the round let me just summer this Council's first priority is to continue to support the survivors and victims of Grenfell are next priority is to support those residents directly and indirectly affected by the tragedy and our third priority is to enable every member of this community to live well and to thrive we want this borrowed be one where opportunities exist for all where all voices are heard equally no matter who you are no matter where you've come from this is a borough madam Mayor for everyone
Councillor Campbell
Councillor Atkinson do you wish to reply
like your mother
you will not be surprised to hear that the Labour opposition tonight will not be supporting the preposterous and indeed outrageous idea that the residents of the borough including those who have suffered grievously from the effects of the Grenfell fire be made to pay additional council tax to put right the damage and horrors caused by this Council
to increase the council tax this year will literally add insult to injury we are pleased instead to propose our own amendment which entailed no increase in the Council's own precept for the coming year and which will unveil a very different set of priorities for the next four years to be absolutely clear we do not believe it right nor necessary to increase the council tax this year and we have at least four important reasons not to do so
firstly while it is indeed a legal obligation for this current disgrace unbroken Council to set a budget and Council Tax for the borough there is nevertheless something not right in this arrangement when we all know that irrespective of the outcome of the vote in May on May 3rd at least a third of the people making this decision tonight will not be here afterwards to take responsibility for the results of tonight's decisions
secondly in seeking to justify to point 9 9 percent of the five-point 9 9 percent in Council Tax Councillor Campbell sites cost increases and inflationary pressures but it's doing so she failed to take enough account of the cost increases and inflationary pressures being faced in many ways by ordinary residents of the borough as a result of the failed Tory policies of austerity and cutbacks because produced by the financial services Institute or many other credible sources demonstrate that the ordinary people of Britain and of the Borough have not made had any real increase in their wages or their living standards for more than eight years and you can be wrong therefore for us to do anything to add to the downward pressure on living standards for all residents
the Leader of the Council may well make fatuous comparisons with the council tax increase costing less than a pint of milk or whatever other insensitive analogy the Tory Group we choose to make but if she were herself living on the breadline or spent more town tying in tower blocks she might realise that suffering any increase in costs or prices what it can do to people living on the edge thirdly madam Mayor the Leader of the Council is proud to boast that the council will have spent 50 1 million pounds of its reserves dealing with the terrible consequences of the Grenfell tragedy and she now proposes to take advantage of the government's sanction to increase our adult social care precept by 3 percent
however in this matter I've got to agree with Stormzy when he called Yo Theresa May where is the money for Grenfell
madam Mayor the necessary costs of Grenfell are going on for years and years and we Labour councillors and candidates simply do not believe that they should be borne by the residents of Kensington and Chelsea alone we believe that the future costs of Grenfell should be paid by national government
madam Mayor it is for the judge-led inquiry to apportion blame for the causes of the fire though I do wish you would get on with it but it was Theresa May who immediately after the disaster made a whole series of big promises for the survivors of Grenfell and to the wider community and we now need to hold her to account for these promises
the truth is that the moneys that national government has provided to this Council onto other agencies although carefully trawled and highlighted in the media or in reality slow grudging and miserly in fact I would like to ask the Leader of the Council I have been told today that of the 58 point 9 million promised by government not a penny of its as yet been paid I would like that confirmed or denied at some point tonight so when I say provided it's a promise it's not been paid
now for example in his budget Philip Hammond's trumpeted an additional 28 million for Kensington and Chelsea council but in the small print it emerged that this song was to be spread over three years so they are not as generous as they tried to beat this Government is very willing to open its mouth but far less willing to open its purse strings
so this is the third reason while we do not believe that the council tax the Council should raise council tax this year when the government itself should cough up to cover Theresa May's promises
however now than there are in this budget debate tonight perhaps my fourth reason for opposing any increase in council tax issue here is the most important the conservative figures before us tonight are themselves full of ambiguities assumptions and Ono's this year perhaps the position is perhaps understandable but even after spending extra and much needed money on Grenfell Children's services and the rebuilding of a customer focus energy customer focus officer corps in the next year this Council still currently forecast to have an unallocated special projects reserves of 20 three and a half million in March 2 thousand 19
the Labour Group does does believe in prudent reserved but once again this Conservative group is reverting to bad habits and plans to build up unjustified levels of reserves in the next year my Group therefore sees no justification to go to our top of residents for an extra five million pounds from their Council Tax when this Council is planning to hold 23 million pounds in Special Reserve projects and almost 10 million in a separate public Health reserve
not emerge this outgoing Conservative group simply cannot stop itself from unnecessarily taking the people's money and skirling it away
in March 2 thousand 19 this Council still forecast balances and reserves totalling more than 60 2 million pounds with these figures with these figures a council tax increase just cannot be justified
so mad that Kensington and Chelsea Labour Party is going to face the electorate of the bar in eight weeks' time with a promise we promise not to raise council tax we make promise to spend more money on providing better services across the board especially on Grenfell adult services Children's services and the environment we also promise to transform this Council into walls which truly listens to its residents and we promised to plan the future of the borough jointly with those who live here
my Lord Mayor at this point I could stop and leave it up to my colleagues to detail
to detect detail detail our vision and plans for the future and no doubt there are some on the other side we wish I would but I would like to take a little longer to remind everyone of the other failures of the Conservative administration of this borough and to elaborate on some of our plans and ambitions to build a new council
in doing so I will give credit to those things that this Council is now doing correctly and we will most certainly take credit for the role that the Labour Group has played this year in seeking to salvage this Council from the catastrophe of its own creation
in this once again let me be clear I am talking not just about the fire itself but also about the failure of this Council to take care of its residents before and after the fire had taken place
not that I blame the collapse of this Council last June entirely or the hollowing out of its officer corps in pursuit of an ideology of privatisation and then another obsession with handing over our service duties to rapacious arms length service companies monument the Labour Group has been banging away about the failures of privatisation and of arms length service companies for almost as long as Jeremy Corbyn and the encouraging evidence is that we both now seem to be listened to by the electorate who have seen through the false claims and the costs of under-regulated markets
I invite everyone here tonight to look back at the budget speeches that I and colleagues made last year
a year ago we listed a host of failed and failing contracts entered into by this Council and its obsession caused by its obsession with outsourcing
we noted then that not only had these contracts failed to improve services but they had also failed to save money and failed to retain a skilled and committed staff but in that conceit that then Council leadership paid no attention on the cost of that conceit are now playing for all to see
or rather it isn't it isn't because the Maison Rinka report which demonstrated the amateurism with which his counsel embarked on its attempt to draw up contracts with the private sector has never been properly addressed nor debated by this Council
McDermott the Tory Group are now anxious to draw a veil over the failure and the cost of the tri-borough partnership and the wretched managed services contract which spawned
a failed contract which we now know has cost this Council at least 10 million pounds and which left our residents and contractors to the tendon mercy of a new untested British Telecom subsidiary based in Newcastle using a software program which British Telecom have no experience of surprise surprise as the Tory cabinet were warned from the beginning by Labour members this foolish enterprise did not work even after further millions were poured into it no wonder the Tory Group on willing to debate it
crucially madam Mayor in their obsession is replacing quality council services and skilled staff with outsourcing this Council got rid of the dedicated and experienced officers which had they still been in place we believe would have responded effectively to the aftermath of the Grenfell fire
madam Mayor I'm confident at the May elections the electorate will remember that not only is the Conservative party still the nasty party but this local administration has also been spectacularly inefficient and wasteful with the tax payers' money over many years
some day perhaps people will do someone will do a serious study further exposing the sheer incompetence of this Council in spending money in doing business
and in their general election last year this Council located less than three miles from parliament suffered a national humiliation it being the last local authority in the country to declare its parliamentary election results
in the end we got the right result and we let the damaging row
but in doing so the entire nation saw that Kensington and Chelsea council had lost the capacity even to conduct an election counts
and despite claims that you take you take pride in the way in which we adopted that counts
Councillor Palmer
councils manage to do refund recounts
continue count mother man despite claims that lessons have been learned and that this is a changed council even now the current leadership team is still seeking to find private sector businesses able to look after our old and vulnerable residents safely and efficiently and to avoid dumping more of our old people miles away from the borough and where we don't believe that that's possible and only this week do we hear that the private old people's homes to be built in Chelsea on the site of the scandalously destroyed tens Balko will now be a private facility which is so expensive that even the well-heeled oldies of traditional Chelsea will not be able to afford it
so even are old people's facilities will become yet another part of the borough turned over to an international super elite with no connection or interest in the community only the babushkas of Russian oligarchs and the entire international gangsters will be able to take advantage of the new private facilities which will literally offer Supper news featuring caviar
this is not something designed for the ordinary people of this borough either met previously the sheer incompetence of Kensington Tories might almost have sit haphazard Huber side
if it were not for the home help unable to draw their wages for the retired teacher unable to calculate their pension or the frail elderly person forced out of the borough because the council couldn't find reliable people to run its care homes and services so in reality
the culprits of Kensington council has never been even wryly amusing for those dependent upon Borough services and finances
and of course the incompetence continues and shames this Council again tonight when some nine months after the fire there are still dozens of vulnerable and despairing victims of the fire still languishing in unsuitable and life-destroying hotel accommodation
the inability to run in the election count was a public humiliation but the failure to rehouse the victims of the fire is a shame from which this administration will never escape and for which the electorate will surely God you all
to be fair let me acknowledge that after Grenfell there have been some welcome changes
on the Labour Group will offer every support we can to our new chief executive as he puts the Council into sharp reverse and seeks to restore an officer corps dedicated to providing service and not just to cutting costs as part of this we also note and tentatively support the extra two million pounds bond now given to corporate restructuring to be spent at the sole discretion of the Town Clerk
and we will certainly offer support for Barry's 2 million pound restructuring fund a from that fund he can find money to restore a minimal staff to serve as the opposition parties who have already done much to try and improve the democratic restructuring of this Council in recent months
and from various cool 2 million pounds I personally would like improvising just 3 thousand pounds to restore a printed paper directory for those of us Councillors without secretaries and officers so that we can find officers and information when we are not near a computer those of us who do most of our Council work face to face out in the community still need a paper Directory to do our job properly I think this is a live pay a minor asked but it's important to it
an amount that will doubtless be Tories tonight who will seek to ridicule wrinkles in the budget and the budget figures put forward by the Labour Group Eight would be far too simple for Australia's form the detailed budgets are impossible when the opposition is given no staffing support for our own but I prefer to say is that we believe that the electorate and the gallery here tonight wish to hear more of our vision and plans for the new council and what we want to achieve over the next four years than to trawl over columns of figures to do so would be to accept both the tired methodology and the myopic vision of this outgoing council majority therefore tonight my colleagues will provide costs whenever they can and an explanation of where funds will come from if they can be found by taking out unnecessary Conservative projects or vanity expenditure for example a Labour-led council will not be spending any more money on Opera Holland Park nor on Leighton House
0God help us the South Kensington station Flower school
our priorities will instead include ensuring that all tower blocks and public buildings have sprinkler system
that we retain a viable and relevant FE college in North Kensington
we will
we will support and strengthen carnival so keep becomes once more the healthy Child or the local Afro-Caribbean community
i'm not to pursue external sponsorships with no local connections or sympathies so tonight thank you so tonight our amendments offer both editions and deletions from the proposed Conservative budget we also make no apology for including items which will only be only at as a pilot or feasibility stage and which will therefore have few immediate upfront costs this Council has come to greet previously for not developing or considering its projects over time and in the open far too frequently projects have been worked up in private utilising expensive consultants and shown to the public and the opposition only when when plans are complete and mines are closed this is not how we must proceed in the future if there is any hope of rebuilding public confidence in a reformed council
madam Mayor and looking both to the future and to our budget plans we can only planning detail for the things that we know about with certainty
in the words of Donald Rumsfeld we have known knowns there are also known unknowns and of course there are also unknown knows this madam Mayor is precisely why the Labour Group are clear that we support the retention of working balances are 10 million pounds and we believe in some prudent reserves especially if these are legally required or earmarked for agreed projects
what we do not believe in our hidden reserve used for political advantage
such as the former disgraceful practice of the Conservative Group to give taxpayers rebates of their own money in an election year of this obviously they are not going to do that this time
we accept this a Labour-led council will probably wish to hold low reserves and to use more of the Council's money a seed corn for future income generation or to spend money to save money
such as restoring free swimming for children and for older people to avoid later and greater costs of obesity and of elderly ill health or depression
another example of spending money to save money is our pledge to protect and restore youth services expenditure
which will save on later expenditure on crime Prevention and combating vandalism and antisocial behaviour
mega-merger are also alternative sources of finance rather than just tapping up the Council Tax payer the Labour Group has always urged the Council to borrow money for long-term projects
and in previously resisting this option this Tory council has missed out on external borrowing at the cheapest rates in modern times so I do congratulate you are finally having learnt the lesson so now madam Mayor the borough has been forced to borrow large sums of money including two hundred and 50 million pounds for future housing needs and for and for correcting the shameful backlog of repairs that the TMO was allowed to build up without censure from the ruling group of this Council
so having finally learned to borrow cheap money I hope that we will continue to do so
and are permitted to do so by Government
and I will say to Theresa May's government if you are not going to help this borough with providing us directly with extra funds we need you to at least not to stand in our way when we look elsewhere for continuing finance in the recent past this Council fined millions of pounds for Opera Holland Park and importing pink grabbed granite setts to pave exhibition Road or Madame Moby would like this tradition of special projects continue but in future let's do them with the with a preferential option for those who are not well and let's do so with people instead of to them
one example of such an ambitious future project intended to benefit those most in need might well be the creation of a new family and Children's Centre for those families in the vicinity of Grenfell who have been massively and perhaps permanently damaged by the events of June 14th
madam Mayor briefly on capital I wish to congratulate the council are managing to find capital funds to rebuild baldy school on the much needed special school for those with special educational needs the Labour Group has always supported capital expenditure if it is planned in public and secures the support of the communities it is designed to serve and in whose this facility of where its facilities are located but we will never support so called regeneration plans arrived back in secret with external developers and then imposed on communities against their will in fact madam Mayor let's ban the discredited term regeneration entirely
let's give up our slavish dependency on consultants not just for Lent but permanently
a Labour-led council will want to build up to train and retain our own experts who will know and sympathise with the borough and not just take up consultancy to make a quick buck or move on before their errors and omissions become apparent madam Mayor most of us who have chosen to live in the borough glory in its internationalism and recognise that a major part of its strength culturally socially and especially in economically stemmed from its diversity and we agree on that but there are growing concerns over the scale of the property ownership
by overseas based companies which without proper transparency can be a means of concealing tax evasion money laundering
and terrorist activities
madam Mayor recent research shows the scale of this ownership heavily concentrated as it is in central London is enormously damaging to the borough
that's why we support the Mayor of London's call to speed up plans for a new public register of the beneficial ownership of overseas companies that own UK property now in theory let me finish in theory the government is committed to producing a register
but tonight we call upon this entire Council to lobby vociferously its friends in government to get on with it it's been taking far too long madam Mayor paradoxically while seeking to limit the damage being done to occupy entities by rootless anonymous international finance which uses properties of the borough as a simple stores for their wealth without even living in the properties on a regular basis simultaneously we need to make it abundantly clear that foreign-born nationals will always be welcome in our borough
the Labour Group believes firmly that the borough and the nation will continue to prosper only if we find ways to stay in the customs union and the single market and we must do everything in our power to reverse the damage already caused both economically and in terms of social cohesion by the Brexit vote this is why we think it's important that the borough follows the example of both the borough of Westminster and the Mayor of London in establishing council officers charged with helping our european community citizens establish their rights during the chaos of the Brexit process and I did hear the commitment made by the Leader of the Council over this but I would point out that Westminster did this last October so we're behind and I also want to know how much money you're going to put into this project
we have provided we would provide such an obvious we have provided for such an office in our budget figures on later tonight we will challenge the Conservative Group and look in detail at their amendment and we will ask them to support our resolution promising to set up such an office showed the Conservative Group failed to do so we hope that's the firmly pro EU electric will draw the appropriate conclusions so tonight we must look at the detail during that debate in office or in opposition the future Labour Group will support the wider campaign to require national government to respect and properly financed local government at the beginning of every budget speech but not this year this Council's leadership has always limpidly regretted its continued losses of Central Government finance and yet again this year this Council's current leader hasn't even whispered her regrets that this borough has lost a further six million pounds of Central Government finance madam Mayor I promised that a Labour administration will campaign far more vigorously and mop on more convincingly for fairer settlements for local government
i'm for reformed council tax bands which will require the super-rich and their multimillion pound homes to pay local Government taxes
fortunately as possible to the value of those properties
this madam Mayor is not the politics of envy it is simply the politics of equity and Theresa May's government is helping nobody
by failing to grasp the nettle of the escalating care costs of a growing elderly population who need care in their homes and later even more expensive care when we can no longer be taken care of in our home but are met Theresa May may seek to avoid providing a realistic vision for the care of the frail elderly
but we in this Labour Group do not and I urge this Council on this audience to listen particularly carefully to Councillor Healey's bold plans for future adult social care and services in the borough while the homes that we planned for the elderly will not include caviar they will focus on providing security and dignity in old age and we will take seriously our duty to keep our old people in the borough are not shipped them off to die in an alien surroundings
another area where the failings are central Government massively impact upon the lives of our residents is the failure to tackle the housing crisis
madam Mayor it it is a significant failing that even some Sir Martin Moore-Bick singled out as a pressing need for Theresa May to take responsibility for
unfortunately this is yet another challenge that Theresa May has failed to meet but about which our own Councillor press has clear and fresh ideas ideas which include regulating the private rented sector in such a way as to give good to encourage good landlords to drive out the fast buck rogue landlords who exploit others people's desperation
a modern match be clear when we talk about the need for more socially rented housing we mean rents which are affordable to people on ordinary incomes
my Lord Mayor I cannot end without thanking those officers who have given us some time to firm up our budget ideas and to answer our questions and in his absence I must congratulate Mr. bus both for already finding ways to take out 11 million pounds from the parking reserve account when all his predecessors insisted that this was impossible
and I also congratulate him also on the polishing many of the secret and unnecessary reserves into which this Council sequestered the people's money
madam Mayor at the last Council meeting our I outlined Labour's vision for the new council which will be humble inclusive local participate tree and genuinely democratic
