RBKC Leadership Team Meeting 12th March - Thursday, 12 Mar 2020 - 6.30 pm - The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

RBKC Leadership Team Meeting 12th March
Thursday, 12 Mar 2020 - 6.30 pm 









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  1. Cllr Elizabeth Campbell
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  1. Cllr Elizabeth Campbell
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Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:00:22
it starts again because I always get for the microphone on so that evening
and welcome to a
leadership team meeting i'm before we start with light says starkly attempted to second silence and could I ask you please to just check your phones and your or any other electronic devices Mitchell that they are off
thank you
k the much


Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:02:06
OK or apologies for absence just from Consett Catherine folks or other and declarations of interest
minutes of the leadership Team meeting held on the 12th February
which are attached
Can I sign needs as a true


and accurate record
rate thank you


that is one piece of Any other business which I intend to take first That's OK OK as it says any other oral written public items which the chairman considers urgent item
and the thing which of course is concerning risk lots of us is the krona virus and how we're dealing with it and as I said in the full Council meeting last week canoe
as far as Councils concern business as usual carry on but of course we are putting a lot of contingency planning in are we do have who to hear his our public health lead
before I ask at the table
and just going to make us a brief statement about exactly where we are and then if there any other questions we can get Hooda two aunts them
so I'm as I'm sure you all know the current virus has not been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation the prime Minister was on today just to of fiasco announcing that the Government's really moved from the containment stage to the delays stage so that what they are really trying to do is to slow the spread of the virus so we move in spring and in summer and the NHS has under less pressure from other seasonal illnesses and that it has more facilities to concentrate on the corona virus I think it's true to say that we welcome the announcement of an additional 500 million pounds hardship fund to support people across the country and we are waiting to hear what are we know what our portion of that is what our allocation it is I'm and that's going to help people who need self I slates are and as I said we should no kind of what the details are in the next few days
you will no doubt be aware that we've had 20 confirmed cases across the virus in the borough there are no hot spots and those who are ice are have got it are isolated and in daily contact with public Health England and we know that the majority of the cases are indeed travel related
I want to reassure
you that together
with government NHS we are well prepared to deal with this virus and we have plans in place to manage the situation as it evolves and we would like to ask some of you but what those plans are working with our colleagues in Westminster and were taking a by boroughs approach to our response so that we can share best practice and it we just avoid unnecessary duplication
we've got a strategic team of people dealing with this and their meeting daily as well as the strategic and tactical pandemic advisory groups which both week meeting weekly to monitor the situation and ensure that our contingency plans are up-to-date and robust so that we can then take the necessary action that we need if we need to do so
we've also got a biro resilience Forum in order to coordinate with multi-agency partners and we shut our place our plans with them and in addition to that the Council is also keen to establish a community resilience Forum to work directly with residents associations and groups within our community
a public Health England are the lead agency and we are taking all our advice from them and being the conduit of that advice to our communities and again I'll say that what you've heard an again and get on telly you can prevent the spread of infection by covering or Martha noted the tissue or individual sleeve if you don't have a tissue are but not your hands when you cough sneeze and put tish's in Evin straight away and again the messages in a wash your hands and wash your hands for more than 20 seconds just got to do it
thoroughly and frequently
try and avoid close contact with people who are unwell and of course in some cases have only possible because he'll be caring for people who are unwell but
until then just take precautions and the advice from public Health England says that handle is 60 is that is 60 percent alcohol content or above is effective but again just yet I don't need spend 120 pounds on Amazon Vine these great big jaws just soap and water however we've also puts hand sanitisers in our public buildings including Kensington town hall Chelsea town hall and in our libraries
and we absolutely appreciate how important frequent communications with our communities is and that's why we've been updating schools with the less advice from public Health England report posters up in a libraries Children's centres and Leisure centres of website is being continually updated as the situation develops and were regularly putting on are looked up information on social media feeds so Twitter next door Facebook
stay we've sent E-News rates letter to our residents associations and community and voluntary organisations and again all businesses in the area have been sent a information about where to find the latest advice business are on the government which is actually on the government website with their business rate bills and we're going to try and continually update those as well
in addition we have a team of six dedicated community development officers who are going to be asked in the community passing on information from public Health England to local groups and organisations and we are also liaising with the Kensington and Chelsea social Council as a voluntary sector lead who will be able to give us best advice on most appropriate interventions in or if they required I were open to working in other doorways with our residents understanding their concerns and supporting them US situation ex