I believe that these budget amendments tonight coupled and co-ordinated with our ambitious election manifesto start to put that vision into practice
I therefore call upon this Council to abandon its discredited and broken ways of doing things and tonight to adopt Labour's amendments and priorities as the first step towards building a new future for all our residents thank you mother
councillor way he lists reply
he is not a man
this this budget reflects the overall lack of strategic planning that has beset this local Authority for some time it's not clear from the papers provided as to whether the majority Group has finally acknowledged financial planning for a local authority requires a different approach to commerce and this has been identified as one of the recommendations in the central Centre for public scrutiny report which was published this afternoon
principally it's hard to see how efficiencies and outsourcing again to generate the sea savings to maintain the present level of delivery and certain services will suffer including services where residents have already recognised a reduction in quality and performance reliance on efficiencies can be effective in the short term but cannot be considered to be relied on year on year without undermining the integrity of service or Department or demoralising staff further outsourcing Council functions is this is a concern the TMO being an example of outsourcing function that conspicuously failed all that the council failed to control
when the Council outsources functions it must ensure competent officers monitor closely the performance of the supplier company
and Councillors themselves must in turn listen more closely to residents concern about the performance and they must scrutinise
at last the true cost of the failure of the tri-borough experiment is acknowledged there will be costs associated with the dislocation of this project
a project that has not only failed to deliver on the promise savings but in some cases is left RBKC compromised by poor representation in the commissioning process within the tri-borough arrangement such as the BT and the Special Education Needs transport contracts
it is counter intuitive that both the adult social care and children's services budgets are lower than those 20 17 18 given that there was a reduction in their Bubb budgets in the previous year and at the same time justifying the increase in the Council Tax
in the summary it states that 3 percent increases in respect of the adult social care precept and the subjective summaries in A for appendix 4 do not provide the answers the adult social care scrutiny committee has been assured by officers that there be no reduction in existing services yet there is reference to the fact that demographic realities including the increased number of persons suffering from dementia would create further difficulties
this budget Report was based on efficiencies and doing things in a different way but where are the efficiencies and how they are going to be done in a different way
we would like to see money is spent on sheltered housing or new care provision structure for the elderly the Council residential homes closed over the last decade have never been replaced and the population of Kensington and Chelsea is ageing and staying on in the borough
yet day centres extra care and residential homes have either closed over the last years and not been replaced or have become largely inaccessible to those in the centre and south of the borough
it is acknowledged by borough officers that the present accommodation for older residents is poor and yet rather than provide for our elderly we rely on Orient's taking ever Thames Brook and developers taking over the three Heythrop College site why is it there that the series of developments targeting this age group but they're all in the private sector and so cannot be realistically access by the wider community
where are the plans for the replacement for Thames broke in the Labor amended budget they seek re acquisition of care homes while laudable this is perhaps not deliverable and so I sincerely hope that that in this Damascene period that the Council is experiencing and as expressed by Deputy Leader Councillor Kim Taylor-Smith at the last Council meeting that more importance is placed in the percentage of lifetime homes for Independent Living sheltered an extra care homes
be delivered in any future revision of the Earls Court masterplan and other large scale developments we feel that a better use of the five 50 thousand set aside by Labour for a review of issues would be to undertake studies of what older people and particularly those over 85 need such as facilities of those with dementia incorporating Wi-Fi facilities in all homes and restructuring that care provision to ensure a reliable level of care at a high standard
the Labour proposal to abolish all home care charges which are already means-tested is perhaps a less effective than increasing the range of care and services that could be provided for the Eight hundred thousand suggested we would want to see more programmes relevant to the welfare of the elderly and with better outcomes than the blanking blanket abolition of charges
I welcome the Labour amendment to have a compulsory registration scheme for HMOs if only to ensure that the condition of the properties are well managed well maintained and retained as an option for those on low housing low-income that cannot access either Council accommodation or housing association stock but with that a robust and well manned environmental health department providing enhanced inspections without tougher enforcement pest control registration might only become another paper exercise
free swimming for overs under the over 16 s and over 60 s must be a health and wellbeing benefit gym facilities for the under 16 s are very important for young people especially boys so swim and gym would perhaps be a good option
our libraries are overstretched staffing levels for our children's libraries the sparse and many of our low income families use libraries for the homework clubs I would like to see that the figures as to whether or not the letting out to work for free at the Brompton library has been successful in its trade off in the reduction of the classroom site at the library
corporate services we agree that 6 6 60 thousand would be well spent to achieve the reversal of the community police cuts
Kim Taylor-Smith has said that more priority will be placed on building social and affordable rented homes
we hope that this is not exclusively on Eden way and the canal side site but across the borough and that opportunities are robustly are pursued wherever they appear certain affinity is states must be brought back into the social and rent affordable rented sector
as soon as possible as a valuable contribution to the range of housing options available to borrow residents housing associations were important housing providers to the council I would like to see the council acknowledged their importance by providing match funding to bring accommodation up to present days building standards as they've done in much of the Grenfell hurt rehousing programme
I understand the commitment to the old-school Business improvement proposal but have to expressed concern that until there is some resolution to the future of the Earls Court masterplan many the small and medium sized businesses having solved the doubling of a bid their business rate at the same time as the dramatic reduction on the football will not be able to afford the proposed 1 percent levy
basing the application for a bid on budgets of large companies with bigger purses may place local S M is at a terminal disadvantage
these are difficult times aspirations of changed and importantly we have to be seen to have policies that represent a wider range of residents than before so while the papers are high on rhetoric there essentially low on detail and I have deep-seated concerns the deliverability of these already reside straight overstretched resources thank you madam
I now call the amendments to the Revenue
and ask Councillor
Labour amendment and Councillor press two seconds
move the Labour amendment
and I'm very proud to second it
we now move to discussions on the each budget heading we start with adult social care and public health members are reminded that they should not respect comments to Revenue budget items as we are taking Revenue and Capital budgets together
Councillor Williams do you wish to speak thank you by the Mayor I'd like to start by thanking the staff in adult social care for their work during the past year providing efficient compassionate and caring service and particularly in their response to the Grenfell tragedy but the provision of services cannot be static it must respond to changes in need are two hubs at St Charles environment Melchett where adult social care and NHS staff work seamlessly together are helping to keep frail elderly out of hot people out of hospital and they are nationally recognised as an innovation
but recently I met action disability Kensington and Chelsea with officers and we agreed how we would work together on dessert redesigning services I'm keen to progress personalisation giving people greater control over the services they receive and I am pleased that our new Executive director brings with her a lot of experience in taking personalisation forward I now turn to Labour's proposal to abolish charges for home care
I can issue
at controlling chancing Williams shows a complete lack of ambition
no Council I know of none other than Hammersmith and Fulham has abolished home care charges as they and indeed it will be more expensive than is suggested in your budget proposal because a lot of self funders and I think this is one of the known unknowns I will admit that you didn't acknowledge this is a known unknown
would that will avail themselves of the Council's services and would ask for personal budget so I think that would be add considerably to the cost I note that this is to come out to the special project projects reserve it wouldn't be a one off unless you want to stop it after a year and frankly it is not sustainable
well why not having gay is internet so I was surprised that your suggestion to run care homes directly I think we all agree the key to success in care home management is good management as a small provider we had constant problems in finding and retaining good managers at Thames book and I don't think it is something at least in London the councils are able to do well
I am ambitious personalisation I'm also ambitious for more support for carers we recently commissioned carers Network provides support for carers and I am keen to work with them to reach out to those carers who are not engaged with our support services but need them
public Health will mention is about improving health outcomes for homeless populations but also that means providing services to individuals
we are in the process of commissioning a new healthy lifestyles Programme and I would like to see swimming forming part of this for people of all ages rather than for those offering free swimming to those like me in their sixties or are in good health and and fit
Councillor Atkinson did refer to the public Health reserve we certainly want to eliminate that but I don't think it's appropriate to do it over one year there will be significant items which would fund funded from it in the future next few years including part of the Grenfell recovery programme
Councillor Heaney used it
i'm for some reason Councillor Williams has summed up before Councillor Healey's moved the amendment
Standing order 19 point 1 0 Councillor Williams may not sum up after she has spoken I think it's interesting that he's not going to sum up again I should admit that's understood cancer Blakeman Councillor Healey humour I am taken by surprise at not change in the order but however
we will be meeting yet again is a time of crisis in both the NHS and social care caused primarily by the chronic underfunding of these services since 20 10 it's true that sticking plaster lumps of money had been provided in response to a sudden crises but there is no sign of a permanent and sustainable resolution yet here we are
faced with another budget proposing to cut back adult social care and health
with another issue assurance that frontline services are not affected
it is nevertheless a fact that we have an ageing population but the numbers of people receiving support in the borough is actually falling indeed the latest annual report from the adult Safeguarding Board showed that up to two thirds of our older residents who need support are not receiving it and we know from our casework that often the support that is offered is not the kind that people want so something has to change and I want to propose for ideas for making things a wee bit better I'm not suggesting that this is a panacea or that it will solve everything or provide a permanent resolution but it will will be of somehow I'm disappointed that both Councillor weighed and Councillor Williams have already objected to the idea of ending all home care charges
these effects both disabled people and older people and the the group of them who are still able to live at home but need support to have a better independent life in addition to that we're not asking that this sheer we take back all care homes were asking for a review to see if it can be done and it is obviously possible that another solution might be offered but it's certainly the case that at the moment our care homes are being run by
inadequate providers as we as has been shown quite clearly by the CQC report the third item is more help for users of food banks which includes pensioners as well as families with children and for that we want to see more help for those voluntary organisations whose resources are becoming severely overstretched by the work they willingly do for people affected by the general rise in stress caused by the Grenfell tragedy the homecare Cho George's issue will cover not just home care what we used to call home helps but transport charges and daycare and it is timely because Councillor Williams published yesterday a key decision to increase these charges by 3 percent in April to cover inflation most people needing these services have not received a similar increase in their incomes so some who have already been assessed as needing this kind of care but able to pay something towards it will block probably drop out the increases mean that someone wanting to attend a day centre to socialise with people eating nutritious hot meal not including caviar and seek support for their other needs will be faced with a bill of nearly 10 pounds a day in transport fees or nearly 50 pounds if they want to go five days a week as some do because Day centres provide the only contact with other people and people needing standard daycare where we charge 17 pounds 80 for each half day very few people in need of adult social care understand or accept that they have to go through a means test to receive it when the NHS is still free at the point of use and if they are able to use public transport it is also provided free through the freedom pass and it's not a very efficient way of providing the service when in addition to the people who have to means test the applicants there is a continuing problem people not paying the charges largely because they can't afford them and expensive officer time is then spent on trying to recruit debts from them which are quite often have to be written off
Every time there is an increase in these charges the numbers receiving care fall away we could help reverse this trend by ending charges now it would bring much relief to many of our older and disabled residents and it has been shown to work in Hammersmith and Fulham which abolished charges in 20 14 this proposal will cost the Council approximately
1 million pounds in lost income in the first year is not a huge amount of money it would be offset by a saving of 3 hundred thousand pounds because the means test would no longer be needed
and it could be paid for by using underspent in the adult social care budget or by using US has already been said the public house reserve this certainly within the Council's means and more importantly it would enable more people to receive the help they need
I anticipated that members opposite would argue that removing charges would encourage more people to come forward while I think that would be a good thing
it would enable us to spot people at a much earlier stage when they need support rather than finding them at a much later stage when it's much more expensive to give them the support they need
it's true that the care home issue is very much a longer-term ambition we think they should be brought back into local authority control but obviously it cannot be done immediately and it would take a review to work out whether they will be possible the cost I'm advised of a study to look at this would be a hundred thousand pounds not 50 thousand pounces is said in our
budget amendment but the need to do so is very clear
Much of the private market is going bankrupt and the charitable sector simply cannot afford to bring their premises up to modern standards
Councillor Atkinson and Councillor Wade have referred to what is happening after the unnecessary and dubious closure of Thames rook are lost directly provided care home I want at the time of the closure that we did not have enough places in the borough to meet meet the demand and that was clear from the fact that all of the residents who lit at turns rogue and regarded it as their home were placed outside the borough I urged the Council to replace terms on the site and that was a view supported by the Koch a public concert consultation that followed the closure but we were ignored we were told that private extra care housing was what was needed now and would be built on the same aside sounds good doesn't it extra
private extra care housing but what is actually being built that built there does not seem to be what we're guessing needy pensioners who have lived in the borough or their lives are being placed outside the borough too far for their relatives and friends to visit as often as they would like is this I wonder social cleansing of the elderly
because what is being built on the old Thames Brookside as Councillor Atkinson has said is a private residents that nobody local can afford and the idea of caviar on the menu surely far too salty an item for a healthy diet shows what type of resident this Council refers to cater for it is time that we stopped this pursuit of the richest has accepted our duty of care to our own residents when they reached the stage of needing to move into
running our own care running our own care homes would mean that we can ensure that people can spend their last years in the area where they have lived their adult lives and guarantee standards that many of our current provider or providers had been found alive we also want the Council to at last recognise the value of our food banks by providing two specialist support workers to help with the wider needs of people using the cost is minimal 80 thousand a year but it would have an enormous effect in helping some of our poorest residents it would also enable the Council to monitor what is happening so that we could have a clear picture of who is using food banks and why this proposal is needed because it is clear from the experience of the volunteers who run our food bugs that many of the people using them do so out of desperation and have many other problems than just food poverty for example there is an in-between food bank use a mental illness as as has been shown by Hammersmith and Fulham council many of the users need help with finding their way around the Byzantine benefit system which has reduced their incomes in the first place leaving many unable to feed themselves or their families
which brings me to my last point we would like to see much more help for the voluntary organisations that are serving the butter to communities of the cut of the borough these organisations have willingly given help to anyone seeking support but they are overstretched by the ongoing impact of Grenfell their budgets need to be increased this year and probably for years to come to ensure they can properly respond to the needs of people affected by the much raised stress levels particularly in north Kensington following Grenfell these measures measures madam Mayor will show that this Council is ready to listen to its residents and provide services closer to what they need and want I commend the alternative budget on adult social care and health to the council
thank you Councillor Hanley Councillor generates
thank you very much MoMA I'm going to speak for a few moments in support of his budget I can I start by thanking all the officers of this Council and the leadership team who in this most horrendous and tragic of all areas of the borough has ever experienced when all hands had to be there supporting Grenville
life as it were had to go on in terms of the business of the Council and behind the scenes this balanced budget and has been produced for us I understand that's been drawdowns of course from reserves of Grenfell which is absolutely right but it's a very very cleverly put together the budget and what it will do if you look through all the scrutiny committee reports about the budgets it will mean that the services we value in this borough above all else good services what we've always argued they will be untouched there will be reductions but they will be untouched in terms of the quality of service
and that is entirely down to our leadership team and the council I'd like to take issue with the way with Councillor Atkinson who seems to think that I shouldn't be voting on this budget because I won't be here for days after May the third
but actually I shall be a resident I hope of this borough and I shall be eating the cooking that were going to do tonight hopefully for the next Thirty for the next Thirty years I'd also like take issue with the Labour Party budget overall by me because it's all very well to say Let's not increase the council tax by 5 points 9 percent very easy to do that but bearing in mind we're told in paragraph 6 point five that next year will have to be continued and further savings of over 10 million live in 19 point for the following year you'll get us into very serious trouble as a Council if you take that money out any council that doesn't put Council Tax up over a very long period of time it catches up with you we haven't put it up for eight years perhaps we should have a little bit because if you don't put it up at all when you get your grant cut even further and an understanding that inflation taking off you're in a hole and is absolutely essential this year that we do what is in this budget I am so surprised that you decided not to say that and finally allowed to see those two things one is on Thames broke the whole point of selling terms book is provide obviously additional housing for those on that site but also lots Rose going to provide at least 60 units of affordable and sheltered housing incredibly important and we couldn't have done that on the timber design site itself I'm very finally I totally understand this and not many people this Council would say that I'm going to say I totally understand why we have put on hold possibly almost indefinitely on the idea of regeneration and why the flavour seems to be Let's do refurbishment of our estates which is absolutely fine but just remember when you're on this concert in the future if that is you will have to at some stage if you want to provide additional homes you can't provide additional homes just by refurbishment of existing homes we need thousands of additional homes in this bar over the next 20 years so don't get yourself in some inflexible corner where you can't where you can't do it and I'm all behind I don't understand what's going on now and I can see why it's a good thing but at some stage you will have to put your thinking cap on and we'll have to think as to how we are going to provide additional homes on the very limited land that we have and that will require some new-build and some reconfiguration or pieces of those land but it's a long way away and I wish you all a great deal of luck thank you very much thank you Council
Councillor effects I would like to and also recommend this budget for adult social care are very brief because I know I've got a lot to say
at first I would like to say that I agree with what some of the Labour party says as the Chair of the adult social care scrutiny committee I agree it is very important that we make sure that we have good care homes for our elderly so they can age with dignity and I agree that we need to look after the people who are suffering that might need food banks and I agree that we need to look at home care charges but what I disagree with is the methods in which you're proposing which seem to me to be very old-school Labour which is spend spend spend in an unsustainable
nationalise our services bring them in house and actually there so unambitious and so on creative eye we live in an era now where we've got to be innovative with our attitude
sorry I or anyone else
use would be fooling I nursed we know I elderly population is increasing I'm having to live with more illnesses with increased dementia and with more co-morbidities
without looking at the long term issues will only really diminish the care that we give to our elderly in this borough so I think you should rethink these and start using your budget for short term political gain thank you
could you plates this is a Council meeting excuse me could you please stop shouting from the balcony this is a Council meeting
we are discussing the budget this is not an arena for protest
I understand that
could you please stop shouting or I'm going to have to ask you to leave because we are here to discuss the budget tonight and we have to carry on we have a lot to get through
Councillor Palmer
there at the beginning of the meeting we are not taking speeches from the public tonight we have a lot
I listen I listened with great interest to Councillor Robert Atkinson and his speech about what he has proposed in the past in his budgets of the past and you will have heard two popular support in his speech of the past that he was talking about the evils of subcontracting unfortunately here is the budget of last year that Labour Party proposed it was a grand total of one page long similar to the budget the year before which was also a page long and nowhere in it do you make any budgetary amendments about the evils of subcontracting
it's here and here it is its public document but far be far be it from me to suggest that you make short term populist remarks because of course one of the other comments that you made which was quite rightly something that concerns us all which was about the need for sprinklers in the tower blocks of Kensington and Chelsea but yet again in this year's budget it's not there for everyone to see far be it for me to suggest that you are making short term political
Councillor Palmer placed we now leave sorry
we now move to the Children's services library archives and heritage services and as out and family learning Councillor Littler you wish to speak
i've got cancer can you not speak at the end Councillor well
I can't hear I'd like to speak about our budget that's all right
OK should I begin new began sorry about that
respects the booty for yourself you pal
thank you
OK Councillor Little
thank you madam Mayor and I would like to start despite the negative atmosphere that appears to have erupted unfortunately I'd like to start by commending and the lead Member and council offices in family and children's services for the way in which they have clearly taken very difficult decisions and try to come up with innovative solutions in the face of year-on-year cuts to the funding they have available to do the job in front of them on top of which of course the additional demands of the Grenfell recovery process which is inevitably impacting what they do
i'd like to draw particular attention to two the one point two million pounds of growth bids in the the the budget before you which illustrate I think quite well those kinds of pressures that were talking about when budgets are tighter for hundred thousand pounds in addition to assess and support those with no recourse to public funds such as unaccompanied asylum seeking children a hundred thousand pounds because of the increasing pressure of homeless young people and to hundred thousand pounds more for home to school transport for students with special educational needs all of these are appropriate and admirable
but on our alternative budget recognises all of this but but our budget differs distinctly in terms of our vision for the future of the borough the most single storey the most significant single difference is our commitment to dedicate one point six million pounds from the capital bids for consideration fund to a brand new Children's Centre at 12 Latimer Road or the maxilla nursery site to serve residents of the Lancaster West estate and surrounding streets
this is to be clear this is not about reopening the passionate debate that we had about the future of maxilla and whether the Council was right or wrong to reconsider reconfigure children's services in the way that it did rather the landscape has changed since that strategy was drawn up and a new One Stop Shop Children's Centre at the heart of the community impacted by Grenfell is a non-negotiable part of the recovery process for us
this Children's Centre will form a hub for the long-term delivery of services and not simply signposting
the second most significant amendment that you'll see before you in awe in our alternative budget is in youth services a Labour administration would bring youth services back in house in RBKC the experiment in outsourcing services to Epic has simply not delivered the goods every attempt I've seen to measure the value of the work that Epic does has been done in terms of output what they've done or tried to do in pursuit of their objectives rather than the outcomes for the young people in the borough the only thing we can say for certain that we've achieved is a massive reduction in funding for youth services via epic over the last few years and this continues with the budget that you see from the Tories in front of you
the original contract builds insignificant annual funding cuts which this year amounts to a hundred and Thirty 5 thousand pounds for youth services in addition to all of those cumulative cuts a further hundred and Seventy 5 thousand is being cut this year thanks to a dish an additional clause in the contract that allows the Council to do that where new funding pressures arise and they can pass them on to service providers
so the cumulative impact of the last few years has been enormous our residents view this as a false economy and they are absolutely right we must reprioritise the delivery of an effective inclusive five-star youth service for young people across the bar from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds that they can trust and works for them the time for arms-length accountability in our youth service I feel and we feel is over we need an integrated service which works directly with and is held to account by other parts of our Children's services early Help and youth offending teams this is why we would bring youth services back in house we would not renew contracts with Epic and we've set aside a hundred thousand pounds in 18 19 to start to build the capacity for such a move
in the wake of the Grenfell fire the decision was taken to delay the changes to adventure play services which would have seen opening hours reduced thankfully that decision meant the opening hours were maintained at a time when all of us are in agreement that reducing this service was just not the right thing to do
the additional funding provided however will run out soon madam Mayor are an alternative to that would be to reinstate the opening hours of adventure play because these community assets should never be locked up at a time when Borough children would wish to use them we will do all that we can to maximise their value to all who use them
moving to another area we've talked about
re-establishing a school uniform hardship grants or fund I spend a lot of my time reinforcing standards Aizoon of uniform as a teacher ensuring tuck shirts tucked in and ties done up and I contribute to the policy we have on a uniform expectations and one of the principles we have when we do that is to ensure that parents and students should be able to buy low price generic items from any number of retailers and still comply with the policy and look the part
unfortunately some of the borough's schools equate smart uniform with expensive uniform the uniform suppliers to one of our schools for instance lists the following items is compulsory for the girls who attend and this was in 20 Seventeen jackets 71 pounds 50 cardigan 20 to 50 skirt 20 8 50 trousers 25 50 coat thirty four backpack 20 06 50 blouse 20 8 pounds an hour and I could go on through another five compulsory items all the way through to the Pea duffel bag and sports socks which are branded
assuming that this this girl only has one blouse and one of everything else that would amount to three hundreds and Thirty 6 pounds the Department for Education's guidance on uniform states that no school should be so you know uniform should be so expensive as to leave pupils or families feeling unable to apply or to attend the school of their choice and it goes on to say that schools should keep compulsory branded items to a minimum and avoid specifying expensive items like outdoor coats now some of our schools are failing our residents on both of those points few of us sitting down here in the Chamber know anything of the anguish felt by parents who are unable to provide their children with a full clean uniform for school every day we have long advocated
we have long advocated for the return of local authority grants for school uniform and clearly even though we have a role in trying to persuade schools to make the right inclusive choices we have a lack of power to enforce that and so we have made provision for a 50 thousand pound alternative to the to the new uniform for uniform grants to put that right
turning out to our plans for a Kensington and Chelsea youth council we've made a speech a significant provision for the delivery of this the message that we hear from our communities says that they feel that the Council makes decisions for them rather than with them and this is a familiar message a new direction is being taken with co-design and collaboration which we look forward to seeing more of but we should recognise that young people are perhaps even more likely to feel that things are being done to them rather than with them and to to feel that their voices perhaps count for less we would establish a youth council with which nurtures and amplifies the views of our young people it would build an awareness and deeper understanding of democratic processes in our schools and create an elected and credible advisory group which could then be called on to inform the development of policies and decision making at this Council
just sum up during my time as a Member of this Council which has been relatively brief compared to too many nominal funding for children's services has fallen from just over 45 million pounds representing about 40 9 point five million pounds in spending power today compare that with the budget you see before you have less than 40 million pounds and the real terms cut that I have seen in the short time I've been here is just under 10 million pounds a quarter a quarter of the current budget that we spend the scale of cuts has been devastating the challenge has been approached with an admirable stoicism but it's clearly no longer possible if it ever was to gain efficiencies that mean that we can now do more with less we need to be honest with ourselves particularly given the additional challenges financial challenges that Grenfell recovery presents a Labour administration and RBKC would be clear in its message to Central Government chancellor austerity has been choking off a proper economic recovery for long enough there are even signs that you're arbitrary target for deficit reduction down to zero is soon to be reached local government cannot and should not be subjected to any further cuts and we as a Labour administration would make that message loud and clear I commend the family and children's services budget amendment to thank you
Councillor wow thank you and may I start by thanking Councillor Hitler for his I think very thoughtful comments and is also his comments about the work officers have done and as he said there were no significance changes the family and children's services budget this year this reflects our continuing commitment to the children of this bar we continue to have despite the cuts huge previous cuts he alluded to much higher levels of non-statutory spend and also lower thresholds for intervention than our neighbouring bars by way of example it on youth we spend three times more than the average bar in London colleagues may not know this but in the last 10 years we have spent over two hundred million pounds building new schools like Kensington Aldridge academy Chelsea academy and Kensington primary academy as well as remodelling or rebuilding schools such as Art Brunelle Colville Fox and Marlborough we are the only bar in London where all our schools are rated good or outstanding and our schools do a better job in closing the gap for children on free school meals than almost any other
we know we know we can't be complacent we can and must always do better and in particular for those most vulnerable children with special educational needs that is why in our capital budget despite the financial challenges of Grenfell we are still committed to rebuilding Barlby primary school and building our own much needed special educational needs school
we also know that going forward when we look at services and Commissioning before we do anything we need to listen to the views of our children and residents that is why we are conducting a wholescale Youth review ahead of the retendering of the Epic Youth contract this review includes an extensive young people's engagement exercise which is due to begin in April or May this year this will involve young people acting as trained pair researchers use
the handle from the other young people in the borough through this pope process young people will have the opportunity to identify local priorities and to shake the services of the future this includes decisions relating to the future of the current Youth Parliament or indeed the possible introduction of a youth council
as well as the future of youth and play provision more broadly we will talk to the whole sector and most importantly young people themselves before we make any decisions
finally since December we have been meeting regularly with Councillors Blakeman and Healey and other stakeholders and residents to try and work together in the provision of early years services particularly in Notting Dale we agree that we need to create additional provision for those families in the wider community traumatised by Grenfell because existing services may not suit everyone we will be putting extra years extra early years provision into Kensington Leisure Centre we will refurbish the Grenfell nursery and finally through discussion with ward Councillors and feedback from residents we are looking at an additional place in Notting Dale which can offer respite and support to families and children we have put out a survey which I urge you to complete as we want to hear from as many families families as possible
in this way we can ensure that we have the right provision in the right place for both current and future needs thank you
Councillor pressed you wish to speak about libraries I believe I do and I'm happy to go off to Councillor will because as I say I want to speak about library services because it's a value public service that falls between education and leisure and it's a public service at the bottom of the budget priorities and costs and one with a zero capital investment noted in the budget for 20 18 19 so madam Mayor when I read about the 20 million allocated over the next two to three years for the capital bids I was very encouraged what an exciting and what an innovative way to approach the formulation of a capital works program where Departments for authorised to submit bids not to exceed 20 million in total what an excellent opportunity to demonstrate everything that has been learned since the Grenfell fire and reflect the ideas and priorities we've been hearing about from communities across the borough
and so who was asked to bid for this sizeable pot while I would expect department heads and Council officers then perhaps locally elected councillors who could reflect back some of the key priorities expressed by their constituents and community groups or this Council perhaps could have held back some funds and still can as only about just over 10 million has been committed and could ask the public council tax payers to submit their priorities and have their say amenities groups and residents associations or competition perhaps where the most supported and promising schemes are assessed and assisted by Council officers to work up a feasible Business Plan for consideration what a way of publicly demonstrating the openness and listening the council is now committed to and to demonstrate that this Council really is putting our residents at the centre of decision making what did the Leader of the Council say tonight communities will share with us what they want we will engage with residents
what perhaps there wasn't time this year so the leadership could have looked back perhaps that what seemed to be the priorities for our communities in 20 16 17 and post Grandville what issues have made more than 1 thousand 500 residents sign a petition and asked to speak at Council perhaps some groups felt so strongly about an issue madam Mayor that they marched up to Council and harangued us from the public gallery or perhaps they came into the Chamber and stopped the usual proceedings
so perhaps a bid for funds to fully refurbish and structurally repair North Kensington library to maintain it for future generations given that this campaign has been one of the longest and strongest community campaigns over the past three years that would be one way that this Council could already show residents and the friends of North Kensington library that the library truly is saved is valued and is will be maintained for the next generation one way of rebuilding trust a bit and budget in 20 18 19 to support the recent press statement committing this Council to refurbishing it and also to upgrading canalside house next to Sainsbury's to maintain it as an easily accessible voluntary sector hub
but neither of these are noted or committed to in the 20 18 19 budget even though they are a very recent press statements as to the councils on the Council's website I believe put up in the last 10 days committing to repairs and refurbishment of North Kensington library and canalside house I did contact corporate property and the libraries Service for more information on planned capital works and commitments and I understand that small existing budgets have been called on and committed to both buildings but neither has been allocated a specific budget in 20 18 19 so my question tonight is since this Council's underspends go back into reserves
and since this Council has committed no specific budget that we can see how can we be sure that the verbal commitments given to community groups and on the website will be maintained isn't one way this Council regains trust by putting money where its mouth is
Labour Councillors are committed to the long-term future of the North Kensington library as a library and a community center we understood from thank you we understood from
Mr. bus that about 6 hundred thousand had been earmarked for general maintenance and so we put in our amendment a bid for one point four million as we fill that a total commitment of 2 million will enable this community to start to read trust us and ensure that this iconic and new or unique building is preserved and maintained for future generations and fully accessible I understand from an e-mail this afternoon from our Chief Executive that only a hundred and Seventy 9 thousand has been allocated to the
Kensington library repairs which will do very little and since a whole ceiling fell down on us we're not very hopeful so we would need to up that bid to almost 2 million but since there is more than 10 million left for 20 19 20 we believe that this is the most excellent bit that this Council can support at the moments and in order also that its third floor at the library can be made safe can be made accessible and rented out to the voluntary sector the citizens advice Bureau is interested and as policy is at the moment they pay a market rent from their grant so this would be investing to save investing to bring in income and it would be putting something on to the words we've had tonight of listening to our community so I hope that we have an answer on this tonight and I might even be that we could ask or the leadership while we're speaking to consider a separate vote on this as if there is one thing that this community's spoken on it is North Kensington library thank you
Councillor Pascal
but Amir I was going to speak on this at a different point in the agenda and maybe I will return to it later because I repeat the message because it's very difficult to understand why my honourable Member opposite has not actually caught up with what has been happening it's very unfortunate that she wasn't at the last meeting is very it was it was it was very unfortunate that she was not able to attend the recent meeting with the friends of North can library and I wish that she had been there know what has happened with North can library in consultation in consultation with the friends of North can library and officers has led to a programme of works which is funded out of current and next year's existing maintenance budgets what the Member opposite has failed to understand is that it's probably better to work out first of all your objectives of what you want to do and I totally support what you have put forward with one minor amendment that putting the space in the third floor farthest away from the entrance is probably the worst place that you could put it we taught through that option with friends of Northenden Library and the manager of the library suggested very kindly that by him moving up from the first floor to the top floor that we could free up space which is bigger than the top-floor on that floor which has full DDA access because he doesn't need it now
Pascal finished playing with with the walk round the library with officers and with an workshop with the friends of North can library at the previous meeting at which we examined a whole number of options it was decided to increase the space for community use the availability of Children's Wi-Fi in the library which was taken as the top priority was mentioned by friends nor can lobby and the other users come into the lobby and in particular the users of the children's library on the bottom floor we included the maintenance of the roof the maintenance of the windows and the RE covering of the stairs the full building condition survey which will be done by the end of April and I've just had an update from officers today to that effect would inform the maintenance programme managed that pram Bam planned maintenance programme schedule going forwards a Programme a greater involvement of economic development third sector local groups and partners such as NHS etc will commence sought shortly with both friends of North can library and as they have suggested the wider community
access to smart technology would be addressed the first thing to do there is to get improved internet access from the street which is not too bad at the moment and this this this will this will provide access to help all grasp the lifelong education opportunities which as Bill Gates said is probably the biggest driver to help life chances and inequalities now what I want to emphasise is that all of what's been put on the Council's website was was checked in terms of availability of funding prior to discussing which was a spot the responsible thing to do rather discussing with the friends of North can library they requested us to put that press release on the Council website the undertakings in that website press release are fully funded from existing funds and that's why there is not a capital budget if there needs to be a capital budget which is informed by the footfall building condition survey which is going to be created complete by the end of April if if if if these not her in Alcanar if there needs to be capital funds to be spent it in future wee wee wee in the library is the director of libraries together with economic development and with my support will be making a bid into the fund that Chris boss and the chief executive of height have identified for capital expenditure in the future so we are not negligent we have not made promises we cannot support
the point is the point is this is that we undertook to do certain works which were needed and were consulted and co-design with friends of North can library and published on the Council's website we are not negligent because that money is funded the money is funded I don't know how many times I need to repeat repeat this the money is there within existing fans
it is not Councillor Pryke I do knows Councillor past points below into making is that until we have the full condition survey on the building allocating 2 million pounds might be too little it might be too might be to let to let to too much
now the point the point is this you have no basis on which to fund to make your allegation you're at your suggestion of 2 million pounds there is no basis it is a completely unprofessional starts to take it illustrates how Labour say will advocate some money and they will think how to spend it afterwards thank you Councillor Pascal
we will now move to Granville property housing services and the housing Revenue account Council press you won't speak nowadays sham Councillor brakeman to speak for us
yes thank you
madam Mayor Labour Councillors a priority and the priority for expenditure for the housing General Revenue budget and Capital budgets is to support the survivors and the bereaved of Grenfell and to support those residents directly and indirectly affected by the tragedy and Councillor Blake Ma will speak to this as regards to housing however at the same time this Council should be taking forward with some urgency projects which will provide new housing new social rent housing tonight the Leader of the Council spoke of starting to build new homes starting to provide truly affordable housing and that we have alone and an extension of a hundred and 50 million for new housing new social homes well you might think it's unprofessional but from where I come from if you don't put an application in your capital budget for something it probably won't happen so
just as I argued that the library needs that commitment before it goes elsewhere the Aeternum waste site can offer us up to a hundred new homes and has already been agreed by us all as a priority since 20 Seventeen and with proper consultation and resident involvement in how it is developed this project will take some years to achieve but we are very disappointed to see that because it's probably slightly complex Councillor
then perhaps that is why there's no capital budget or commitment against this project other than three hundred thousand for consultancy fees
we have a duty of care and we have an obligation not only to Grenfell survivors but also to the many Kensington and Chelsea residents who continue to live outside the borough in temporary accommodation and in overcrowded conditions in the borough a policy of continuing to buy properties currently for sale on the open market for survivors will continue to leave us with a number of empty properties which are not suitable the Council must alongside looking after the Grenfell survivors it must take a long term view on housing and start to build its own new homes where it owns the land we've actually got