inner continues to evolve
and we absolutely appreciate that our communities and our friends and our neighbors
are feeling extremely anxious and concerned so that we're setting up I'm a dedicated e-mail address for queries from residents and businesses I will publicise that in the next couple of days and I think finally we can say is to keep up with the latest situation it's the council websites and the less information advice for public Health England including specific advice for returning travellers they need to go to the NHS website Nakhuda would you like to come to the table and tell me whether I've missed everything I think my own meme messages will continue
as normal until we're told to stop up or to alter our behaviour public Health England is for Leeds and we come back again and again to the main messages at less wash your hands on and you must cover your mouth when you are coughing sneezing but if there's anything you'd like to add that as I read I gather neither are
the things I've
On reminder early in addition to public Health England our work we also have a weekly almost weekly teleconferences with the chief medical officer Professor Chris witty who is actually yes we do have that so we get the latest from him and the science behind etc so really informed not just simply be mechanical around in her transmitting information from public Health England are and we know a professor valleys as well who speak to us here so again in of we follow what he says etc i'm so yeah and we also are connecting the NHS as well there are weekly teleconferences with the NHS every Thursday morning just touch base of where things are is very much about control co-ordination being measured understanding what's going on and working together between ourselves within the Council with other agencies and with our communities as well I would also add in addition to the Committee Development officers that we have we have committed champions and were exploring how we also we would work with them they are the conduit and indeed yourselves as Members you are also 2 community in our so spreading the message out to yeah I'm yet I'm happy TYC specific questions we it's been relentless and every day
there are questions that are complex and is unchartered territory so you don't want to answer questions because I think so it's going back to guidance about so many things every single interaction is as a piece of work before we give advice out to people but assure colleagues assured members that we are really following very robust things and we logging things as we go as well so we have got to be corrected while we have made decisions
other questions from
residents held this evening but how can I tell us anything that we've missed out return it needs any
clarity on
thank you my Lord
I mounted the fact that
no yes no early episodes aired just quick question which was with
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:12:34
regards to answer that is going to be a dedicated e-mail I believe are we in the community had asked if it would be noted and to let people know that there is a team are that will be dealing a with this and with the situation we have an issue not just with residents but of course with commercial premises and businesses and they are very concerned and they
don't necessarily feel that they were received much advice as yet but hopefully after tonight that's changing and the other thing that was requested was could there be a phone line at so that people can call up and ask particularly small businesses cafes and restaurants in particular as you you're probably aware I live on All Saints Road people are very very concerned
so they just want an idea of timelines are yet I know everyone does but unfortunately as we all know the duty of care lies with RBKC and Notar at not the government as their very a
they very often tell us so and people OK do want to hear not from the government or public Health England but from RBKC
so I think that is quite important that that's realised thank you
very much felony
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:13:52
hooding let me tell one that she often on the edge so you can swing round secrecy both
questions 1 around themes and not
on the form
yet and so around the teams I'm in terms of can we have a hierarchy of of contura and command within the Council so so is the Executive Director lead and we do have something called back which is if you like the emergency control centre and there is a team sitting there will have public health you've got comes you've got Environmental Health you've got a emergency planning and this is about internal operation of the Council so we are talking to each other all the time so our when this e-mail is up and running whenever there's a query we immediately can deal with it there and then and if we don't know we lift the phone we ask colleagues etc so this is really how its operating I'm regarding the phone line I think I'm we need to take this away and think we don't want to kind of have a phone line nobody can access you know if I see how we can stop this one line whether it's like the most appropriate way of dealing with things especially that the I'm the information such an evolving situation so shall we I see what you think shall we take this away and think about the Foyle and what we could do about it yeah
so the answer is yes to an e-mail and will think about how proprietors
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:15:15
have a phone line yet
absolutely bloody hell
yeah very helpful
I just like to Phoenix Recyclabl me that we have contingency plans
for the Council in case law workers can't come to work and I just want to marry whether you could update us on
he said that
the same inquiries of our Executive Directors and upset for example I
Cllr Mary Weale - 0:15:56
know that in the finance team are they've been practising homeworking or testing out the technology to make sure they canal I'll go home and in the customer Service Centre or the customer service area which also does very important things like process