we've actually got costed plans to build a hundredth social homes in 20 18 madam Mayor where are the plans from the leadership of this Council which should show and be detailed in the capital budget it's no use bidding for it next September Labour is committed to increasing social rent housing madam Mayor in the borough and so our amendments allocate the colour of budgets in the art HR A and revised capital budget intended for employing consultants for the Eden of developments to directly employ and bringing senior officers to take forward the direct development of the site in order that all One Hundred homes can be at a social rent when built
this site has been agreed across the chamber as a priority and we own most of the land we would also allocate an investment of about 40 million which was the figure given to us by the previous head of housing as one of the direct development options across the borough so it's not come out of the sky but we would take 40 million from the government loans we've secured to invest in the construction and enabling the Council to own all or as many properties as it can and bring in long term rental income invest to save or bring in some income for future commitments I could talk more about these housing's but we tonight it's specific to our amendments our general housing Revenue budget amendments prioritise our commitments to providing all our residents with safe secure and truly affordable homes
and so we will take a far more active approach to keeping families in private rental accommodation safe and secure and able to plan further the next year's inevitable rents rise this borough has as many residents are I council tax payers in the private rental sector as it does owner occupiers we may not have a statutory duty to keep them safe and secure as was the response I always had from the last cabinet member for housing but we have a moral obligation the majority of residents made unintentionally homeless in this borough come from the private sector and when this Council accepts responsibility for rehousing these families it places the mainly in private rental accommodation and covers the higher rents with housing benefit and funds from our discretionary housing payments budget which is once again overspent this year and rising each year although I do commend this Council for continuing its commitment to those payments we currently employ
how many one tendency liaison officer in the housing department there are others in the environmental department but our budget amendments will cover the cost of more officers and paralegal advisers and they can proactively work to help people stay in their homes and challenge irresponsible rogue landlords the general housing budget is receiving a large grant from government to deal with its homelessness obligations and we propose that allocating to salaries to this budget to keep families from becoming homeless in the first place is a good use of money
at the same time we propose piloting a compulsory registration scheme not just for a HMOs but for landlords with at least three properties for rent in the borough these have been introduced successfully in other boroughs and the fees cover the cost of more enforcement officers and will able us over time not in 20 18 19 when we will be setting using the money to establish the scheme but they over time enable us to locate by non-registration the rogue landlords and they also help us locate Airbnb properties a serious concern for residents across the borough and we can start to enforce standards and again bring in income from fines and fees
Turning to corporate property I want to focus on the proposed capital capital budget
this is where most of their workers and which we are asked to approve tonight Appendix 1 and Appendix II I have already spoken to about North can library and with 6 million still to be allocated and the capital bids I trust the leadership will tonight give Labour councillors and the public are watching a commitment to approving or at least ring-fencing an amount so that we know it will be there especially when we view if you look at those appendices who are the winners in the list of currently approved capital bids and revised capital budgets and when we remember the priorities outlined by the Leader tonight in her speech
the project that will directly impact on residents' lives and wellbeing seem to be about 3 the provision to secure allocation writes on eight social rented homes which Octavia will build on Westway Trust land and as requested by Westway Trust we welcome that and thank you Councillor Taylor for putting it in and hope it means that all Thirteen properties can be allocated at a social rent as we requested
and that's over a two-year period schools' maintenance in energy reduction programme to points six million and the purchase and refurbishment of a 10 bed its supported housing project in Earls Court for four-point 5 million well done Councillor Wade large allocations over 1 million for the computer upgrade project and Kensington town hall cyclical works and the rest is made up of amounts of around 5 thousand towards mainly IT improvements Streetscene improvements currently noted schemes being in the south of the borough Kings Road Kadaga Gardens Cadogan Gardens triangle so no alternative funding sources there then and highways improvements hostile vehicle mitigation good and of course the Three Hundred and 50 thousand overspend on the Holland House Terrace improvements costed at 1 million last year
so the three major commitments under the 20 18 19 capital budget
apart from Grandville permanent properties are the bulbous school and the adult social care center all agreed and all in the pipeline since before Grenfell
the other major works being Chelsea Old Town Hall refurbishment refurbishment of the Kensington town hall public areas back on again Chelsea Bridge Chelsea flood defences capital projects are the long term vision and priorities about council housing services and if we look at them then corporate services is committing its long term vision to Chelsea Old Town Hall and Kensington town hall refurbishments in the middle of a housing crisis and environment and leisure is continuing commitments to Leighton House and Holland Park at 4 million madam Mayor these headings and crowd is speak for themselves and reflect the dearth of ideas and commitments to the majority of residents in our borough coming from the current leadership and out of the town hall our amendments need to be approved and added to the whole capital budget fully reviewed in May thank you Councillor Blake
madam Mayor can I remind this Council the on 6th December the whole Council
pledged to observe and implement all recommendations from the Hillsborough inquiry including to care for our residents who are bereaved injured or otherwise affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy as comprehensively and sensitively as possible
but as we expected at the time for many of those affected by Grenfell this is an empty statement
policies set by the ruling Conservative group are now setting neighbour against neighbour at a time when they are united in sorrow people who desperately need care and assistance are being excluded if they do not conform precisely to the new policies now set in stone madam Mayor this is wholly wrong
the council has developed bespoke policies to deal with matters arising from the tragedy but it is then interpreting them through other policies that nullify our commitments to the affected community they are creating divisions within the community and discriminating between households who are equally traumatised and damaged
so I'd like to remind this Council of what happened on the night on night of the 14th June because people seem to be forgetting or many people beside the Tower are saying that the council gave us a few months in which to grieve this period is over and now we're expected to go back to living as normal something we cannot do here is a quote from someone who was evacuated on the night that awful night I saw things that I didn't want to see things no one should ever have to see or hear
the screams the chaos the lights the smoke
it's all a blur everything was surreal like a movie but knowing your close friends and neighbours were trapped there words cannot describe how horrific it was there are no words big enough pieces of the tower were falling onto the buildings below and everybody wondered if the tower would fall my family was put in a hotel but I was told we can't help you because you're not part of the household and I was left standing on the street with a terrible feeling of isolation straight after suffering a horrific experience in that moment I lost both my family and my support network
the person who wrote this is just one individual who is not receiving the care and support promised under a Hillsborough commitment
that that person's own household is now fractured and they are being forced into homelessness in this as in other cases the housing allocations policy is taking priority over compassionate humanity in flexibility
the Council was telling households in this situation that because they do not conform to the letter of the rehousing policy their trauma will not be treated as comparable to the trauma of those who are being sedated while they are traumatised and need to be near their family their neighbourhood and their healthcare networks for support nevertheless they are to be treated as homeless if the duty to rehouse them is accepted it they will then be moved out of the borough so they will lose access to specialist mental health support their children will no longer receive the tailored support offered by the local NHS and within our schools they will be left to fend for themselves far from North Kensington and if the family they have left behind need their support that family cannot have it
Martin McGuinness is utterly unacceptable this inhumanity is impacting on a significant number of cases that I and others are dealing with making their trauma far worse
i've raised this with the Government Task Force and with the Home Office Minister of Grenfell recovery they were shocked and they cannot understand why this Council won't use its discretion to assist these households
in a Notting Dale councils call for action we said that the Council does not understand the community in the Grenfell area yes indeed it is diverse and it's not one community but several communities but in our initial response to the fire showed our communities worked together they speak to each other they live next door to each other
when they see people being treated without compassion or money being spent profligately War it's hell withheld from those in desperate need
and when there were practices that fractured communities and set neighbour against neighbour they questioned this counts as wisdom this is not the way to restore trust in the royal borough my neighbours in Notting Dale and beyond are bereaved grieving neglected and suffering in many more ways than was anticipated in the early days after the fire
the under-fives still nine months later have no Children's Centre teenage boys are joining gangs in droves some people are contemplating suicide marital breakdown is occurring there is an increase in the incidence of strokes older men are isolated crime is rising the middle-aged and older women who are trying to keep their families together of no respite and no safe place just for themselves and the council is making this far worse by ignoring what people are saying and so people are very very angry as well
those who disrupted the last Grenfell scrutiny committee meeting and ended its work have in fact removed the last opportunity at least until after the May elections but residents of North Kensington to come face to face with those who take and those who implement the Grenfell response decisions
but they still need this opportunity to tell the Council and others how we can empower their communities towards recovery and peace one drop-in session with officers would not meet this need
what local people want is a truly representative residents Forum to bridge the gap between local government and themselves but this must be bar run by and for local residents with the ability to call to account those who are responsible for Grenfell recovery the bureaucratic structures of statutory scrutiny do not meet this requirement
if our residents can establish Neighbourhood forums and vote for neighbourhood plans and our residents can also do this for the Grenfell community response and we must hear stop using the term resident engagement and replace it with Community empowerment we must abandon the approach of engagement through meetings at the town hall with a few handpicked residents associations voluntary groups the leader of the council now says that we need to be more accountable listen to our residents and communities and involvement the decisions that matter to them this should have happened on the 14th of June it should certainly stop from today so why must we still wait we are not proposing to amend your Grenfell response budget tonight but neither will be we will be relying on a traditional bureaucratic methodology that proven so inappropriate in an effective in this unique situation
what we will do is allocate the money differently and spend money better we will reduce profligate expenditure and stop doing things to the community we will listen and then meet the needs of everyone affected by the fire so that Labour at least will honour are Hillsborough commitment we will also recognise when things are going wrong and we will act swiftly to address them we are well aware that it's not possible to be prescriptive in circumstances where people's needs and experiences are changing every day and so we will remain responsive and considerable times madam Mayor we will never forget our relatives friends and neighbours and perished in that terrible fire and we will continue to campaign for a lasting legacy so that the lives they lost will not have been lost in vain
Councillor Taylor
thank you
thank you
I will speak first to our budget and then I will respond to the points that have been made by both Councillor Glickman and press madam Mayor tonight I ask colleagues to agree a five year one hundred and 15 million pound pound for investment in the borough's housing stock and I ask you to commit or build building One Hundred million of new socially rented
or truly affordable homes for our residents as the Leader outlined last Thursday Casey TMO handed back housing services to the borough and we have already started a full and detailed review of the issues and problems so we know where to focus our attention and importantly where to spend our money
the picture is emerging one we are starting to see the big issues and the challenges we face and let me be clear fixing the problems across our housing stock is our priority we have a plan but it will take time nevertheless before we complete a survey of the homes in our borough we will present an interim report which will detail exactly where we are now and how we need and how we need to improve our housing in the borough following this handbag but let me tell you what we already know
there are repairs backlog is running into thousands there are many repeat call out to fix the same problem
there is an average of four repairs a year per home this is central London this cannot be right and we need to make it right
the issues have caused frustration against residents I know from surgeries meetings and doorsteps it's not a pretty picture but it does not least we have a start point and it's something we can be measured by so I propose the night a budget of One Hundred and 15 million pounds to tackle the backlog of repairs to the homes and that includes excludes a contingency plan to address sprinklers within those tower blocks
to make them safer and create escapes we can be proud of and to fix the nuts and bolts that we will deliver better customer service to our tenants and leaseholders you should only have to ask once and in some cases not to ask us at all
we have a plan to deal with the backdrop of the pair's we will check repairs and make sure residents are happy and make sure we don't miss appointments we will undertake emergency work faster
finally if we miss our targets we will have people will have the rights for compensation and I expect to deliver this plan to deliver real and positive change by the autumn but this budget is not about repairs it's about improvement too I don't want to see repair teams scuttling around our estates applying sticking plasters and trying to patch up decay and long-term disrepair and neglect I want to fix our homes properly and in perpetuity and to put that into Council speak why keep fixing a pothole when you can improve the road as I visited estates and talked to people on their doorsteps it is becoming ever Claire clearer that huge investment is needed on the estates of Kensington and Chelsea
we have a vision for quality housing in the heart of London that is why I presenting a long-term improvement plan Elizabeth has talked about model estates with residents at the heart of driving the changes they want to see residents on the Lancaster West the slate were already working with us on a further investment of Thirty million pounds to improve their homes they are in the driving site seat creating their future and this is the approach I want to see repeated across all of our communities including Aeternum way and I'll talk about that a little later and we have increased the pot available to residents to spend themselves on improvements on their estates and their environment from Two hundred thousand to Five hundred thousand pounds and it is why I've set below but book before and stress again tonight that the council is only taking over housing management temporarily until residents have decided how they want their homes to be run in the future it will be their decision
Over the next financial year the Council will be working with residents to review its pope Roach on investment in housing and this will involve a comprehensive review of the strategy and standards and asset management
an Elizabeth has touched on building a cleaner and greener boa housing can be the centre of the drive for a clean air to this borough and it's my intention to make this a central theme of all improvements in our estates making the Town Hall more environmentally efficient is a small step but there are greater environmental impacts that can be gained from ensuring energy efficiency throughout our estates such as replacing old inefficient heating system with new clean been burning bought boilers I'm also a town announcing tonight the appointment of an independent Grenfell complaints a duplicate
why are we doing that well Grenfell housing complaints fall across several Departments so an adjudicator offers a joined up approach it cooks and pulls together all Grenfell complaints across the Council and it is independent of the Council and it will be impartial and my hope is that we'll go towards rebuilding trust is something that has been raised by the Grenfell Scrutiny Committee and it's something that's been raised by Grenfell United and received a positive response
we want to be fair we want to be transparent and we want to ensure that we are providing a better service to people that matter the most the Council response to Grenfell has a significant impact on the grand prix on the budget and an update if I may on where we are within Grenfell we've already spent two hundred and Thirty Five million pounds to secure three hundred and seven homes
so that the people have maximum choice available we have an army of 300 staff working around the clock doing everything they can to reform find the Hamleys as quickly as possible but I stress that the family's pace not us the original hundred and Thirty Eight houses holder of split to two hundred and nine households and One Hundred and seventy nine at these two hundred and 9 have accepted an offer of a home we are working closely with the Thirty households that are not currently moving and we are working with those who have children we have 25 households with children left to be rehoused and I'm very pleased to say that 19 of these have now accepted a property so a hundred and 20 for homes households have moved in
60 fall into interim homes and 60 into permanent homes additionally we have a clear housing policies in place to help the people from the wider community move out into hotels and into temporary accommodation and back into their homes
all households with children from the walkways now have an offer of a home and we are waiting for repairs to be carried out if I buy if I might just talk about the Labour amendments to the budget can I ask you not to comment from the cannery please thank you thank you
I'll start with an introduction in as much that any budget needs to be balance while retaining a prudent lack of reserves but it also needs to be legal and it also shouldn't break the law and I accept what you say about no ambiguity and no one knows and I also will give credit on the basis of suggestions that you've made and that they've been given and I think it's reflected a broad-brush approach
I think to talk about specific things if we you've mentioned eaten away and using the budget to two hundred and Thirty Eight
thousand pounds for consultancies well can I just point out that Aeternum budget is capital and you can't use capital to fund revenue expected expenditure that aside any development requires a wide range of professional advice and many of this is on an ad-hoc basis and this doctrine of in-house capacity
may work in certain circumstances but the important thing is that it may not be cost effective and it does refute raise issues on professional indemnity cover is to do with the housing Revenue budget on the private landlord registration scheme a cost of 250 thousand pounds I mean aside from the same problem that you cannot use HR a cash to fund general fund schemes is a scheme that I think that we should look at we have existing powers to tackle rogue landlords however I think it's important to consider all schemes and I know that other schemes that you put forward we will consider and to see how affected they are in some of our neighbouring boroughs
I think there's a reference to reversing the HR RE in insurance you think Five Point 3 6 million of the insurance contingency reserve and thank you for directing me to understand what this intolerance considerably reverse actually use but the insurance contingency reserve is to meet insurance losses and solely for that purpose it is part of the General Fund is not part of the HR A and using its reserves to fund increases in Leeds older charges is a complete non-starter and it will certainly fail any legal challenge
next point enabling community groups to use Council Estate readings for free and we were already doing this informally and we can honour this commitment to look at this from now on but it does require a review of our charging policies and it does require us to set a timetable but it is something that I think we can do and it is important to allow community centres access to space on the estates that they live in
a brief comments on housing property and capital and are start this by saying I feel that you'd be a little bit unfair on how the effect of Grenfell has affected our capital budget I mean to remind ourselves that immediately after that and immediately after I was appointed to this position I put a hold on absolutely every single prop project it was right to do that to assess the priorities and look at timing again and I was introduced obviously to the North Kensington library it's a fantastic building it should be maintained it should be preserved and those commitments were made
as far as
i'm I'd think I'm very happy to do that
it's nothing it's not it's not funny it is not funny and I'm very happy to do that commitment in writing as I have already done so in terms of the timing I'd like to talk about the Eton of way I'd like to talk about the Eden way housing scheme and we have a commitment to increase the number of socially rented housing
this 40 million pounds that is it's a hundred flats but it ignores the cost of the land and it also it's the land is sitting in the General Fund as its scheme six stands today that scheme is not viable for the HR A however it is one of the priority schemes and one of the reasons there isn't a specific fund to that scheme which is what's being suggested by by Monica is that we are we have to talk to the local people do you not remember we are consulting with local people that is a scheme that I have been talking to the residents of Trellick Tower and the residents of Trellick Tower have comments to make on the design of that scheme we've talked to people in meanwhile Gardens and it is going to be part of an overall consult consultation so I think it's very important to stress that we can't just rush ahead put figures based upon numbers which were done for the original scheme without revisiting and re-erected out prioritising and I've said that we have a fund set aside it's not designated for any specific projects but it is there to be looked at and consulted on because that is the legacy the cornerstone of what we're doing in terms of our capital expenditure is ensuring that we can say we consult I think as far as the other issues that concerned I think just to touch on what you talked about Judith with regard to Grenfell an approach I mean what you have described would be acceptable if it was true it unacceptable if it was true but it's not true as far as as far as support to anybody that has trauma within the Royal Borough it doesn't go by postcode and if you are aware of anybody and I ask you to do this because I know you send plenty of e-mails to identify people that aren't getting right attention is to ensure that you notify us and to ensure that these people have tended to so I think that's an important point I think your comments about scrutiny again issues to scrutiny which is very important you know we are very important for us to do these things in a hut in a public way but the changes that have been made they did have the support of your Labour colleagues and it was a unanimous decision to make the changes that we have
as far as
as promised
the shouting
this could entail eating issues that you want to identify in terms of profitably
and that's something that we could obviously I very much welcome and address thank you very much
yes Councillor Wales
1 trillion on one aspect of what Judith was talking about which is about how comprehensive our response to the Grenfell tragedy is and I think one of the things that this Council realised with the help of all Councillors and everybody in this Chamber very early on was quite how wide the effect was and how wide the traumas that it isn't just restricted to the people who were in the town or the walkways
all Grenfell walkway it goes much wider than that and I think that is reflected in the Council's comprehensive humanitarian response at the moment are key workers and support workers are supporting over my last count over 18 hundred cases
and that support is contains a large element of mental health support which is very much bolstered by the Office of the Children's services and the work that the Council will as put in I just have to say that if you have come across individual cases where that people are inappropriately being denied support you need to tell me about them I think I've had one comment
well all I can say Judith is that I asked for officers to refer to me any inquiry that comes about humanitarian response to me and I review those weekly and the reasons I do that it's not that you're more important than anybody else or anybody else who might remember the public you might complain but because you have a unique understanding as a ward Councillor and as all of us as Councillors of the needs and unconcealed trends coming so I see complaints reports on on a less regular basis but I asked to see complaints from Kansas on a weekly basis I think I've had one from you in the last month or that's been brought to my attention
well I have asked those to be collated so if so can I just suggest that ye be so it sounded autonomy and then I'll pick them up well then you can use them to me
i've said this before
pointing to her e-mails cited not seriously all you to speak Councillor Palmer I suggest that Councillor Blake man and Councillor will get together and sort this thing out okay we now move to Environment leisure and resident services Councillor Thompson I wish to speak a murmur Yes thank you very much first of all I'd like to reiterate what my colleague Councillor literally said in thanking officers for all that they've done in terms of the budget and their input
and also actually to thank some on the group opposite because actually want the things that has indeed changed in the last year is that the group opposite do seem to have got on to the environmental agenda and we thank you for the motion that you brought recently to consult
and also in relation to the new cross party agreement on the partial implementation of the 20 mile an hour speed limit for which we also thank you
I also at the start of my speech like to pick up a few things that Councillor Tillerson said in relation to the TMO and the properties I suppose
reflecting on some of the changes that have happened in the last year the great sadness is that of course it has taken such a tragedy that this change should happen at this very very partial change of culture should happen for those of us who actually have represented Northern boards for quite a considerable period of time and like my like Councillor electro I've only represented my northern ward for coming up to four years those of us who have any exposure to the TMO would have known the problems that Kim outlined in his speech there are so very few parts of any casework that has been brought to me from residents of the TMO that have actually ever been closed it has absolutely no wonder that the residents in our part of the borough feel that there was a deliberate policy on the part of this Council in cohorts with the TMO to run down this Council's estate in order that it should be regenerated
I do thank him for what he actually said the source said this evening in acknowledging the fact that all of those are all of those parts of the of the of the of the estate which have actually not been looked at the complaints that people have had are going to be looked at my and we do look we do hope that that is not a false and vacuous promise
in relation to going on from in relation to our buildings however it's very true to say that it's also the air in our borough that's also literally killing us Conservative transport and environment policies on both the national and the local level have failed to address this situation with the Jew seriousness that we believe it should and the prospect of Brexit with its bonfire of the red tip in relation to policies that promote sustainable transport options tackle climate change and address air pollution farther exact exacerbates this problem and of course it's a Brexit that supported by many in the group opposite the Labour party nationally and locally in Kensington and Chelsea in contrast see investing in sustainable transport and environment as investments in our wellbeing health and all of our futures so we're committed to the principles and practices of environmental protection and environmental sustainability across all areas of our activity
when it comes to the area of public realm are proposed they'll turn to budgets which are before you'd see evening for Environment leisure and resident services and also transport and technical services embody our vision for this borough and its residents and that's a vision for Living streets for a greener safer healthier and accessible RBKC
a safer and healthier Borough embodies are for men IHMS which promote walking and cycling and public transport over private motor vehicle use to improve our air quality to improve our public health and to reclaim our streets for people especially children and the older person
so in relation to transport our specific policies which are before you but our major thing is that we want to promote a station at Westway and on the west London railway line and to build a two way travelling between North Kensington and HS2 and Crossrail at Old Oak Common those of us who represent North Western wards in this in this borough know full well that there is not enough access to public transport in our part of the borough we also wish to improve road safety by expanding on the commitments that this Council has now given to 20 mile are the speed limit in order to create more safety for other road users and pedestrians we want to promote cycling by including cycle superhighway 9 underline it to run through this borough
we want to replace the Meryl cars with environmentally friendly vehicles and with TEFL we want to work towards step-free access at all of many of our Tube stations beginning with Latimer Road Ladbroke Grove Kensington High Street and South Kensington stations we in this Group emphatically opposed the Heathrow airport expansion and we will continue to introduce additional electrical charging points across the borough as Azhar has already begun in relation to environment and leisure and residents services the first thing that we want to do is to restore free swimming for the under 16 s and over 60 s as our leader has already stated in his speech and open a european citizens advisory service we want to work with the mayor of London to cut dangerous levels of air pollution to make sure that our planning and tendering processes embody all that is is best within environmental legislation and to ensure that environmental regulations are enforced across the borough
as Councillor Taylor Smith is already as already indicated there is more than can be done than just making the time Hall and environmental flagship and we with him would agree that we need to make the whole of our estate more friendly in terms of introducing solar panelling in introducing an electrical Windmill generating devices and Ren rainwater harvesting throughout the whole of our state we want to introduce carbon eating plants across the barren we would do this by direct planting on council-owned land and property by working with our schools and community groups to encourage planting and education and supporting local initially initiatives such as the Green fencing off the Westway which so affects the residents that we represent in this group we want to assist the Mayor of London's plans to free drinking fountains and community refill outlets and cut down on the use of plastic bottles and we want to fully review and audit the Council's whist policy to ensure that we move forward in sending less material to landfill and more of our waste is recycled we Can we proposal so that we can increase our income generating activities and for example we can do that in our parks why on earth does Opera Holland Park use our facilities with I just charging us for the maintenance that that is a crude upon it and we also would like to increase significantly the parking permit levies for diesel vehicles within this borough following the examples of other Labour controlled boroughs in London this is essential in order to promote a greener and healthier RBKC so mad Amir we offer this vision of Living streets for a greener safer healthier and accessible Borough its vision which offers more investment in our built environment and in the health and wellbeing of our residents than what the Leader and the Cabinet proposed this evening Madame Merrick yes as I have already acknowledged there has been some but actually very little change in the last year from the administration opposite
I lament however that it has taken the tragedy of the Grenfell fire char even to start this slight change of culture so madam Mayor it's not the time for a much more major change than this and it's such a major change that is embodied an alternative budget which we put before you this evening and we look forward to a change of political power in this borough on May the third to implement our vision which is much fairer much more equitable and much better for all our residents and all our diverse communities
the punchy plan
thank you very much
I want to comment very briefly on one on one line in the environmental Capital budget report at a time of considerable financial justification and a consistent and continuing a reduction in our external funding I was really pleased to see that for one more year the Raw Bar Environment project will continue to receive the allocation of Two hundred thousand pounds set out here now that's a relatively small sum but it has a new enormous impact on the lives of people up and down the borough the scheme started some 10 years ago and every year to hundred thousand pounds has been guaranteed by this Council for the scheme and it now means that some 2 million pounds have been spent on a range of environmental improvement projects which have directly involved people living nearby in particular in particular madam Mayor I think it started trying to clean up grot spots and neglected corners where nobody knew who was responsible for the land and for the
visual pollution that existed on it but more recently it's been extended into the Community Kitchen Garden scheme and that I think has made an enormous impact on providing support to people who are lonely and who very often find that their living in social isolation and just as an aside to that it's worth remembering that postwar architecture has exacerbated many of those problems putting people into isolation and lonely places so community kitchen gardens have been able to make a real improvement to that and they've also improved people's public health and they've improved intergenerational
dialogue between older people and younger people enjoying their gardens and enjoying their plots so I think it's been a great way of engaging people I think it would be good if as money gets tighter we could continue to involve companies and local employers in supporting the scheme I hope very much that they will do that and I certainly welcome its extension into cultivate Kensington and Chelsea with its own growing scheme and glasshouses are delivered via but I think the fundamental point about the royal borough environmental project madam Mayor is that it has sought and succeeded in improving the quality of life for everybody and that is something which everyone on this Council on every side should continue to support thank you
Councillor hot roast you wish to speak Lord Mayor I was going to cover these under the Transport a section next but as Councillor jobs has raised a couple of issues relating to cleaner greener bearer in relation to transport I thought I'd just touch on these now so in addition to many of the things that Councillor Dobson talked about roll out of electric vehicle charging points and we are ahead of most London boroughs on that 20 mile an hour speed limit you didn't mention our support for the mayor of London who those roll-out scheme which will fully behind supporting another couple of ideas that we are promoting at the moment just signed off today a poster to help tackle idling vehicles on emissions from Idomeni girls and we're about to engage on an education campaign to help reduce that and make drivers aware of the dangers of sitting with their engines idling we also have been promoting a high to buy
Cyclescheme where residents can offset the cost of buying a scheme or buying a cycling ones in one hit by renting over several months and 1 surrender equates to the book to the purchase price of the bike they get the bike so I fully support this drive towards a cleaner greener borough and I fully support the transport initiatives that we are carrying out right now and will continue to carry out through the next year's budget provision for that to put behind the headline of a cleaner greener borough and to put behind the headline of the Transport contribution to that these very practical issues that were putting into place that will help to support that thank you
Councillor Pascal Jewish to sum up
thank you very much
first of all I'd like to thank Gérard for picking up a couple of points which I can't understand why Labour put transport issues and the environment and and and and libraries but maybe they could explain that to me after afterwards
but thank you John for picking it up in the moment in addition to the community response to Grenfell that of the third sector and other partners I too would like to pay tribute to the officers and Environment libraries economic development environmental Health who have and continue to contribute whilst providing to improving services within the financial constraints to residents businesses and visitors to the barren last week for instance Gary mass and surge were gritting during weather which we most of us wouldn't go out in and doing hours when most of us were asleep they are but one small example of the determination and service that come from people who really treat their provision of services extremely seriously
this situation that we're now in has required new ways of working to better join up separate streams of work within the council and to work more fully with residents examples and these only a few because I don't have all night to go through the other ones construction site management co-locating planning environmental and traffic officers to visit sites that commencement of construction clarifying the advice that is available and the responsibilities that are expected on noise dust traffic management etc. has together with a robust enforcement reduced the problems from those developments so addressed the roll-out across the borough of this pilot will reduce the unit cost of doing the enforcement by better use of mobile IT and improving case management processes within the crime within the Council I'd like to give a special big thank you to those residents association and local individual residents who have been who are helping have helped and are helping in co-designing and providing feedback on this process on air quality and climate change this cross-department group which we had a debate on the previous Council meeting and I undertook to chair a meeting of the two groups which are separate within the department within the council drew together all the directorates from the Council representative by the by directors or there
delegated appoint people to identify the key priorities within the barras action plan of which there are about 80 items and these particular priorities include the electric charging points that DARD has mentioned diesel particulate reduction idling engines energy efficient new and also particularly addressing our widespread heritage buildings both in the public and the private sector
together that probably the biggest commitment is to keep warm vulnerable and lonely residents within the borough we have several schemes at the moment and we're looking to expand those schemes from various Departments to address the issues that people have
face in their own homes
investment in Streetscene responds directly to residents priorities at ward level including environmental and road safety and severe as other statutory requirement issues that we have to address in parks community gardens and across the borough this has led to award winning schemes and the opportunities for all residents and visitors recreation exercise and the provision of lungs in the community a current example of the renewal is a current example is the renewal of the adventure playground together with the Ecology Centre on extort Ecology Centre in Holland Park it was a privilege a couple of weeks ago to go to St Cuthbert's in the centre of the borough
to launch our kitchen waste recycling pilot I look forward tomorrow to visiting where the Leader the community garden at St Clement Danes Centre which will be part which is part of the wider scheme that has been mentioned with community gardens and the grain scheme at Olympia
North Kensington library I must return to this I've been reflecting on on the discussion we had earlier and after 40 years of experience in the industry I find it quite extraordinary that Labour would wish to allocate a budget prior to doing normal due diligence in my experience which is limited and anecdotal my experience during the small and big plans for the first thing you do is to try to find out what the objective is and what they want to achieve you then do a design you then cost it and then you find the money to do the project and that is the normal way of doing that is the process that we went through with the friends of North can library that is the commitment we made on the Council website and that is why the funding was was arranged to achieve those aims the whole process was very robust the actions have been carried out to a time frame which has been confirmed to those participating in the meeting and I'd be very glad moniker to give you a briefing on this after this meeting
the North can Library consultation with friends of North can library and officers led to a programme has led to a programme of work funded out of current and next year's existing maintenance budgets and I take no I have no problem in repeating what I was saying earlier because I'm not quite sure you understood what I said the first time increase space for community use both mainly for free and in certain circumstances where they are charging the May they may need to make a contribution back into the finances of the library Wi-Fi to the children's library area first on a small scale basis it can be done fast and cheaply and then later when we look at the Wi-Fi throughout the whole of the library with Ice-T because we regard the access to the internet at the top end of the range as being the fundamental thing that will drive future library services and the involvement of economic development and partners such as NHS did and helping lonely people maybe through Skype and a whole number of issues like that we are going to consult with the third sector and friends' accounts the friends of North can library and at their suggestion the wider community and we have a plan to be doing that over the next few weeks
so all in all on North can library I believe that whilst the measures that have been able to be put in place in the short time that we've been on this project we've set out a practical programme to achieve what needs to be done in the short term they foe building condition survey which is due to be finished by the end of April will inform the planned maintenance programming there afterwards came Taylor Smith has answered the question with regard to the fact he is quite prepared to confirm in writing with regard to the ongoing future of the library
changing too
this building that were in the wider building that when I would like to enlarge on the objectives that Labour put forward it is one thing to put insulation in the roof it is another thing to have what was at the time the space programme the largest photovoltaic array in Kensington and Chelsea which since two thousand eleven has reduced both electricity use and cost together with low energy and lighting and better use of officers this has reduced by 50 percent
the amount of power needed per officer piranha and also at the same time we reduced the paper use in this Building by 80 percent we have currently running a high tech pilot on the top floor of the of the council building which is aimed at looking at further improvements to working practice efficiency and improved working conditions for the people working there and use it use USA meeting spaces however we also want to look wider at the use of mobile working and investment in the green and grey fleet operations and for those who are not wear what gravely means as those officers who maybe have to work late at night bring their own car into the borough and have their costly freight that's very difficult to insist that they have the latest fuel-efficient vehicles if they can't afford to divide themselves so that is an area we need to look at both in terms of money and in the employment conditions that go around that I therefore suggest that none of the amendments that have been put forward by Labour
add to what officers have achieved and would generally add to cost I recommend the budget that this party has put forward
we now move to planning and Barratt Development and Transport and technical services and considered it thank you madam Mayor I'll be speaking on planning and Barratt Development transport and technical services are not part of my brief I just want to say I could say many things it's fantastic where spreading electrical charging points all over the borough especially around Chelsea but the cause cost 20 thousand pounds there aren't that many people who can spare 20 thousand pounds to buy an electric car so I keep them in Chelsea most people can't afford them let's think some that someone or some other ways of improving our transport
the budget are key
the the budget for planning and Barratt Development Miramar is relatively small just around three million pounds and some areas such as building control are self-funded through fees and charges to developers
so I'll keep this simple we would not wish to pour millions extra into matters which cause huge public frustration will start with the money we have but will ensure that planning benefits all of our communities
so to inaugurate the first year of a Labour administration in Kensington and Chelsea will start as we mean to continue we propose a very different approach to how residents interact with our planning policies and processes most residents facing an unwelcome development are doing so for the first time and had to learn the process from scratch at a time of great anxiety and stress the Labour administration will initiate a full programme of planning education and training workshops too to equip our residents under the height of antisocial development to engage fully in the planning process the stated aim of planning eight for London who we could bring in to work with us is to build active citizenship this is precisely what the first Labour administration in Kensington Chelsea ascribes too
we will deep be determined instead through the current very discredited processes of consultation or engagement
to ensure we are empowering residents we will build active citizenship in the planning process one important step to genuinely genuinely changing the Council's culture so we will invite planning eight for London at little or no cost to provide record monthly advice sessions on how residents can become effective objectors and how to deal with matters in contention along with applicants before they reach the Committee stage this could be a huge inconvenience and genuine loss of amenity caused by a rear extension which taking light obstruct views and affects privacy or could be the huge disruption noise and nuisance caused by a neighbour digging a basement extension or could be thrust of demolition of well loved buildings and the construction of new buildings which filled the entire footprint compromise the scam with them of your street and change the DNA of your neighbourhood forever or could be a major developments such as that at Earls Court or cancel gasworks both the voice which must benefit existing local residents first on the positive side residents may wish to initiate the process to create a neighbourhood plan
again this is something that residents associations and other groups are currently forced to learn from scratch it's a long and complicated legal process which anybody should be able to engage with we will provide the training and advice these groups need to save our cherished buildings and local amenities there's also a better case for better understanding of the process to cry assets of community value which I know has been applied inconsistently among great at a great deal of confusion over the past few years the training advice some workshops we provide would include sessions for planning applicants on how to deal with problems and issues of objectors and advance of Committee meetings forthright discussion negotiation and agreement in advance could employ the avoid the very contentious or devices standoffs we often see in Committee