benefits that there are robust there's a play so they formed into two teams one team of which is going to be working at home for one week and then swapping in and coming into work the following week presuming they're all well I'm just to give us some resilience and the other going home work that's all been tested
and say that if we need our people if we run out of people to Manly customer Service Centre although obviously we will be not be encouraging people to come into customer Service Centre but to some extent that's not unavoidable there are people who are being trained to do that who wouldn't otherwise be doing it so it just got a bit of cross cross capacity going on so I hope that that indicates that we're taking what measures we can actually
anticipated that we had a meeting this morning I went round the table asking every single Member the leadership team what was happening in
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:16:58
their areas so that they knew about what the contingency planning arrangements were and of course the evolving but everyone's really thinking about this and thinking about what possible scenarios of B and and and properly adding
OK I don't think there's anything else to add thank you very much good coming and let's go on now to


paragraph paper April which is the stage 2 gruntal's full environmental checks contractor would jump
thank you
Cllr Cem Kemahli - 0:17:36
yes so this is a paper to award the contracts to the winning bid for the tender process which was a calm this followed on from initially 10 consultancies that had initiated make contact that went down through a sifting to two and they were both rated and then we had a calm that with a final company that went all the way through and are now ready to be awarded the contract I only this is something that we're doing air because of the statutory responsibility for LCC for investigating land but we're doing it in partnership with the map the multi-agency bumptious with image CLG who will be paying for it so it's obviously something we're enacting here tonight but it there is a an overarching procedure that led to this to this result in this paper here so that's
thank you said I just wanted to make a couple of some comments which I
Cllr Anne Cyron - 0:18:35
really welcome all of the efforts to involve the community with this process and I do think that the more information there is the more we can build trust in the press that we're going through anything that's really important
I notice that in the tendering process and in what Emmott CLG are doing enough already recognised the importance of involving the community and already we've had damaged the orgy come to some of our recent public events and be present at them I'm so grateful projects front and are Assembly so I really welcome that I think it's really important
and I think also the scrutiny mechanisms should or could be On the contrary I think it's really good that we've got scrutiny mechanisms in that to make sure the process is being run transparently and fairly everybody knows what's happening so that was my comment and I think it's important that we remember remember that involvement with the community all the way through
this process
Just to say that
if they are one of the contract might believe the first meeting A Khan
Cllr Cem Kemahli - 0:19:40
would be having in the community would be april morph with another one on the 6th OSC meetings were with no public meetings will be tricky I'm but obviously that's the sort of the pencilled-in date so they are ready that are ready to meet with the Committee again flesh out how they are going to be doing stage 2
Melanie answer that you want to say something
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:20:03
yes especially since
i'm Líofa
Cllr Gerard Hargreaves - 0:20:29
so listen seditious ease of event we said earlier on today
so certain about process
OK are you right in order to lay out community's requirements and to ensure that there has been an understanding of all
on behaviour towards us
the engagement and engaged with the community
we were offered a meeting with the Head of Environmental skewered scrutiny committee Dr Malcolm sporting re agreed as we understood we would be involved in let's say in setting out the agenda
instead a meeting was set up
but it was a rehash of the Phase 1 report being explained to us yet again Paul Nathaniel was also invited in order to further explain the same information re be described with the entire process from the beginning anything end an opposition has not changed
the current
the content that is shown at that meeting
I mean basically if I paraphrase because its communities in the media at the meeting we didn't go very well at all I don't feel it wasn't conducted
it was conducted as if by schoolmaster dubbed business wretchedly shushed at one point borne by that
the Council leading the meeting so we don't feel there are
concerns about a calm were heard all the way through this process we have said we didn't agree with a calm being appointed for phase 1
I understand that the intended process the young people you managed to come up with a calm but we were asking if you could look again at the whole tendering process for this I understand it and you've already
issued the tendering process and haddock and come to an agreement but we don't feel happy with eight on being involved we don't feel that we'd be herself properly and we feel that just being constantly having the Phase 1 results explained was again which we've already voice of objections to isn't really answering the questions
so we would like you to just take a pause on this and actually just have a look at our process not to rush it through now because we don't feel that our communities itself feels involved in the process at all and they feel like they've been having whether for good or right for good or ill and whether it happened or not but they don't feel that they've been involved with the process properly the actual what happened with the Committee you set up to oversee the tendering process was an enlightening to read to residents who were out what actually from the are a
where the tower is