which set set neighbour against neighbour and cause huge upset in a new spirit of cooperation we will do everything possible to acquit both applicants and objectors reach compromise and agreement planning applications can make our residents' lives a misery are Labour administration we show that this is a better understanding of the process and how to react to it training and education with McBride guillemots these sessions free and open to all will help to turn the planning battle ground we live in pitting neighbour against neighbour and unfunded groups against the vast wealth of voracious and uncaring developers into a cooperative venture and council proposals will have co-design at their heart are not an added inconvenience we will introduce people power into the planning process appealing to common decency in the public good and have a consensus at the scale of domestic neighbourhood and major planning development
by demystifying the planning process we will redress the balance of power which has for so many years been unfairly tipped in favour of those with access to endless wealth and the determination to pillage and monetise every corner of our precious borough we will welcome residents into the Town Hall for free training on all aspects of the planning process and create an army of planning experts who work together to take back our borough built active citizenship and ensure that planning benefits all our communities
the madman
Councillor Thompson do you wish to speak
Councillor Hargreaves thank you very much indeed I referred to electric vehicle charging points because that's what Councillor Dobson referred to so it was only picking up on his point but turning to Councillor didn't curves comments on planning many of which some very good sound very laudable and many which would out we'd like to engage in conversation about doing that but to present those ideas are presenting some sort of utopia some sort of panacea where everybody in the world gets on with one another I do think he's rather fanciful but that's let's let's bring it back down to earth now let's bring it back down to earth and look at reality we do listen to our residents and if you look over the last few years you will see how we've listened to work with residents to bring in a new basement policy you'll see how we've listened to engage with residents to bring it pulses about pubs go into residential you'll see on numerous occasions how we've worked with and responding to residents to make the planning process easier in your draft budget your menu budget you have an item here provide support and expertise to resident groups challenging major putting up occasions and HR emerges topiary totally agree and we are already working on that and I have already met with the with resident groups about about that strange you put zero in the budget because I'm not quite sure how you can do all of what you said you've had your say at least have the good manners to listen please
you you you don't put a budget there is no budget so absolutely I agree with many of the ideas that we are working some of the very working happy to work in collaboration to develop some of those further thank you
so we now move to corporate services Councillor power do you wish Councillor Mason
Councillor mess
first of all I'd like to
to support Mr. Buss the director of finance and its finance officers are being maligned again and again by members of the majority Party and the Deputy Leader it's quite obvious that they are turning on them because they see themselves as losing power which you with which you are so our finance officers have been accused of giving us bad financial information I do not believe that if we give us about information they give you but bad financial information and your budget is full of holes as well
no doubt now the first on corporate services I'll come to that I'll come to that I shouldn't have to tell you should know where they are
now on corporate services the first are the first priority of any Council is to make sure that the residents of this borough are safe and that is why the Council back in the day higher forty one police officers that were from the Mayor of London because we were told that that would make the streets safer for everybody so now
with with crime figures rising month on month we don't believe this is the time to reduce those Council paid for police officers from 41 down to Thirty fallen we spend over a million on those no Labour run Kensington Chelsea will ensure that these officers more effectively used and in fact we will act to increase police Community support officers that we used to have in this borough and paid for now clearly the crime reduction strategy of both the Council obviously the police has failed and I say that because the last crime figures for April to December 20 Seventeen tells us that for example domestic abuse offences have increased by 28 percent the highest in any London borough
residential burglary has increased by 53 percent and its dirty 5 percent across London all burglary is up by 29 percent youth violence is up knife crime injury is up by 16 points seven percent faith hate crime is up by 2 percent antisemitism is up by 20 percent Islamophobia is up by several hundred and 40 percent robbery is up by thirty four point 8 percent
theft from motor vehicles is up drug drug trafficking is up by 14 points 9 percent and theft and handling theft from the person from shops and from cycles are all up and yes knife crime is up I think that we've had something like 16 09 stabbings since last August and criminal damage
certainly not setting a good example so
back in 20 14 Mayor Johnson who had who offered the buy-one-get-one free police officers that replaced our PCs was
we were told that they would basically do the same job they have cut for a hundred million of the budget and a couple of hundred million off the budget by 20 20 again on top of Six hundred and 80 million Seddique is reviewing how the buy one get one free initiative can continue because as I said
the government is quite another for a hundred million offers budget and backed by 20 20 and top of the Six hundred 90 million that was cut when Boris Johnson was mayor and did he complain too much about that obviously not the cut the council first bought plesiosaurs in January 2 thousand and 3 when Ken Livingstone was mayor but as I said Boris Johnson ended that with the buy-one-get-one-free PCs in 20 14 and we never supported this we opposed this because we knew that PCs PCs also walked our streets and estates they got to know people locally the dealt with low level crime and antisocial behaviour that sometimes meant that young people were immediately criminalised because they got to know the officers who said listen you know please go away or stop doing that instead of arrested them immediately and they picked up anti-terrorist information etc and they were popular with most with most residents
there is also a problem and particularly a problem we're tasking as I said in my last Committee the objective in corporate services scrutiny committee with this crime report came
we said everything you're doing they trotted out all the stuff that doing everything you're doing is failed and I know that because the crime figures are going up and up and up the stabbings are going off the crime is going up the fervour is going up the theft from motor vehicles is going up everything is going up so everything we're doing is it is failing and so are at present the Council has 21 partner agencies who decide on a weekly basis what the priorities are and its chair by one of our senior
safety officers residents are told that they can attend something called Ward panels run by PCs and how many of those are well attended was out in the north you'd be lucky to get three or four people but the point is they are almost paper agencies we used to have please sector meetings where the Inspector of the area
chaired the meeting and resignations in councils and so on sat round the table and we decided the priorities the local priorities what other local priorities for this year will again Boris Johnson changed that in the case apart regions is listening means an officer the partner agency approach the hot spotting approach meant that these officers are more or less used for what is Council business because partner agencies want the officers used for as it said in the report entertainment licensing issues trading standards dealing with begging and homeless people and dealing with litter littering and busking at the Chelsea Flower Show and to deal with souped-up vehicles racing around Harrods and does anyone believe that if you have a roomful of residents sitting around the table that I would agree with those priorities well no they don't so when we moved away from the local priorities we had we had a civilisation
so keeping the Fawcett 41 I increasing from thirsty for that to me is seven you're going down from four heads on costs 60 K this is not a point of order I think we should lie
it's a Diane Abbott's moment then you need to look at your cold snaps please please continue
my point is proved this in your budget these are your budget figures not mine these are your budget figures not my budget figures yes in Councillor may sell budget figures right you budget figures say 60 K
reduction would you like to continue Councillor mess but on this situation given given given the situation we have we've got 41 police officers a police force that works on Hart's Botting and in and in my ward and a result of this situation that residents are not Kensington wards and no one else caught and whirls in an elsewhere living beside drug houses violent drug dealers roaming gangs are suffering anti-social behaviour
who can't get the police to attend because he hasn't made enough calls and the reason I haven't made enough because it's because if you know any of these areas you do not talk to the police the drug dealers will well will threaten and threatened to kill you as I do in my area if you talk to the police no I know what I'm talking about because back in 19 96 when we had the situation either
to get a gun to my head so I know what it feels like if I can put your head and for somebody to say I'm going to blow your brains out in two seconds right which I didn't do it and obviously I wouldn't be so I wouldn't be sitting here but we have had in the last two years I've been fighting with the Met and obviously what the Council funded officers get some action because people say they're not on the streets they are not doing anything they're up doing all these other things where people in the rich areas are able to have the luxury of making phone calls looking out through the curtains and we need to go back as I said to Councillor Wheale my Committee the other day having to go back to two priorities for local it is local people should decide what the crimes and there is a need dealing with what the policing issues that need dealing with and my guess is that it would not be this situation that we have now we need to change how this works me to scrap this hot-button situation and we need to ask local people are saying we don't need to ask it of everything else we need to ask them how they want their area is policed because a lot of violence and we can see the drug figures they are the crime figures going up through the roof they're going to continue and we just had a young man killed as you no one else caught just the other week these things used to happen every week back in the ages of nine days and we managed to stop that we cannot go back there and we're going to go back there because the thieves and the robbers and the antisocial behaviours no there's nothing on the street to stop them from doing whatever they're doing
on the other reduction of the ICT project spend we're spending 5 million this year ICT projects are like the Forth Road Bridge
or the Forth Road Bridge spending off of our finance no sooner have you spent five 10 or 15 million and one project and you have you have to start again so we will simply ask the officers to reduce in the next year to point five million from this spend as long as the majority party would do any party would do or are we would do when we come into office on any issue and that's what we'll do and will use that for other
other throughout
Four of other priorities the other thing we will do of course if we come into office in May the third which I totally expect we will we will carry out a full review of that hundred and 16 million of outsourced services that Councillor Atkinson talked about earlier because we believe this millions in there that we can save or stopped from being wasted when Councillor Rinka and I are on all on our Committee did
a procurement scrutiny to find out what the issues where we did 16 we looked at 16 contracts and almost every one of them was either overspent the managed services contract that Councillor Atkinson mention 10 million are now able to put another three-point million into a new contract and we will of course the view that to see if there's absolutely necessary it may not need to be all spent at the one time on that list and the passion to transport contract went pear-shaped the pensions administration contract was overspent Holland Park school vastly overspent the total facilities management were just in the process of getting rejigging and getting rid of was a complete mess the Holland Park school of the National Army Museum or give them to point five million have no idea why we should give these people to point five million I'm quite certain that if we went through the hundred and 16 million worth of content services I'd be very surprised if we couldn't find 20 or 30 million we've already locked wasted 10 million on one single one single contract we should end redundancies and on and on the capital project or programme we have this phantom public public areas do point 6 1 5 million refurbishment of the Town Hall at all it's been deleted it's not in the Inn in in in in the papers but it was in the leadership team papers and is in the budget papers tonight we would have to take it out and use it for something for us for something else we had a Oui Oui Oui Oui Oui Oui had a lecture from the deputy leader about the difference between revenue and capital where we know what the difference between revenue and capital is I can give you a 20 minute speech on how revenue becomes capital if we wanted to save capital money and the capital budget is underspend in the last year by thirty one point 1 million and before that we were told it was 17 million there is something wrong with a budget or finance process where the capital budget overspends by between 20 and Thirty million when the funds are getting started at the other end one of the things is not simply to put so much revenue spend into the capital budget where it sits and rots for another year going forward we need to get control of the budgeting on this Council we will after May the third because the way that we are budgeting money squirrelled away millions are wasted on these contracts that are destroying our services are on the street we will find a new way forward with everybody we will run a People's Council he had after May the third that's what we will do we will not have a situation where these people are presented with budgets and proposals that they must take or leave we will do this together off the middle third and for everything I've heard tonight I do not believe the majority party have got the psychology to understand how that worked out really saying it's simply near to where you do that
the third
Councillor pounds
thank you madam Mayor I wanted just to give babies the pool and see what's already been said in relationship to local community policing teams Councillor Mason has already outlined the context under which a Labour administration would reverse cuts to local police officer numbers the government has made severe cuts to police budgets and as a result the Metropolitan police will have to find a further four hundred million pounds of savings by Twenty Twenty One on top of a staggering 6 hundred million pounds of savings already made over the past few years resulting enclosures of police buildings front counters and a loss of two thirds of war police Community support officers
in an effort to support the Metropolitan police and to reduce the impact of government cuts London mayor Sadiq Khan has invested 60 millions pounds to support an extra 1 thousand police officers that that would be that would otherwise be unaffordable between 20 19 and 20
excuse me may I ask you not to shout from the
to support to ensure that our communities are safe when young black men are dying on the streets
excuse me sir this is now a public debate I have asked Councillor power to address the Council and when you please keep your comments yourself
in the house
so to speak and had this to say the government is failing in its primary duty to ensure the safety and security of the public madam Mayor community policing is at the heart of British policing and is central in creating trust and confidence between local communities and the police having an effective relationship with local communities is essential for current crime product crime prevention tackling hate crime and also in terms of reducing youth violence and new approaches such as a public health approach which goes beyond punitive measures reducing police numbers will severely hamper effective community policing
many in our local communities have already are already very concerned and frustrated with the rise in antisocial behaviour and violent crime there was a real fear amongst residents that they are not adequately protected and as a result feel extremely vulnerable the need for local offices and a return of PCSOs has never been greater
Councillor Mason has already stated the importance of local tasking of local offices this is important to ensure for example an effective knife crime Plan and anti-social behaviour strategy
however madam Mayor I feel that this Council has failed to make use of existing tools and legislation that could give further support to local people in the context of anti social behaviour
the vast majority of residents are unaware of a piece of legislation which puts victims first and offers a mechanism for their cases to be heard if they feel that antisocial behaviors have not been addressed this piece of legislation it's called Community trigger or antisocial behaviour crime and policing that 20 14 the Council has failed to promote the Community trigger and and and has under utilised its use
madam Mayor increase use of this legislation combined with local tasking of officers would give support to local residents and would help reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour currently experienced by many in this borough
effective community policing is essential and therefore keeping the number of officers at current levels is crucial
thank you
Councillor why
thank you
we are coming towards the end of this debate and in certain places I've noticed a rather unattractive theme I think which is to suggest that somehow the south of the borough does better than the norm
I just by way of example Thompson
referred to the team's performance in the north of the borough as being I thought less good than that in the South that was tolerated so that people could be encouraged to move away well if he lived in my ward he would find equally vociferous and competing residents in our back gardens many flats there
in Scotland Street these are not common only to the north of the borough can suppress points to capital projects being continued in Chelsea she refers to the flood protection scheme being continue she refers to refurbishment of the old town hall and then she said that this somehow points up the majority party's priorities well it doesn't it shows that the majority party governs not just for one part of the borough but for all of it and that is exactly what we should be doing it is not a question of all or nothing it is doing both and we can do we can afford to do both and that is the purpose of this budget and shows
very well I think that in difficult times straitened circumstances all we can do both and certainly we should and I commend this budget
Councillor wealth and then you can't sit on some ice
i'm going to try and peppery but baffled I was by many of the things that Councillor Atkinson said in his opening remarks particularly The rather Alice through The Wonderland concept of unknown knowns which I'm going to treasure I think he's had one very wise thing and that was that the
but he wasn't going to the lead party weren't going to worry about the detail and I think we can really see that in him what they presented to us and are glad not for the first time actually is that it's not the Labour Party that is setting the budget
revenue cut of the revenue costs the reversal of 60 thousand pounds would not reinstate all the or the policeman a simple little mathematical exercise would make you work out that that would be about 8 thousand pounds per Constable and I think we wouldn't have very many laughing policemen in the borough if that's what they were paid and I think we might have
I think I think that would that would definitely cause us to have a little bit of problem with retention now lots of comments were made about the hole the general area of policing which I think better conducted elsewhere and as you know we are going to get to a thorough review of community policing and how we're spending Mama Armani murmur wisely but I did just want to put a make a couple of points on this the first is that we will still have the third highest number of of our own funded police officers in London and one that's those top three are pretty well ahead of all the other boroughs so we are still investing a significant sum as a borough because we do take Community safety very carefully we have the police and the police fun to dedicated ward officers per ward they are the people who are supposed to be out there getting to know people on the beat and I know that in my own ward they do engage very widely if they don't in your ward I think that's something worth taking up and finally the our own police were originally tasked to work on antisocial behaviour and low tackle low level crime and criminality and in fact sometimes they do to tackle bigger crimes when they come across them but that's their remit they are tasked fortnightly and we welcome the input of of everybody but particularly Ward Councillors into those taskings and they they do go they don't have beats but they they are tasked whether needed run the borough and that does include our housing estate and I see the tasking list every fortnight and I see that it includes housing estate so if you're not sort of fully conversant with how that's done please let me know those are public documents you can see where that their task to go and I'd be very happy to share them and I'd be very happy for input into that tasking and future Councillor Thompson
thank Councillor Warwick for his intervention and for correcting me on forgetting the people who live in social housing in the TMO estate in the south of Barra thank you very much for that
but I would like to point out that he rather missed the point of what I said the point of what I said is that we all know and the residents that I represent in the north of the borough now that there has been underinvestment in the estate in order to run it down and that its regenerated and what Councillor Warwick did was it admit that this is the case not just for the north of the borough but right throughout the borough north and south because what he said was that his residents experienced exactly the same as my residents and as the residents of every single Member of this Labour Group the point that Councillor Boruc makes as he now retired from this Council is that real change can only happen with a New Labour administration that will unite people of all communities North and South of this
Councillor Lindsey
to sum up on the corporate services and then I'll just be OK
councillor Ian is I am asking you to sum up on the corporate services can I just be brief on that
I want to talk briefly about the possible effects of delaying the one off manic service project currently with Hampshire if we were to do that we need to bear in mind that our contract with BT expires at the end of May next year
if we don't have something in place by at the latest October this year we will not be able to pay staff pay third parties prepare our account at all at all and if you want to be responsible for that that's fine but we don't
I second one to say that are that the idea that we can save significant amounts from our IT spend we spend in total about five and a half million in ICT in this borough compared with 8 million in Westminster if we were to reduce that by roughly half we would have to get rid of large numbers of staff so think no website no helpdesks or signal very significantly reduce websites and help desks in ability to answer Freedom of information requests lack of compliance
no investment in new Microsoft and new computers that are desperately needed by many staff I said my piece if we were to go down the Labor route that would be acute consequences
that the set the corporate centre and indeed staff would not be able to cope with thank you
I now call upon Councillor pressed the summer on the Labour amendment Lord Mayor
and just to briefly respond to Councillor Lindsey and that what we have committed to is a full review of that specific contract and others it was the first thing that Hammersmith and Fulham did and the money they save they've been able to allocate to much more relevant things we are not strong negotiators in this Council the Conservative Government's current commitment to austerity means that whoever controls the council after May there will be tough decisions ahead around local public services however I believe and I believe our arguments tonight have shown that the amendments we've outlined a show that we can reallocate funding to the priorities of ordinary residents protect the most vulnerable not raise council tax which is four points seven million against a service budget of 1 8 8 million and maintain a balanced budget