they're good people but I mean they weren't they felt that that infilled yr particularly Cave of dealing with it I mean and they also they would at they thought they were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreements because
there was the opportunity to look at the whole tendering process and they decline that which meant that they only got to look at the engagement process so that hasn't we don't feel as being community involvement in the in the overall tendering process I know you've done
tender processes that have involved resonance with looking at the whole tendering process except for very technical details I mean that some that's happened was a W 17 on our estate on the last two tendering processes you've done so I feel you know we don't feel like it was done in quite the right way everyone may have had good intentions do it in the right way but it's left the same thing again that people are feeling dis disconnected and does a lot so if we just ask you to put a pause on this process and is have a look through it so we can meet all happy that the rights is being made and it would be great if you could find someone other than a calm Turvey beginning I understand the position you've been in February but you are left with but I feel that rushing through this won't create the right impressions because people really swapped be reassured
you know they want to believe what they tell them when it goes through like this it creates distrust right at the start so I think it's quite important phase 2 is looked at and done properly
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:24:44
I faced the person had so I have to apologise for there if if at the Scrutiny Committee or working party with her was that when
you went treated with great respect and politeness so I apologise that I wasn't there that it's not it's not acceptable that she is totally unacceptable
I was there and I also do apologise it was in a pipe and are not
they shouldn't be treated like her should be treated with courtesy and respect OK so sorry about that I'm
you don't pause it I think we need to ask officers will you know if if for example we set by your paws at what would be the effect
can we put it because it's not really within our Aegis as I understand
thank you Councillor Monaghan is right this is essentially a government led programme and
where he attempted to do the procurement because statutorily we have to because it's our land in its area but really it's a multi-agency partnership that's driving us and it's the image CLG that are driving the community engaging cited as whilst we would have to go back to their Michelle Jews who will not define what could you do differently to engage the community that you haven't done already and has quite a bit of detail in the report I think about what the what they did to actually engage the community and yet its members can take a view as to whether they did enough but he did quite a bit I think to get the community involved
imposing an amateur what it would benefit really am
it take off into the lack of progress in advance
he is booked view
that details
of a scheme
that's not fair
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:26:30
we have had a lot of what you like if you're going to speak which like the church car I come to the table
no other spoke a lot of you walk out and decided that I see injustice
there has been somebody to advisers told you understand if they go digging here to be nicer right place right deafness or maybe somebody advisers to say no they should look at the plant the toxicity must be there or might be there we go be no clue nothing what do I understand about that nothing I want the process to be believable to us residents those residents would involve 15 person of there
the whole thing and that was part of our A Calm be engaged with the community what kind of engagement is that
I don't care how they engage with us I want to have scientists and be told you many times
eight months ago when they were in Avondale school we had meeting she told you I told you we want somebody to tell us yet Abbas Nasir Roy police this is the scientist virtues then he tells us that the right the list then we can trust them process or nothing that is too existence there I'm not saying there isn't
although all the time based on
yes but there are many residents did not sure or not sure either I just risk it all go mad Hogan said or look Vigo there but every day I see people inside the Torah take over this suit with mask David there I can recall the Nansha you guys maths at all go the same I said yes but you get paid enough to be compensated have equality law but we don't
so Burgess asking for scientists to be with us can advise us yes
this is writing to do how can
we trust they get paid for you guys there should be no your to you guys not to us we
nobody we only have ourselves if and I'm afraid Abbas's absolutely right what has happened again and again and assisted a big issue with our engagement unfortunately I there are I will say absolutely that are at members of the Ad of the team and of the Council who really are trying to engage on and I think that there are there are very big issues there is a huge disconnect there's still not a real understanding of our community and I'm sorry I am and I'm saying what it is that we all feel will have asked again and again for the same things in what happens is what's just happened here as
to who
is a you know I'm sure one format and again we're not saying that individually people are not trying their best however what we do feel is that our voices are misconstrued and our words twisted and we are not answered we have said the same thing again and again and again it's all common sense is all common sense but it's quite clear that nobody wants to replicate how mistakes tests nobody wants to deal with the fact that we have no house hubs still in north Kensington the reason the Eid original ret ur wrote the contamination proposal which was 18 months of of going through all sorts of things I've spoken to many an experts which we'd asked the Council under match CLG to bring in they hadn't brought anybody in to speak to us about this
and I accept that our intention is not to dig into point toxicity we would love to hear
his fine
I appreciate that you're you're looking for reassurance and I
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:30:21
appreciate that you don't feel that the government has consulted sufficiently with you and in some ways even say though the prefers in the pudding that it hasn't because if they had you would feel that reassurance
but for us as a Council
we just have the statutory responsibility for investigation the land but it is it's not the whole process has been driven by the government's and width of the Chief scientific adviser and as much as I'd like to say to you well come along and say no let's dig here not here we don't have that expertise we have to be guided by what the Chief scientific adviser says and by central government so
as much as I'm thin sympathetic to what you are saying actually what we're doing tonight as is its is different it's about the it is actually about awarding the stage 2 of the contamination checks and the Procurement Gemma if you want to add to that
what I mean I would out I think the point for point 6 is ready Road is the it sort it was everyone gets a bit it if I read a vacant public
Cllr Cem Kemahli - 0:31:36
Health England did not consider that to be an elevated risk to anyone's health from potential land contamination because of the Grenfell Tower of Thorp fire and then full stage one report is available here and then four points 7 says but the multi-agency partnership has taken the decision to proceed with stage 2 to provide further evidence from reassurance and I fully take your point that that is not going to reassure you but that was the purpose of stage 2 it was to go that edges Love Your Bike Why are you guys
must do this because of what has happened there
that draws that Bridge has been broken you contests expects us live next to the Tavern and trust what we get poor doesn't matter by Amey CLG always says the establishment and thus the minimum we ask that minimum we need to have expertise or their voice be odd here whoever is doing leading this the are here how can we trust now you guys talking about corn avoiders you have to rely on the expertise you know it is of it because his leader cannot come and say OK
let's pack everything shot down in schools so she had to rely on expertise because she trust them what happened we don't trust nobody else anymore so we need to have that expertise in all sorts will be at the same level we are told Yes this is the right had voiced this is what's happening is correct and when the result comes out somebody challenges somebody explain it was we can't just come to their master ground and he explained it was envisaged at that point as as far as we see him is a small part of the same establishment and are considered this took either even to my daughter or even to my it is really hardly I get to get my son to come to my house
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:33:29
Kadeer respond to that exactly Alice weeks' that could place it is about trust but I'm not sure that we can fix out here but let's hear what you have to set us to offer
a small amount of reassurance that if I can get the contract has caused commanders' they will be held in public meetings
will be having public meetings on the 4th and 6th April carnivorous allowing obviously and Paul Nathaniel and the Chief scientific Officer have committed to be at those meetings so you will have the opportunity to speak to them not just Acorn about the snowball stage to and where they are going to take the samples and how deep the going to dig at all of those things you can actually advice or a ask those independent advisers on those days
I paper we need to have some form of reassurance why are at why has it been constant refusal to replicate an Essex report and her samples why
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:34:22
would they not look at the air at what is going into the manufacturing
of the components that burnt that night is is quite simple is quite simple to work I've actually got a list of everything we want to be
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:34:34
tested for and now we want to be tested
but Melanie
and and if we go back to this if we go back to this I spoke to enrich the algae about this and a couple of days gone as well
what on earth are you do it you're pushing this through you know what they said they said none are now all we've done is written a report that goes to RBKC that's it it's got nothing to do with us it's up to RBKC is their responsibility they do not have to put this through and yet come today
we look at this and there's a yes Key decision yes we've had no discussion about it while we try to have a discussion we were treated appallingly in our own place or not I know I know you think you understand but I don't the problem is
the asset they pay for it what is your duty and uneven
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:35:30
loopy signs Advisory Board people we were promised received with them we never had the chance to see them they never communicated with us or you're doing this for the public image does point get on with it if you do it for us that's not the right way time I
take the weighting of the public image we all do because we want to
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:35:48
get on with actually getting on with the tests when you are asking me these questions we don't have the answer that because I'm not the Chief scientific adviser the person he you need to ask about the health star is Patrick balance and he will be there on the 4th or the sick so I'm afraid on this one we're going to have to agree to disagree
unfortunately Elizabeth they energy CLG keep putting us back to yourselves OK
you do have a duty of care to all of us in Northern Essington and it isn't come on we hosted a roundtable think it's acceptable that procurement has come up with one one organisation to get the others have pulled out a calm work co-opted to begin with we asked for them not to be used in Phase II it went ahead this way it's clear up and saying If you were reading an article in the Guardian or the Telegraph about this you would read it and it would defy it would defy Collins seconds