there are two questions therefore to respond to thank you
Councillor Taylor Smith for taking the budget that we presented in such detail and studying it
you can allocate a chair or a funds if it is site-specific and so there is that those HR A funds are specific to Aeternum and Mr. Bush was bus was very helpful and he did make me aware but only yesterday that about his concerned on putting advice officers under the HRA and your Member tonight we looked and with the very large homelessness Grant and what these officers will be doing there is money allocated in the budget and in that we have a total services budget of 1 8 8 million this year and with reserves forecast at 60 2 million by March 20 19 I'm afraid I can't agree with the Leader of the Council that now our reserves are spent we are just very grateful for Mr. bus for his new approach to defining and outlining the different reserves in the budget and how they might be used so we'd like to note and commend our Director of Finance for the approach taken and particularly as regards some flexibility with funding pots which are currently not totally prescriptive and can be defined as better and increase community community participation and co-design of policies and projects is taken forward
we need to learn to invest to save and we need to bring key services back in house if we as the council are determined to engage directly with residents and not through what third parties tell us
Mr. quirk you may be the only see I O in London with a budget of 2 million to spend on as yet undefined governance corporate and community engagement changes but this makes sense if and only if increase public engagement in Council decision making and the setting of policies and key decisions is by co-design and the full participation of communities and groups directly impacted the Labour Group are committed to this approach it is a modern approach and I see that some Tory councillors who've been here some time obviously find this quite unsettling and
and an unprofessional approach but in my professional experience allocating budgets of around 16 million post consultation earmarking funds prior to co-design and consultation is essential in order not to raise false expectations and in the case of the North Kensington library as a key gesture of trust
Mr. quirk you look as though you are still getting a good night's sleep so I look forward to hearing more as to how this significant part will be spent and who decides its allocation
the Labour Group respect and recognise the currently does commitment bravery even in taking over leadership after Grenfell her regular attendance at very difficult meetings with survivors and community leaders in North Kensington and some sincere apologies for the council's response to the disaster
and her verbal commitments to a different future to change to a new and listening leadership
and counsel and budgets are if nothing else about funding visions and verbal commitments
so to borrow a quote Don't tell me what you value show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value the Leader of the Council presented a vision for the future to the last Council meeting a speech which the leadership decided was so important and relevant that they sent it to all the Kensington and Chelsea residents associations and community groups a privilege not given to the Labour leader or the Leader of the Lib Dems given that speeches importance to the leadership and the priorities it laid out and which the leader laid out again tonight it provides a framework for reviewing this budget and demonstrates our very different priorities when it comes to allocating the limited funding we have to progressing a new resident focused way of working from April 20 18 we have differences and concerns which have not been fully reduced or delayed by tonight's contributions from some of the leadership team or other Tory speakers
I welcome very much Councillor Taylor Smith's responses and the seriousness of them and the announcement of his plan against the hundred and 15 million loan and his recognition of the truly unacceptable conditions council tenants have been living with under the KC TMO management although an autumn publication date has yet again seen a pre Grenfell leisurely pace
the latest states that after Graham for recovery in support of resident of residents directly affected by the disaster this Council stirred priorities to enable every member of the community to live well and thrive a borough where opportunities exist for all live well and thrive how does this translate in the budget while health and adult social care is the largest public service budget in the Council madam Mayor the current leadership states that each of us now has access to new upgraded health and leisure facilities shall we do at a cost and when all those snagging issues and leeks assaulted and that this Council is tackling health inequalities where they are most stark an example given is the go Golborne initiative encouraging children in their families to eat well keep active and feel good so the children get a better start in life by getting into good habits habits I'm not knocking that project but that's not where it's most stark surely madam Mayor we could say that each of us have access to supermarkets and food we do but at a cost many people don't take their children to sports or swimming pools because of the costs and in 20 18 19 it's going to cost a family 5 pounds Forty per swim for three children
people on low incomes eat cheap unhealthy processed food because they can't afford more expensive choices and this week we were reminded again that one out of three children leaving primary school are obese so the Labour Group has committed turned costed reintroducing free swimming for under 16 s and over 60 s and abolishing all homecare charges so that people needing help can get it and at home it will be introduced over 20 18 20 19 and Hammersmith's example is that it brings in income from the National Health services because if this Council can't recognise it they recognise the contribution it makes to health live well and thrive
family and children's services in young people Labour Councillors agree that education is the biggest determinant of a person's life chances and we fully commend using Council funds to build new homes like the Kensington Aldridge academy sorry new schools like the Kensington Aldridge academy which we lobbied for many years and to rebuild Barlby primary school and the new special school but the Labour Group has a far wider vision of education in schools and academic qualifications and universities Labour's commitment is to a National Education Service equivalent to the NHS accessible throughout your life from cradle to grave this means investing in a quality education office offer in all educational settings childcare preschool schools FE colleges and young people leaving school with no qualifications so the Labour Group is committed and costed maintaining the opening hours of all adventure play facilities across the borough restoring youth clubs and facilities to their previous left previous levels across the borough reintroducing a school uniform grants scheme directly from the Council to families in need and the opening of a new Children's Centre to serve the Grenfell area it was good to hear it was well received but it is about nine months overdue in its allocate and there's no money allocated so live well and thrive
Mademoiselle the leader's vision that's the safer Borough as a priority and much is made of young people and references to crime as Councillor power noted and Councillor Mason we agree that in Kensington Chelsea we have bought some of the London trend and a fall in number in first time entrants to the criminal justice system however like every other borough in London we agree we have a long way to go particularly on knife crime so our proposed amendments focused not just on a safe Obara but on helping our young people feel safer what often isn't understood when we talk about people feeling safe at home but unsafe when they leave home people tend to associate that with older people but it is young people who are directly facing the horrors of knife crime and feeling unsafe and they need to be included in the solutions so we will prioritise forty one community police because of the fact that we are confident of maintaining what I think we all know as bogof buy one get one free
our proposed amendments
are also prioritising putting those police back on the beat on our streets and estates and not just protecting the elderly but the young people who are out there and including young people in the solutions by restoring youth clubs and facilities by bringing new services back in house and by developing a youth council for Kensington and Chelsea in order to give young people a meaningful voice in the delivery of services and in how this Council takes its decisions they would be here with us and as regards housing the vision speech that was sent out gives us the Council's currently expressed commitment which says where new housing is developed
we will encourage different tenures we will expect developers to bring forward proposals to include intermediate housing and affordable housing for rent as well as housing for private sale and rental
affordable housing encourage expect now I know we have a number of new staff positions in the Council which I welcome and when I did see this I wondered if someone's speech writer on new communications officer might have been in a rush and cut and paste it from a pre Grenfell Cabinet Member for housing speech from the late 20 16 it has a certain ring to it so the new vision is to encourage different tenures and expect developers to do the right thing well that's certainly worked well until now hasn't it
councils are constrained in the actions they can take to improve housing provision given the policies of central government but we can do a lot more than encourage and expect and Labour's vision for this borough and its costed amendments reflected maintaining and improving all existing Councillor for low rent homes prioritising and providing new homes at social rents with security of tenure resisting the loss of social rent homes where the council or housing association owned and how will we do this by taking back control of planning and by demanding full transparency and setting maximum profit margins and regulating the private sector and supporting private rental tenants to stay in their homes and not become another homeless statistic I've already commented in some detail on the proposed capital budget and won't repeat that but what are the key different visions and values and commitments here well as Councillor Mason says there's a choice improvements yet which were put back last year returning to the budget to improve Kensington town halls public areas versus a committed budget fully restore and maintain North Kensington library for future generations improvements to Chelsea Town Hall with the intention of renting it out versus a clear budget commitment to improving canalside house as our last large voluntary sector help in the North
I think it was George Osborne's Twenty Twelve budget that was described a budget is a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions were madam Mayor if this Tory council don't have the vision or commitments to take things forward with the urgency required and can't see beyond next May and their watch than we do and if anyone has any doubts as to the amendment balances I can assure you all that our May the 4th our first priority will be it's called all finance officers together to fully review all budget commitments and all contractual commitments and who knows perhaps even find more reserves as the new Labour administration in Hammersmith and Fulham did so I urge all members to vote for this amendment it's the last vote for some of you so you don't have to follow the whip
and then say
as we are now approaching 9 Thirty can I ask Councillor Hargreaves
Councillor Blake to second the suspension of Standing order 20 for point or 1 to allow the meeting to finish at 10 o'clock
Councillor Lindsey sorry
murmur I want to return to the numbers for the delay one off Beachy manic service project because on the one hand the minority party wants to say there is a three point 9 million possible saving but given the commitments to which we are that we have if we were to cancel now we would incur costs of some six million pounds the reality is that if you go from a potential saving of 3 point nine to an actual expenditure of 6 million that is a net change of 10 million
that I think shows that the numbers do not add up I would say the same for the
for the ICT projects and if you go from a proposed reduction proposed savings for two and a half million to actually having to reverse that because of the consequences of that the effect of that is doubled
madam Mayor the consequences of those two things alone drive a coach and horses through the Labour party's proposed budget or what they have written is simply gesture politics
you you protest too loudly perhaps Councillor Atkinson my last point on this
is concerned the proposed reversal of the decision to raise the Council Tax this will be would be almost impossible to do the idea of being able to lobby central government to expand bandings and explore ways
is a lovely idea but it is utopian
but I want to move on from that I want to give due time to the capital budget on which remarkably little has been spent thus far in the current financial year soon to end the Council will have invested some two hundred and 50 2 million pounds see Appendix for of section 2 on Number 6 of this the overwhelming majority relates to the acquisition of homes for those affected by the Grenfell fire tragedy One Hundred 80 million and a further 12 million on Grenfell Tower itself that is absolutely right that we should have done that but we need to be aware that significant amounts have also been spent on Children's services particularly for work on schools about 18 million pounds and about 5 million on environment leisure and residents services
colleagues will be aware of how we have reviewed and significantly reworked the currency of capital programme in the light of Grenfell the capital programme has come to Council on two prior occasions to explain to members what changes have happened we're investing some Thirty million on corporate services but this needs to be analysed carefully Eleven million more than a third of the total corporate amount
has been spent or will have been spent on warning turn green with smaller amounts on different properties including necessary work on the fabric of the town hall here
I am aware of the minority parties rejection of this and other broadly comparable work not least at Gunnersbury cemetery
but if we do not invest where necessary here and there the failure to do so will come back to bite us and the longer term overall cost will be much more the financial challenges over the next few years mean that the longer-term position must be a key part of our current financial decision making
I know we are investing to hundred and 10 million pounds on just over three hundred homes most of this is being funded through the Youth of RB Casey's General reserves not the H array and we have special permission to use the general fund in this way but some as decided by the Executive Director of Finance will be funded by our borrowings of a hundred million
which was borrowed from the public Works Loan Board to point seven percent last November just before the great increase
in the next few years from April we are investing a hundred and 60 million pounds of which about Thirty million will be on properties and a total of just under on housing services overall and One Hundred and 20 million on other items
fully acknowledging the tragedy of Grenfell and the Council's responsibilities we are keeping our eye on those affected and investing hugely for their needs but we are also investing for those across the whole of the Borough of these other items Forty four million is on new schools almost 17 million on e-mail address seven million on adult social care and about 10 million on transport in addition a further 40 seven billion is being spent on corporate services but much of this is focused on redevelopment and refurbishment and faux million also of IT and related services to ensure that we have the capacity to continue delivering good quality services
the key items that I want to flag up and in which we are investing significantly next year are the Barlby primary and the ball be special needs school five million next year and Thirty 2 million in the following years
this will benefit many who live in the north of the borough a number of whom undoubtedly will come from around Grenfell
we will be able to help more children to be educated locally resulting in better outcomes for the individual and reducing costs to the Council by not using out of expensive out of borough placements
to turn to Labour's motions briefly undoubtedly 40 million could be spent on the building of homes and eaten away
however this youth would prevent the same money is being spent elsewhere new project new housing projects I suggest must not only be done in cooperation with the local community but also be seen in the round why Aeternum not elsewhere particularly because the land there is owned in part by the Council and in part by the Age array which makes it more complex
this does not seem to have been fully taken into account second I confess to mild for prize that the minority party is deleting the 75 thousand pounds on the feasibility work for the Kennel fight giving this site has much the most scope for new housing in the borough
to conclude this Council and specifically this party is aware of the challenges presented by Grenfell and as such has spent a hundred 18 million pounds this year and a further Thirty million next year on homes for those affected by Grenfell and that its spending out of the General Fund but we are also aware that our furnaces to individuals
whether the sometimes vulnerable individuals helped by adult social care and found that some children staff and universal services are also needed as such we are rightly investing in these areas ensuring that we balance different and competing needs with limited resources and in a responsible way and likewise seeking to balance the needs of today with those of tomorrow and next week thank you Madam man
a correct something that Councillor Lindsey and said two points against a Lindsay say and be brief Councillor Mason the consoling I have to do I am now he and other are he and other frontline members have misunderstood what we said about the BT manage services replacement contract three-point 9 million as Councillor press said when we come into office in May we will review
a fully all of the Council's contracts and obviously any contract that would mean that contract would collapse because we didn't put forward the money we would do it so in this case that's the point 9 million if we think the contract is OK then of course we will put the money we will put money forward if we didn't have one and secondly Councillors Ankers a million or have to move to second on the point of the non on the point of annoying balanced budget I'm sorry
on the other point I said our budget was not balanced well he obviously has an A read the budget or understand how budgets actually work because if you look in the budget that is 25 million 25 million or capital bids not yet signed off we could we would we would use that for other purposes that is a two point five million reduction IT or projects we would use that we have 10 million 10 million revenue underspend for last year and we would take out money from the 13th one point five million for one year only capital
science Southmead
the point is the Maison theirs
there's plenty of money in the budget we have to say Councillor May said we are now moving on to the votes and I would remember remind members that votes on the Revenue and Capital budgets and the amendment needs to be recorded in detail they are going to be three recorded votes the first vote is the vote on the Labour amendment to the Revenue and Capital budgets and members are asked to register their vote by pressing the buttons in front of them
please now vote on the Labour amendment
the very thing is now close the voting is shown on the screens and details will be recorded in the minutes
we now move to the vote on budget proposals revenue budgets and the council tax for 2 thousand 18 to 19 the Council has before it the recommendations set out in paragraph 2 point 2 of the report 6 point 1 from the leadership team the motion is that the recommendations be adopted please register to vote by pressing the buttons now please vote now
the welching is now closed divulging is shown on the screens and details will be recorded in the minutes
now move to the vote on the capital programme the Council has before it the recommendations set out in paragraph 3 point one of report 6 point to two from the leadership team the motion is that the recommendation be adopted please register your vote now
vetting is now closed the voting is as shown on the screens and details will be recorded in the minutes
we move to Item 6 point 3 I call upon Councillor Taylor Smith to move the reception of the reports and the Leader to second this is the age or a business plan and budget report
you wish to speak
I beg to move backwards do you wish to speak on this or not I will speak very very briefly
because I've already spoken on this issue and I don't want to tie it to tire the patients of the chamber by repeating myself I will just say a couple of things first of all on the autumn report just I know it's not part of the budget but just to say we have commissioned a full stock survey of the or housing and that is why all likely to be published in in in the autumn summarising just really that the the points within the the budget is that we've set out a five-year pine 250 million of investment for repairs improvements hundred million new homes hundred and 15 on repairs and community pot for leaseholders in their estates and to summarise really to say this is all about repairs and improvement it's about putting residents at the heart of decision making around their homes alongside the council it's it is a great homes building thriving communities providing opportunity for all in summary it's a business plan about fixing what we have and building new and better social homes and communities that all people of all backgrounds can thrive in Kensington and Chelsea
the council has before it the recommendations set out in paragraph 2 point one of reports six points three from the leadership team will those in flavour please raise their hands
and those against
I therefore declare it carried I asked the Council to note the HR 8 budget report which has been already approved
we now move on to the annual treasury strategy for 2 thousand 18 19 we turn to Item 3 of the leadership team report the annual treasury strategy
20 18 to 19 I call upon Councillor Lindsey to move the adoption of the report and the Leader to second to lead to lead
like a madman
madam Mayor
we have a capital programme that will invest over three hundred and Thirty million pounds across the Royal Borough in the next three years must be funded this includes investment in housing in the royal borough's transport infrastructure in the special needs school in Barlby and much more the Treasury management strategy sets out the plan for funding this investment a combination of internally generated funds and some borrowings
and that Malema is all I actually want to say thank you thank you Councillor Lindsey the Council has before it the recommendations set out in paragraph 2 point one of report 6 point for from the leadership team will those in favour please raise their hand
and there's a chance
am I therefore am declare it carried we go on to Item 7 the report of the administration committee I call upon the leader to move the reception of the report and Councillor Hargreaves two seconds
I beg to move amendment
I just like madmen
Serco paragraph 1 Pay policy with recommendation
it is the recommendation at paragraph one pint too adopted I declare that carried a cool paragraph to Members' allowances scheme with recommendation
is the recommendation at paragraph to point to adopted
so I declare that carried and I now call paragraph 3 change to Standing order 24 with recommendation
it is the recommendation in paragraph 3 point to adopted
OK so we will now go on to
when there were no matters from scrutiny I get questions to lead members so I would ask Councillor Blakeman to ask question 1 could you read the question Councillor Lindsey how much was the fiasco of the managed service contract cut costs the Council to date and do we expect to recover any of this expenditure for British Telecom
Councillor Blake when the Council of incurred additional implementation costs over the original budget of some to point 0 7 3 million and has incurred additional costs of one point eight to nine billion in operating the system the settlements with BT are subject to strict confidentiality rules which prohibit our thing anything other than acknowledging their existence as such I am unable to state whether these costs have been fully recovered from BT
councillor brett meant you have a follow up question
OK OK I then call on Councillor Atkinson to ask question to please read the question I think I understand what the answer is going to be so as the last one but the question is is the Council currently in litigation with British Telecom over their failure to deliver the services for which they were contracted on to the original managed serves his contract and subsequent amendments
thank you Councillor Atkinson this Council is not currently in litigation with BT and there's no reason to believe that litigation will be necessary in the light of a settlement has been reached and the amendment made to the original contract
the terms of the settlement are protected by confidentiality provision of between the Royal Borough Westminster and BT cows like consent do you wish to ask a supplementary question
quite extraordinary