I think we I think we've heard you we've heard you very clearly
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:36:57
this is a meeting held in public rather than a public meeting I need to take or the views of my my colleagues because your right we do have the responsibility to take this decision we want to get on with the procurement so that they can find out whether there is a problem or the isn't a problem and we can go round and round arguing about whether it's right or wrong they are the only Contractor's I believe so the decision is whether we go for equal or we don't and I think we need to make that decision now and I personally would say we need to go ahead with it because we need to get ahead and get something done or make sure that that the Tesco ahead so that we can make sure that the errors came so so forgive me validly I know
I'm sorry isn't a very very important I
that already said we disagree with and we disagree with Phase 2 going ahead is a complete waste of money it's not looking the reason let me be very clear about this the reason we want this is to know what was breathed in on the days on the night of the fire in the desert in the immediate days after 10 not even looking on the outskirts of waste of time that is your
view I accept that but that's not my view and it's I think that we do
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:38:16
have to go ahead with the procurement and I'd like to ask my colleagues whether they agree with the paragraph recommendations in paragraph 2 to agree
a great OK but the meetings will be on the 4th and 6th April where Sir
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:38:30
Patrick Vallance and a calm and whilst was going OPAL little Faneuil and I hope that he will be able to reassure you because they are they are the experts so I am
on their that yes refute if you sampled has often done sample what's actually require that you can be an expert on light and still not know what's going on in years to come in years to come this will judge the chance I can't believe you've agreed to this I can't believe you're agreeing to this Robert after it really is appalling you are not listening to us we are the resident listened and we asked that this be started as one to be totally clear about that we've also fond around group it's the Grenfell community contamination and we will be acting at together on this and we have an suggest a raclette with asked for this to stop and for this and
stop as welcome off but
thank you acutely on his turn to a paper A5 new homes delivery programme
I'm sorry I think you should be ashamed by that decision and that's my
there are not yet here
I am doing my glasses on


it is not listening to speak and I think you
Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:39:46
nevertheless thank you
Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:39:54
so thank you very much first of all can I just welcome our new Director of social investment property
to her first meeting a welcome House and
am so 8th paper 0 5 is a procurement
for the initial four sites which are being listed on the website today are for 94 units is very important for us because this is obviously part of a programme to build six 100 homes and this is a small start and I think just as an aside on the 600 homes because obviously were doing this because we have an acute housing shortage in this borough is altered to record that to date that we have 462 approvals planning permission approvals given for social housing which exceeds our annual target that set by the London mayor so I am very pleased to welcome there obviously they need to now get built but we have the approval for it
so I think there's probably nothing else I will cover as far as the paper is concerned as it very much I'm the procurement for a construction contracts on these fourth but if you like to elaborate a little bit on the process and then will take questions
thank you an air just to add add to what Councillor Taylor-Smith said m this is a outlining our procurement strategy and we intend to utilise frameworks that are OJEU compliant AM and it does detail the background and the previous reports that we have
sent leadership team on how we intend
to incorporate a technical requirements quality requirements as well as
how we are going to actually approach the pricing of these works and we have recommended that we use an external frameworks and we have and carried out some initial market testing as advised by our procurement colleagues and to understand the best approach about whether we group of these four sites into one contract or whether we actually procure individual contractors for those am a big mark NI happy to take any specific questions anybody may have on the detail within the report
I didn't have any questions for written or anyone else does
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:42:22
but let's exciting and thing is a grant convened gotta get going right the focus could so I think my main thing is great but you need to get on with it
yes I believe we have added if this is approved we are getting on with it next month I mean world I'm sorry
Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith - 0:42:40
yes we are acutely aware that we received a grant from the Mayor to facilitate our building and that means us we got to start work by March 22 so yes you are right we will get on it again
Cllr Elizabeth Campbell - 0:42:55
thank agreed from Surrey who we agree the recommendations in paragraph two yes or greater unanimous
thank you


and the final paper is renamed central London forwards joint venture agreement
or we have we been a member of central London forward since 2 thousand and 8 got a Joint venture Agreement which is signed by the member Barazani expires on the 31st March are and what we really asking is approval to renew the agreement and since shutter renewed joint venture agreement as a member of IRA for the next four years and pay an annual subscription and cost of 4 thousand pounds so we are happy to do that
thank you very much he very much
hoping that might they got Ms
L Graham
thank you and is there any other business


no I thank you all for coming thank