OK so I will call Item 10 matters be ways on Saturday Eleven
does any member wish to raise a matter under Standing order Eleven
the first destination
OK we move on to the emotions there are three motions I don't think we'll get through all of them bought the first one is on home care an amendment has been table my Councillor Healy so could Councillor Heaney Osorio the wrong way round Councillor Healey could do
moved the motion standing in your name and Councillor power produced second place
Councillor lead you wish to speak
this this motion was left over from the January meeting and things have changed a little and in view of the time I'm going to make it fairly short I just hope when I wrote this motion that it would be an intricate uncontroversial and be accepted on all sides
because I am aware that some members of the majority party do actually agree with it so I am disappointed that an amendment
has been put down that seeks to wreck it and I do sometimes wonder why at the moment the majority party still has the numbers to vote down anything they do not agree with why they think it's necessary to put in the amendment however their amendment does at least acknowledge that the Council still accepts the guidance of the dignity code drawn up by the National Pensioners Convention its purposes quote to uphold the rights and maintain the personal dignity of older people within the context of ensuring the health safety and wellbeing of those who are increasingly less able to care for themselves or to properly conduct their affairs quote it outlines practices that are unacceptable including assuming that older people cannot do things without actually testing whether they can treat them as objects and not informing them of what is happening in a way they can understand and it calls for respect for older people including addressing them formally and not assuming the attempt intimacy of using their first names without being invited to and it wants older people to feel free to raise concerns without fear of retribution the fight that there continue to be serious concerns about the company's providing our home care services suggests that the council is failing to live up to these very reasonable demands indeed it has been called another example of this Council's record of pork procurement
as some members will be aware new home curb this care service was introduced in 20 15 with two new providers one of whom Mears has actually now withdrawn my home care until at the end of last year was in very serious trouble and certainly the senior officers are still spending a lot of time trying to make sure they coming up to strut scratch I think it's demonstrable that the continuing CQC poor report show that there is a very long way to go and perhaps it's about time that we thought of doing something else I don't doubt for a second that our officers are working very hard to try to bring these providers up to the required standard but the signs are that there is
a very long way to go the amendment implies that in that when we had in how scary it wasn't satisfactory either I don't accept that because I've sat on the various committees dealing with adult social care since the nineteen ninetys and I do not recall a time when we had to discuss these matters as regularly as we do know the events you bring them back in house is that we can ensure more readily than the services we provide do meet the Sanders needed and we will be able to develop more expertise among staff instead of having to rely on a small number of senior officers who should be dealing with more strategic matters than the day-to-day running of our home care services
a proper independent review could come up with a different solution of course including the idea of an arms-length organisation however given that many members opposite who have already been said or standing down from the council in two months' time I wonder if they might consider voting in accordance with their conscious tonight rather than their whip I propose this motion
Councillor piled you wish to speak I shall now call the amendment
i'm quoting the amendment
Councillor William thank you very much Madam
I think the first thing is Councillor Healey has acknowledged is to point out that the performance of the home care contractors has improved as a report to the scrutiny committee which has been published and will be discussed next week which confirms that idea I don't deny in fact officers have had spent time helping the
one particular company turn round and this
and I'm grateful to them for doing so
but however I think that the solution that she's suggesting if having in-house provision is is not the right direction firstly a number of councils are no cuts in Nunn's was in those doing this a number I think maybe looking including Hammersmith and Fulham looking at having an arm's length organisation where we've been there before we had to think we'll Chelsea care which didn't work so and but direct in-house provision is extremely expensive
but I would also like to add that earlier we I talked about personalisation and I think a future arrangements will need to acknowledge that that is the direction of travel and I think an in-house service would reduce large one would reduce the choice available to to our service users find the I would just point out that we are establishing a new quality assurance
the directorate within commissioning because without new Bible for commissioning service which would be located in Kensington town hall which will cover public health and failing children's services as well as what's the largest bit adult social care thank you that's the reality I wish to speak
Councillor rate
thank you madam Mayor and it's essential that we have a structure in place that is reliable and provides care with dignity given the increase of residents over 65 and a growth in the numbers over 85 in the borough are the targets of keeping residents in their own homes the Liberal Democrat Group's support the Labour motion to examine alternative options on home care
this is a service that many residents rely on and many are concerned about the present system of multiple agencies delivering the varying levels of care
it is an important service and we feel more emphasis should be placed on bringing either the service in house or developing a social enterprise to ensure a high standard consistent level of care delivery
in doing so we are acknowledging the need to train carers in care and setting expectations that the Council requires a carers an in-house team would remove the barriers to reduce communication problems between on-site carer and care coordinator
any working group should examine the viability of handheld devices that the carers could fill in so in the case of a change of circumstances linked to adult social care team to enable the Department to be responsive to the situation on a day-to-day basis in addition what can be done to reverse the trend in reducing Day centres isolation kills just as effectively as illness more and more residents again to be needing these services the system of carers is largely unregulated and the standard delivery of service uneven
improvements need to be made to what is in place at the moment and we have to create a care that is not only compassionate but caring thank you
I now put the amendment to the vote will those in favour please show
and while those against please show
I declare the amendment carried
I now put the motion as amended to the vote will those in favour please show
i'm will those against pre-show
I didn't clear the motion as amended carrot
moving on to our motion to is a pause on universal credit I call upon Councillor lists to formally move the motion standing in his name and Councillor Thompson to second base to move Obama begged second
thank you madam Mayor and one of the tropes that often pick up when hearing members of the majority party justify policies is that if something is made more simple than it must inherently be more fair and more just is something that George Osborne referred to as long ago as when he was shadow chancellor leading the charge for what he described as a simpler flatter and fairer taxes
i'm and incidentally this is something that Ukip said at a similar time but it applies to lots of areas not not just taxes but also the benefit system it seems but the truth is that families are not simple there and a simple tax and benefit system therefore is not necessarily an appropriate solution to the challenges we face in society on the contrary families and their circumstances can often be very complicated and that is why it may be that we do need a complex and nuanced tax and benefit system to cater for the needs which must be met so when we're sold the concept of universal credit on the basis that it makes the welfare system simpler well it simply isn't good enough the test is whether it delivers for families on the ground Lord Freud the former minister for welfare reform said it's the simplicity of universal credit that will allow people to see that a move into work or increasing their hours at work will be simple and financially worthwhile and it hasn't delivered any of that the rate at which benefit payments are withdrawn as earnings increase mean that the incentive for those in receipt of universal credit to increase their hours at work is absolutely marginal indeed the Institute for fiscal Studies has concluded that for single parents the regime provides a disincentive to work it also points out that it makes more financial sense for low-earning couples in receipt of universal credit to have one adults out of work than both being in low-paid jobs in other words work more get less looking at the botched rollout of universal credit and the impact it has it has had so far on families the issues have been widely reported and don't need to be unpacked now but they include rent arrears increased use of food banks and notoriously the six week wait for the first payment for families unfortunate enough to live in the pilot areas
that has been rolled out so far
a couple of months ago the Independent newspaper reported that Newcastle city council is having to spend nearly four hundred thousand pounds of its funds supporting universal credit claimants and that non collection of rent as a direct result of universal credit is over one point two million pounds across a tendency base of just 20 seven thousand this is an additional burden which RBKC could really do without at this time prominent MPs from all parties including the majority party have called for the roll out to be paused the Children's Commissioners for all nations in the UK have called for a pause as well all signs point to poverty including child poverty getting worse over the next few years so we are calling for the Council to lobby central government to stop the rollout is already having an impact in Chelsea and in SW postcodes and W 14 thankfully the rollout has been paused until December in W 8 W 10 and W Eleven perhaps where it could potentially have the most damaging impact on our residents please accept this motion and call on the government to stop the implementation of this unfair and unhelpful policy we must act quickly thank you
I wish to speak
caslin indie
Martoma I shall try and be brief I absolutely accept what Councillor Littler said that universal credit is a complex matter dealing with families all of whom are complex but I think equally fair to say that the six benefits that universal credit replaces housing benefit income based jobseeker's allowance income-related employment support allowance income support working tax credit and child tax credit are themselves highly complex and actually understanding them all in
therefore but I continue it was Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night's Dream who wrote that the course of true love never did run smooth that's as may be it is undoubtedly the case that the introduction of universal credit has been like Shakespeare's love in this description only more so
the phased introduction of universal credit has been pushed back numerous times reflecting on the one hand the complexities involved but also the desire of the government to get it right the government now expect have universal credit available to all new claimants by December 2 thousand 18 they expected all working age claimants on existing benefits will be transferred on to universal credit
by March 2 thousand and 20 to they've indicated similar things in the past the government is well aware of this complexity which will overall be for the better and they will continue to be flexible and to monitor the situation thus the autumn budget of 2 thousand 17 announced changes to universal credit to come into force between January and April this year
in the light of the delay of the rollout it is worth giving an update as to which postcodes already have universal credit here and can see they are W 14 SW 3 Sep 5 SW 6
it hasn't but the reality is they haven't yet been rolled out there
so in broad-brush terms all the area around Grenfell does not have it and they will not have it until December at the earliest assuming the way any changes
so over the years since its initially implementation the Government has demonstrated considerable flexibility on the timing and pace at which it is rolled out
nobody is complex and it knows it wants to get it right Councillor can do that
I think I want now put the motion to the votes while those in flavour please show
councillor way do you wish to speak
so I just this bit in the corner
the roll-out of universal credit
because it risks causing chaos and increased homelessness furthermore the implementation has been on occasion triggered by a death at a family event such a death illness or redundancy and a time of great stress that seems to be no acknowledgment of the impact of the six-week delay caused particularly in the case of families some with primary school children boring or going without food at the same time as the conversion to universal credit the benefit cap limiting total household benefits to 23 thousand comes into whores and in some cases families are up to a hundred and 15 pounds a week less or well off as the previous RBKC Director of housing now CEO of the Chartered Institute of housing Terrie Alafat has said we are seriously concerned that this could have a severe impact on these families and the risk of worsening what is already a growing homelessness problem
the is this initiative was considered as an incentive that for those on on benefit to get to work but a DWP study published last year found that cutting benefit entitlement made it less likely the employed would find a job apart from the lack of education as to how to handle their benefit on transition from weekly benefits to monthly there is concern that those unused to paying their rent will spend it and become homeless through ignorance rather than intent
universal credit is an initiative that has been widely criticised as failing to comprehend poverty or the causes of unemployment and the implementation should not be imposed on low income families of the borough and the cap does not reflect the additional costs of living in Kensington
what is this Council going to do to raise awareness of the roll-out of universal credit what is the Council gained due to support these residents in transition and wanted the Council going to do about this iniquitous cap on these families
while those in favour please share
and while those against Derbyshire
those abstaining
so the motion is carried
can I ask Councillor I'm Hargreaves and cancer Blakeman if we wish to suspend Standing order 24 point I want again to finish the last motion
OK so the motion 3 is on EU nationals and the amendment has been tabled I call upon Councillor didn't quote formally to move the motion standing in her name and Councillor accents formerly two seconds I propose the motion magma
announces that code
thank you what a surprise zoning out there and thank you and Kensington Chelsea as we know is home to people from a vast range of backgrounds of which 67 percent voted remain despite the commitment to leave from the former leader and the former MP and I'll leave you to think about the outcome of that for them
all borough residents represent the highest proportion of residents in the country who describe themselves as belonging to a number of Irish identity around 55 percent we got the highest proportion of Arab origin residents and were ranked first in England or Wales for wasn't born in Germany around France Italy Spain and the Philippines many made Kensington Chelsea their home alongside their near 40 percent who described themselves as white British this is a diverse borough that benefits from this diversity
all Borough is also as I've said many times and so horrifically demonstrated on 14th of June last year a tale of two cities though over half our residents have qualifications equivalent to university degrees 4th highest in the country 10 percent fluorescence have no qualifications at all the highest proportion in the country and I smugness wild that prevails the deprivation index some many of us know about demonstrates that Kensington Chelsea's won the wealthiest areas in England while some of our neighbourhoods are ranked among the most deprived in the entire country Golborne ward being the joint poorest in London
median income in the borough is a hundred 40 thousand while many a Labour on zero-hour contracts or insecure work with an income of 12 thousand another dividing line madam Mayor is now being drawn in our borough this could split family support of force those who have made Britain their home to feel they must leave our power is not ranked first for the proportion of residents with EU passports 20 per cent that's Thirty 1 thousand people
sorry I'm a huge majority of EU nationals migrate to the UK for work or study these residents contribute to the economic well-being of our borough
but it's not just the economic contribution that mocks the important part they play in our diverse borough the huge social and cultural benefits that living among such a vibrant population bring to the borough incalculable we see the big events that contribute to our community well being from the Chelsea Flower Show to carnival why would we want to put all of this at risk by losing so many of our precious residence
the prime minister use EU nationals as a bargaining chip from the moment her fractious and failing Brexit negotiations started in an appeal to the far right of her own party she's used the issue of EU national rights to grandstand the issue of nationals claiming benefits the language surrounding immigrants is by many in the Tory Party during the last few years has is is disgraceful
the figures show that two and a half thousand EU academics resigned from British universities the British Academy has warned that world-leading invested sector could be under threat because of immigration rule changes the latest migration figures show that the 95 percent increase in EU citizens returning to their home country while we have a desperate shortage of for example medical staff now some in the Tory party will say they don't want what they don't understand why this is the case they will say the promises made it clear that she wants EU nationals to stay and she will do all she can to keep the right she's the same after Brexit as they were before
as somebody or a national himself wrote we know that staying on is too big a gamble the Labour Party has said it will guarantee those rights the day after the referendum result if the prime minister was serious about her warm words she could guarantee those rights today but here we are 20 months on surrounded in uncertainty it's intolerable for families in this borough who are contemplating leaving the place they call home because of the shambolic government Brexit negotiations almost half of highly skilled EU workers are considering leaving the evidence speaks for itself that is happening now and it's happening in our borough are community will make made poorer culturally and economically for the loss of our diversity and this is why it's so important to repair some of the ongoing damage the Council must do all it can to remind EU nationals they have a right to vote in the upcoming local elections which in any of them I felt I haven't met anybody who's had a mysterious letter Vespers deferred and by extension that they are equal to all of those born in Kensington we must make it as easy as possible for EU nationals to access factual advice on their rights and entitlements once there is an outcome of the breast Brexit negotiations become clear if indeed they ever do given the fortune being spent on media communications by the borough or can't be beyond the wit of the
to provide a decently funded advisory service along with the CAB staffed by human beings not yet another poorly designed website which nobody will be able to find or engaged with in supporting this motion tonight the Council was sent a message to our EU residents to keep them or sorry with concrete proposals to offer help and advice they deserve to keep them in the lovely Borough they've made their home
councillor who wish to speak
McDermott was just warming rhetoric can I
can I repeat something return confident cultured or give the reasons why we will not accept the Tory amendment first all the Tory amendment already says that we've already sent out a letter as Councillor Dent Coad said none of us have seen it in the fact that european residents constantly tell us they don't know what the situation is if you've done the latter you've done it badly so please do it again
and the other thing about the idea that you're going as was announced in the leader's speech that you're going to offer some type of service we want to know how much we're going to spend on it and again as Councillor Dent Coad said we want it staffed by real human beings because it's based on anything like called phone system at the moment no one will be able to get through so it will be quite useless finally and thirdly I could say we can't possibly accept any amendment which puts you in the words If it's applauds H M Government on its policy of seeking agreement because
this this government's Brexit policy is an absolute shambles and nobody should be applauding what it's doing
I now call the amendments
it's Lindsay I shall be brief I want to acknowledge the contribution of many
the citizens second today so I beg leave to set
thank you madam I want to look like Councillor incurred and like Councillor Atkinson acknowledged the contribution of met very many EU citizens who are here who have made this country their home whether for love whether for financial reasons or other who paid taxes and have made a real contribution here in very many different ways but I want to make the point that this in we therefore resolve that
the Council will communicate to all its European nationals actually not all European nationals are allowed to vote EU nationals are allowed to vote in local elections but not all European so in terms of accuracy please let us get it right second
the only ones who were would be on the electoral register the electoral roll would be EU citizens
and they have been sent out because residents whom I have canvassed have said they have received their household notification letters in addition at the end of this month a poll card will be sent to every single person on the electoral register that is all I have to say thank you out of Councillor Hargreaves would you like to speak
mentioned The just to say that in that first paragraph of our members and we're making it clear that they go on Asian government its policies is seeking and has sought to get those rights
agreed for EU citizens and if we look at the the joint report agreed by the European Commission and the UK government one of the key aspects of the agreement which has been agreed is protecting the rights of EU of Union citizens in the UK so that first paragraph backs that up with that agreement has already been made and that's why we as a party fully support fully support those rights that go with EU nationals in this country
Councillor weight
it turns out that there's some provision by the Council the EU nationals to obtain advice once clarification of ukase future with the EU is established and I'm going to pick up on a point about the form that went out on the registration
actually I have had a number of EU nationals so quite frankly confused by the wording at the bottom of the form where they come back and they say can we vote in this election or not so I think that perhaps wordsmith failed on that particular occasion
but it's interesting to see the kind of flip-flop that's happening so we get the shambles nationally
I hate to say both Labour and Conservative because there isn't clarity or precisely what's going to happen and as soon as that as long as that lasts there is going to be uncertainty and confusion so the question is is this being used as a local campaign election campaign tool and sincerely hope that it's not an initiative built on sand we've got three or was it that his seven thousand Kensington Chelsea residents voted to remain where we as Liberal Democrats not alone in is committed pro-Europeans to know and appreciate the value of being within the European Union and of european citizens I have to express concern about the unleashed wave of anti european feeling against EU nationals since the referendum which is less let many residents feeling unwelcome unwanted and unprotected so it's not only advice they need but reassurance
I will now put the amendment to the vote will those in favour please show
i'm will those against please show
I declare the amendment carried
I now put the motion as amended to the vote will those in favour please show
and those against
I declare the motion as amended carrots
ITEM 12 appointments are there any nominations
I declare that carried that concludes the council business for this evening the next meeting of the council is scheduled to be held at 6 30 pm on Wednesday the 23rd of May
I would like to take the opportunity to mention that this is the final Council meeting for members not stand in there in the elections on The Third of May and I'm sure the council would wish to thank those members for the years of service that they have given